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About Me and My Poetry

I wish that things could have been different.

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About My Poem

why does this life all of a sudden seem to be taking so long to get to the point of the end of the song the beginning of everything, everything's wrong, nothing is perfect I haven't been there in so long I long to return to the planetarium where all points were possible some would explode in a mist of red venom like trying to bite from an apple the size of the sun the blast radiation confuses you some but then you're off running against the foes and fums there's no light except for the grid and the atoms the inverse and plateau above and below all colours rainbow fade black into white and lose total control of your sense of the sight at least not the right side, you'll compensate and start seeing triangular beings in this state but not quite of mind and nor out-of-body but rather the spirit detaches so softly and glides far away to return to the mentor all gravity pulls us back to the center
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mankind is the very spawn
the very descendants
of the nameless one,
... continued
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go on, chuck that b*llsh*t onto someone else
I'm not responsible for salvaging
your self-esteem
... continued
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Now is the time to bow your head
in shame
beneath the blade of guillotine
... continued
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my name is no one
my name is nothing

I walk this globe
in my darkest robe
and watch the sights unfold
tribulation taking hold

I squint to see the setting sun
on the horizon
I meditate 'til break of day
the night
maybe I'll survive one

I am no man
you can plainly tell
My heart was forged in the fires of hell
My brother,
the destoyer
the defiler
and adversary
and Shaitan
the camaraderie
of the lands of Nehmini

Time has come
for me to recollect
you 72 into
the Brazen Vessel
Time has come
once again for
the wraiths to wrestle
but we all know
how it ends
'cause it's happened again
and again
ever since the
the end of times
the circle closes
and the serpent
eats itself again
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I'm the one guy who needs to be shown a thousand times
how to hook a worm
or string a fishing line
... continued
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the essence of vengeance
rise up
strike down the wicked
... continued
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crispy cracking leaves and twigs
pumpkins' heads and acrylic wigs
the bleaching of the needles begins
... continued
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I caught your off-pitch,
your so officious
crack at my only love
... continued
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the seven heads of satan ascending from the sea
the lamb has lain with the goat and planted earth with many seeds
asexually incestuous, it spreads from every orifice
... continued
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