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About Me and My Poetry

Born in Romania ,Radauti, the poetess Marieta Maglas studied at the University of Medicine in Cluj-Napoca (1982-1987), earning the diploma of doctor-medic in dentistry. She has started to write poetry since she was 14 years old publishing her poems on Romanian literary magazines as ''Azur '',''Clopotul'',''Junimea Literara''. At 14 years age, she won the second place National Award for Poetry,the poems being published on the national literary magazine ''Contemporanul''. Later , her poetry was published on different English literary magazines like ''The Burning Splint" , '' Ikenobo Ikebana Society of America'' , ''Velvetillusion''(Alabama) ,''Lusi Library'',''Ansel Cheng Photography'',''Articlebase'',''Allvoices'', ''German Trans'','' Curated Exhibitors'' and many others. About herself ,the poetess said,'' I write to share my love and my anger and I believe that writing is a noble calling. I don't write for fame, for glory, or for money. I only love to write and especially I love to read. I think that I can become the one, who creates the poems for others to read. I feel driven to write and I cannot exactly say why I do this, but maybe writing helps me make sense of the world. My urge to write is a kind of compulsion. Simply,I have to write. I want to express my feelings ,those feelings that cannot be expressed in real life and I realized that it's no other way to express them.'' About her work , Ramin Chaman wrote,'' You know that the image is a picture in words. I think your poems are the poetic image and full of limpid words.'',James Walter Orr,'' I believe you to be a great poet on the scales of the world'', Rajendran Muthiah wrote that she wants'' to throw out worthless things'', Manuel Odeny wrote that she is ''a dedicated poet'', Jack Price appreciated her to be ''an excellent and very well received poet '',Jerry Hughes commented that she is ''a very talented and splendid looking woman '', Howard Simon wrote ,'' I really liked your style, especially your excellent expressive ability''. Marieta Maglas is a doctor and the author of some poetry books, and a prose book her poems being published on many literary and nonliterary magazines as VELVETILLUSION Literary Magazine Alabama, Illinois Prairie Chapter of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society of America/The Arranger/2303 Seaton Court, Champaign, Illinois 61821-6623 (Queen Anne's Lace),Ezine Mark(Blue Love/Dancing Matachin/Dramatic Fall),Ezine Articles (almost all her poetry,Marieta being an expert author), The Journalist Template by Lucian E. Marin(Dancing with the Cranes), The Daily Vorer Kagoj ,Dhaka,Bangladesh,Lusi Library Collection (The Mud Volcano Lusi),News From Japan-Daily News On Japan In English(Metaphorical Meaning), The Burning Splint(Flamenco Dance -Mirrored Nonet/ The Vibration/Kiss My Soul/Metamorphoses), Moncler , Denver(September Showers- Alliteration Poem), Origami ( The White Tiger),Articlesbase(Passionate Tango/Kiss my Soul/Making a Child), The Huffington Post, American Poems (Pygmalion and Galatea, and many others), Curated Exhibitions, Peace Wisher by the regretted poet Afzal Shauq, German Trans, Drizzle-n-Reflection by Ansel Cheng, Poems Globala, Have Words–Will Write 'Em on Books, Writers, Most Things Written, Including My Light Verse by Joseph Peschel-a freelance writer and book reviewer, and her poem ‘The Butterfly (The Mirror Sestet Poetry)’’ was selected by Web Stats Checker. She is a member of AuthorsDen.com, her poetry book ’’ Fractioned Second’’ Publisher: Lulu/ISBN-10: 1445778017/Copyright: 2010 /ISBN-13: 9781445778013 being promoted in the whole world. Her poems were selected and published by CompleteClassics.Also ,some poems were selected and published on some anthologies like ‘’Watching You’’-A Collection of Tetractys Poems by Leonard Dabydeen, “A Poet’s View of Being”’ – a collection of poems by Brian Wrixon, in Canada, an anthology of poetry published by ‘Interaction’-Pranab Chakraborty,from Mathapur, in India, printed by Maya Printers, ‘’The Ray of Hope: Poems that help you to grow and succeed’’ by Amrit Rathi ( page 59).Moreover, www.shareyouressays.com published – “Short Summary of ‘Latina Time’ by Marieta Maglas”- in the same article with “Short Summary of ‘A Ballad of Dreamland’ by Algernon Charles”, and “Short Summary of ‘Autumn Song ‘by Paul Verlaine”. StudyMode.com published in the same article the Shakespearean Sonnet “To Fanny” by John Keats, the Petrarchan Sonnet “A Game of Chess “by Gwen Harwood , and the Spenserian Sonnet “I Wait the Ocean Waves to Wash My Soul” by Marieta Maglas. Her poems were published in different countries like Canada, Bangladesh, India, Italy, Netherlands, and Brazil being translated into different languages. Some of her poems can be found on some websites as Poemhunter (Latina Time being on Top 500 Poems List), Best Poems About, Agonia, Creative Thinkers, Poetry Soup, Hello Poetry, Satish Verma’s blog, and many others. Rutvik D. - wrote in an essay about ‘’Latina Time’’ that it is ‘’ extremely full of meaning and reflection provoking.’’ Moreover, Marieta Maglas is a member of ‘’United Minds for Peace Society’’-an international Society fighting for peace, her position being in the Country Executive Committees. Marieta was a participant of some international contests and her work won one of those top three places. She is a member of some Poetry Societies as ‘’ The heart of the global poets , a workshop and a publishing platform .’’,’’ Fraternity of Poets’’, ‘’XpressPublications.Com’’,’’ KENNYSON BOOKERVILLE HOUSE’’,’’ Dark Side of the Moon’’,Poetry by Barry Mowles, Poems Plus by Melvina & Friends, Mid-American Review, Poets without borders, and many others.

