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when rain before landed
it once again falls
it has no refusal
of gravity's laws
the beauty it causes
does make me wonder
how this wonderful sight
could be caused by its plunder
the flow of its movement
does make you feel grace
its glory is something
noone can trace
 the sound of its roar
is something to hear
it's completely inviting
calling me near
to see it is magic
as it decends in air
i wish to go touch it
but that i dont dare
although it looks friendly
and much of a thrill
the waterfalls power
can easily kill 
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Philisa Holmes More than 1 year ago
deep! very thoughtful!!!!
Ester Grace. More than 1 year ago
Great write!
Staci Enzenbacher More than 1 year ago
Nicely written
Nathalie Victoria Wilson More than 1 year ago
Good read , continue writing
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