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~Memory's Ghost~

~Memory's Ghost~
I am a ghost among your memories,
Held close,
...deep within.
Playing over and over,
Time and time again.
Our days,
...our nights,
Linger still,
...within your mind.
With each breath you take,
You remember,
My sweet kiss,
...my soft skin.
I am the ghost of your memories,
Held close,
...deep within.
With each inhale,
...and exhale,
You remember very well,
My scent,
...my taste.
Those are memories,
You can't erase.
Though there are days,
... you wish you could,
Given the choice,
...you never would.
As you reach to touch my memory,
You realize I'm not there,
You turn to her,
The one you're now with,
Just to remember,
...our perfect kiss.
As time traces down frustrations spine,
You remember all the times,
...of me.
Of us,
And if only life had just....
Could just...
But now I live only in your mind,
A ghost of your memory.
Breathe deep,
A scent upon the wind,
With you still,
...I'm deep within.

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Anup Annapurna More than 1 year ago
may be u had time, to gift someone with so much love and feel but u cant expect him/her to remember u or ur gift all the time :)
Jon Otano More than 1 year ago
good one
Joselín Madara More than 1 year ago
touché! You got me with this one. i see myself on it...it hurts, really...
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