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About My Poem

Hurted grace of their faces,
crimson dread in the eyes,
lips needing to be kissed.
... continued
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In a red, fire world,
the life colors disappear.
Colors go to naught.
... continued
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My love is untouched.
I'm your Galatea, an
old statue caught in 
... continued
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With a deep touch, 
The red poppy awakes the grass.
With a deep touch, 
... continued
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Blue eyes for love rose
hands to keep the rising dreams
of maternity.

Poem by Marieta Maglas
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This antique mirror boosts no confidence. Concave
reveals its magic tricks with an incurvate
... continued
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(Richard and Anne opened their eyes.)

It was an emotional moment John never dared dream would happen.
He embraced his father, who was wearing a royal fur mantle of lapin.
'I feel like a little kid.' They broke down in tears, in each other’s arms.
'Those wall clocks worked to jolt you out of dreamland with big alarms.

The happiness in the family was clear in their massive smiles,
But the queen said,' I'm as tired as walking five hundred miles.'
They described how this meeting has made them be complete.
Frederick left them for an intimacy talk liking to be discreet.

'I can’t get out of bed’; said Anne, ‘I have a weird sensation in my legs.’
Freda came into the room saying, ‘I cooked for you bacon and eggs.'
'I can't eat with these shaky, weak arms, and I have a stomach pain.'
'Taking care of your needs is so hard,' ‘From meat, I must abstain.'

Jezebel came into the room, ‘my dear mother, how do you feel?'
'My eyes are blurry, and I can't see you. ‘To pray for you I kneel.'
‘I feel so light-headed, foggy, and faint. I'm thirsty, and I want to sleep,'
Said Richard. ‘I hear you, my dear father, and I began to weep.'

(After four months, in the castle, people were ready again for the wedding.)

The Archbishop was committed to keeping the wedding confidential. 
Thus, the religious ceremony and the dinner were quintessential. 
'If I could stop that misfortune happening to her,’ the groom thought. 
'As soon as a baby will come into the family, things will change a lot!'

(Mary recovered, and came to the wedding. She embraced the bride. After that, he talked with Anne.)

'I should recognize there were some moments, when I felt as giving up.
I spiraled down in a whirlpool of sadness, and life was as a death cup.
I felt backed behind a wall .It was nowhere to run, and no reason to move.
Then, I was forced to do things I would normally fiercely disapprove.

