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About Me and My Poetry

Well, shitfire! they love me on Tumblr - so, what's your fucking excuse... Prudes! do me... no, do Humanity a favor and jump into a volcano. preferably head-first. that is all

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About My Poem

dirty black magic is the only way I may succeed
there's nothing in the attic,
nothing worthy of discovery
... continued
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Whiskey won’t kill this demon lust
A chokehold
What do I know of a free f*ck?
... continued
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I keep on snapping off 
Snapping back like  
A snapping turtle 
... continued
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I’ve almost got everything arranged
in right angles.
I try to limit wasted space
and weigh my milligrams
day by day
like a lifetime lock-away.
Bread and butter,
meat and potatoes,
curds and whey…
They never say
the diagnosis
while you’re in the room,
within ear-shot
you’ll never be allowed
to know
what you suffer from
except for:
abusive sadistic patients
who like it rough
when the lights go out
try to scream
and alert the nurse
there’s no saving your soul, now, bro
I’m blasting your *ssh*l*
the blood will lubricate
they’ll try to sew you up
but being enfirmed
is the same as eradicated
thrown right back
into general pop
to let all the knowing inmates talk
it’s just like
an Animal Planet special
watching Renee bust her head
down the hallway
with her helmet…
she’s okay
then they strap her down
to the bed
for an hour of screaming
“I ain’t ever making egg salad again,
you can bet me!”
“Please set me free,
would you, please??
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I’m not going to make this monumental
You already know how I will always feel
I couldn’t be the daddy that I thought I could be
I’m an Uncle
That’s an honor and privelage for me
For real
I hope I’m not making too many mistakes
Feel free to give me the proper grade
I even love your criticisms and your judgements
I shaped my whole state of being,
built around them.
Don’t make any rushed or rash decisions…
please don’t ever forget about me
if you decide to skip dimensions.
I would hold you and sing, 
kissing your perfect lips lovingly
as we both fall deep asleep…
Don’t ever forget to wait for me
if playing for keeps
is what you endeavor
I’ll slit my wrists beside you,
share my pills 
straight down the middle
to split equally.
Even if you survive,
(and, God, hopefully)
I’ll have died peacefully
with the girl of my dreams
just in reach
of my last caress
my slipping sense of feelings
Happiness at long last.
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The hollow growl of the gong
clears the consciousness
of the chamber
... continued
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When he shuts off his power
and drains all his plumbing
They won’t be safe in saying,
“Well, we just didn’t see it coming…”
Here’s a man who’s wished for death
as far back as memory suggests
Been called every Name in the Book
... continued
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did you meet LaVey
hitchiking through Cedar Lake?
bald like Mr. Clean
... continued
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Quietly thank the passing Lilitu
with your sleeping expressions
no time for us tonight
... continued
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my kingdom of negative equity
still breakin' my back to donate to charity
put up my tree at the start of October
... continued
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