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He Must Be
Ashes and Flames
Forever Burning
He Keeps Rising


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If only he had touched her, with his life giving rod
He'd be raising a child that was already in place
She knew, but, he knew not, GOD knew
And kept him out, out of her cave, already mossed
Already baited, seed planted, she waited

He had never touched her in her private place
Many hours they spent in his bedroom, but hands always pushed away
He cared for her and thought of her as special
Never wanted to bring upon her sadness, but she waited
And like a snake, she prepared a nest, a place

But for some reason he didn't take the bait, that he wanted so bad
Tomorrow he'll be shipping out, basic camp done, Vietnam
He got one more fur low before the long ship ride
Some schoolmates picked him up with cigars, congratulations
You're gonna be a dad, he said like hell I am, I'm nobodies dad

His mother was beside herself, the girl played shamed and disgraced
Everybody turned against him said he was a no good, for good
She sent him a letter to Vietnam, told him she wished him dead
He wiped his butt and sent the letter back, told her he wasn't sorry
For not falling into her trap, years gone by and she stuck to her lie

She has a sick look upon her face to this day
And never once did she ever call the child support place

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He passed this way some time ago
To his daughter he was the star of her show
I never met the man eye to eye
... continued
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Don't open that closet door
Skeletons are waiting to talk
Don't raise that rug again
Underneath lies a mountain of hushes


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She spoke of him as if he was some mythical creature
A Zeus. a super hero. But he was just her Dad
I can't remember her talking about things he bought her
... continued
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I've known you the better part of our lives
It surprised me when you became a mother then a wife
It shocked me when your back did turned
And your nose rose out of place

The only mother you knew of
You acted like she was few of
The thing that go in the barrels in alleys ways
One thing I'm sure of she loved you like her own

Listening to your voice on "my" answering machine
Gave me a sting, last time I saw you
You snubbed me, yet again
Gave everybody food, passed me over time and time again

Invited my husband to your daughters wedding
No mention of me and mine, woman now you listen
I've done not a thing too you to be treated this way
So loose my phone number, Lets keep it "your" way

Best wishes, salutations, GOD Bless away you stay


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At the end of the day
It doesn't matter
Who has what
... continued
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Sixty Three, this year I came to be
What else can I ask for ?
A reasonable portion of health
A sound mind
A Roof
A Bed
And the ability to write
While I work

Late nights
I'm Blessed
And Highly Favored
No one around
I Supervise myself
My gift from GOD
Is me and my present
Is my presence
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My Bestie Go Everywhere I Go
She My Side Chick Fo Show
Know All My Business and Everything
... continued
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Remember, I asked and you said come on in
No other questions were spoken
Not who Are You? Where have you been?
... continued
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