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About Me and My Poetry

I love writing even though some of my more tragic stories sound true most of them are not but I can use energy and heart to make it feel as if you are right there as it happened. hope you love my poems! -scott(:

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About My Poem

When someone explains America,
What is it the Land of?
Oppression? Hate? Fear? Lies?
... continued
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Placed in one hand, I have power that no one else can possess.
Half inch, by half inch, I have the power to enter dimensions of a different world.
Now placed on one fingertip, my hands tremble with anticipation,
... continued
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My soul is as black and empty as an abyss in the middle of the ocean,
My hope is nonexisten like the warmth that runs through my veins.
I was brought into this world merely as something to exist,
... continued
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Translucent skin and matted hair
Frail bones and weak posture
Plate of food full and sitting right there
... continued
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People talk about time quite a lot,
Some say it saves, others believe it kills.
I guess it depends on how you feel,
... continued
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I was diagnosed with this syndrome,
Just over a month ago to be exact.
When I got the news, Icouldn't handle it,
... continued
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When my phone rings
My heart stops and I give it a glare,
But when I look at the screen, my eyes drop,
... continued
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I think people foget
That boys hurt too,
There's nothing she could say,
... continued
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Things don't make sense anymore.
Everything is quite surreal,
I don't understand anything,
... continued
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Everywhere I look, 
It just sends me back to that menory, 
Of what could have been 
But probably will never be. 
In my mind I try to forget, 
But in my heart, I know I never will 
Memories potent and rich with feeling 
Just the thought of it gives me a chill. 
No reason, logic, or thought behind it, 
Lack of judgment, understandment, pays a nasty price 
For the reason is "yourself and not I" 
I still blame myself....I am too nice. 
Yes I was shy, timid, and scared of what could happen 
But that ruined it all, that's it then. 
Even though I try to forget you...I'd take you back in a heartbeat 
The sad thing is it probably wouldn't be the same again. 
My heart urns for you just like my arms 
My trust has diminished, and does everyday 
what you did to me will never leave my mind 
But in my head I still think that one day everything will all be okay.. 
Some say I'm dumb and should stop, 
None say its worth it and I'm stuck in a mental state, 
My mood has changed, happiness decreased, and it's harder to smile, 
But you said "it's temporary" and I really hope it's worth more than a month-long wait... 
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