Beneath its charming, the evilness manipulates, and destroys people 
For its amusement, but its history is reddened in Surah's steeple
I lost my hope that the world, this imperfect place, can be good someday,
But I felt better than before, when I heard you're well, and I began to pray.'

(Anne replied to Mary.)

I think the feeling of disappointment that started in Surah's mind,
And slipped down to her soul was the result of being spiritually blind.
The knowledge that she had been wrong seeped into her bone,
And it wasn't a world to collapse , but a woman to become a stone.

(After two years, Pauline was talking with Freda and Eda, while preparing the dinner.)

'In the cave, there are skeletons of people who died under strange 
Circumstances and the entrance of this grotto had to suffer a change.'
'Once, a friend of mine heard some cries of some bat creatures.  
They can snatch kids. ‘An expression of fear crossed Eda's features.

'Their bodies are black, though their wings are dark brown or red.
Their lower jaws contain serrated teeth. They’re big, people said.'
'It's only a demon having red lights on the eyes making them glow.
It becomes active, when the dandelion flowers the seeds start to blow.'

'I heard that a creature as no other one was painted on the wall.
In fact, it was a huge bat creature. Bats still exist , but they're small.'
'Did you hear that Surah died? She had burned scars all over body. 
In the burning castle she wore a dress, which was cheap and shoddy.'

(Frederick was talking with Jezebel.)

Jezebel sat softly on a jutting rock near the old cave’s lake. 
In that fine damp mist, as usual, she wanted to take a break.
Frederick came to see her, carrying his little son in his arms,
‘I'm in love with you and still deeply captivated by your charms.’

’ The castle has an open natural entrance and a bridge over the lake.’
‘I gave the poor people a half of the treasure for your father’s sake.
Clayton came to hand Anne the blamed castle's keys telling her 
That Surah died in his arms. Clayton said,'' I loved her, but we were

Two lonely people in search of a lost happiness . It seems that it was 
Not helpful. Now, I go to live in a monastic community because
I want to know the stages of becoming a monk. It has been a while 
Since I took the time to find out about God. ‘He went out with a smile.

(Pauline and Freda were in the kitchen of the royal castle. Pauline looked out the window, and saw Clayton leaving the castle.)

'I've always thought that Clayton was a mysterious figure as a crow.'
'He has always loved Surah. He's not able to live without her, now.'
'But where is doctor Fox?’ ‘Who’s this doctor?' 'Nobody exactly knows.’
'Freda, it is said that the secrets lose all their power if they expose.'

The end
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(Frederick entered the room. He told them that he found a treasure into the castle’s cave.)

'I found the rarest treasure of all today. What can I do with that gold?
'Surah hid it.'Mary said,' hence, some mining activities are uncontrolled.'
'The finders and the landowners are entitled to these valuables,'
The cleric said,’ hence, it may help John to adjust the budget balances.'
(Mary wanted to tell Frederick the truth about Surah.)

'Surah is an alchemist, and she loves to do this with fierce intensity.
Her studies about substances, their composition, their density,
About purification by dissolution and by crystallization are rife.
She hopes to discover, someday, the formula for the elixir of life.'

'Summa Perfectionis and the emerald tables of Hermes', said
The cleric, 'this alchemy explains why her statues have lizards on head.'
'Maybe she gave Jezebel a strange substance to drink,' Frederick
Said. 'Go to her castle to search this substance, dear. I am so sick.'

(It was Mary, who told Frederick to go to Surah’s castle to find the antidote. Frederick and Matthew went to the castle. )

The turrets of the castle crumbled under the slow pressure of time,
Their glory has disappeared because of poverty and cold clime.
The falling wall stones, the ill-paved courtyards, the dusty moat,
The sagging floors, the worm-eaten wainscot had a blue note.

The faded tapestries within, all tell a gloomy tale of fallen grandeur. 
The alchemy chamber in the remaining tower showed Surah was poor. 
She spent the hours of her life in poring over the ancient tomes. 
The occult studies made Surah first focus her attention on fomes.

Her belief in all the dark power was firm and deep-seated. 
With burning small peasant children, the demon she greeted.
Many times, she was busy over a violently boiling cauldron,
Where many substances spewed out their thick concoction.

She searched a spell to release her life from its terrible burden. 
She used to work only when the alchemy room began to darken.
She should never wed, she might, thus, end the curse with herself.
She kept cobwebs and bats. Strange things were on her shelf.

Frederick entered that room and saw her manuscripts and studies
In the field of alchemy. She had bottles, their colors being so muddy.
He opened those books, where it was written how to prepare 
Elixirs from herbs, gems, and metals while using a devilish prayer.

The books instructed in the casting of spells, invocations, rites, 
Talismans, amulets, and sigils. He found how she spent her nights.
On the altar, a doll-representing Jezebel had needles in her head.
There was a paper, where it was written, 'nor alive, nor dead.'

Near it, he found Kratom leaves and bottles-containing naloxone.
He took the bottles because he understood what Surah had done.
While feeding the horses, Matthew was waiting near the castle.
Clayton was in a stable, but working there became such a hassle.

He thought that something happened, when tools dropped on the floor.
A bottle dropped over another one, when Frederick closed the door.
An explosion was heard in the castle, which sounded like a sonic boom.
Surah was in a hurry to see what happened into the alchemy room.

Another explosion was heard being more loudly than the first one.
Surah gazed at her reflected face within the mirror instead of run. 
Huge deformations of her new face formed a monstrous being. 
An illusion shifted her identity. Believing is not always seeing.

She had sensations of otherness, when her new face appeared 
To be a stranger looking at her, beyond the mirror, then disappeared.
A monster was watching her, and smiling with an enigmatic expression.
Clayton embraced her while crying, 'My dear, you have an obsession!'

Frederick told Matthew, ‘I took the potion, let's straddle the horses.'
'The castle is burning. To get out of this wood, we need strong forces.'
'My horse sped up. ‘What does he feel in front of fire and crack?
'He's fearful, because he feels trapped. Don't pull him back!'

'Being scared, his reaction is flight and run away from the fire wallop.
'You're scared, and instinctively you urge him to go into a gallop.'
'The horses are not thinking. It’s all out of the instinct to survive.
You can help your horse, when you know how to ride and to drive.'

(They rode their horses to the castle of Jezebel.)

They entered the castle, and climbed up the stairway to Jezebel.
'I came here in a hurry to save you, and my way to you was a hell.
Drink the potion, and wake up. I wonder how you feel in my arms.
I'm in love with you and still so deeply captivated by your charms.
(Jezebel had opened her eyes for the first time since being asleep. ‘I know that you love me!’ She told Frederick.)
(Clayton had managed to extinguish the fire. After that, he held his precious Surah in his arms while crying. Her face was burned by acid during explosion.)

'Nothing happened to your face. You're the same beautiful woman.'
'Why my face is in pain? ‘It’s because of the heat. Lie on the divan.
Let me take off your clothes, and flush your skin with cold water.' 
'You're so gentle, Clayton. In your arms, I feel safe like a little daughter'.

'I lost the potion I prepared for Richard. He's my last chance.
It was destroyed by the explosion. I feel like I am in a trance.' 
'I gave you morphine for treating your pain. He wouldn't help you.
Richard is like John, and you cannot change their point of view.'

(Clayton loved her, because he thought she was vulnerable and incapable to adopt the situations. Her soul was very fragile, even she masked this so well. She wanted to be more than she could be in life, and this was the reason her ways weren’t always the best chosen ways. He hoped someday his love would change her. He wanted to save her life. Surah closed her eyes, and fell asleep.)

To be continued...
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You play the piano chords
In this sonata as well as
In the music of Prokofiev,
... continued
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Do you think that our love's vibration
And consonances will disappear into the oblivion?
I think that the flight started, where we first met
... continued
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