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About Me and My Poetry

I want to thank everyone for their feedback. I have enjoyed peoples comments on here about my poems. I write about all kinds of stuff. I mostly write about love because im still looking for that special someone to come in my life. If you have any questions about my poetry or me, then email me at fisherman198477@yahoo.com. Thank you and keep writing and follow your dreams

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About My Poem

No one remembers, 
I cannot say why 
Only thing I keep thinking 
Is that nobody tried 

You were mine, only mine 
No one knew you like me 
I don't know why He couldn't 
Just let you be 

We shared so much 
In our short time together, 
And the time that we shared 
Has made memories forever 

So much I learned, 
So much I lost - 
Everything turned, toppled 
And tossed 

Butterfly flutters, then turns 
And kicks . . . 
Then, that sad day . . . 
Was my mind playing tricks? 

No cry, no movement, 
not even a Breath . . . 
As you lay on my tummy - 
Perfect even in death 

When I think of you now 
At the age you would be, 
A beautiful "big girl" 
Is the child I see 

My daughter you were, 
My daughter you'll always be 
And One - 
That is us; 
You and Me
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How I yearn for his warm embrace
Tears fall down my face
... continued
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Crackling fires and glasses of wine
a walk on the beach forgetting the time
this is all nice and things we should do
... continued
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Yesterday I dreamed a dream,
that had no end.
You in your white gown, and long, black hair flowing.
... continued
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Wind blowing through your golden hair
Makes me stop in AWE and stare
At this miracle that I see
... continued
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I don't know where to start
To express my love for you;
There are no words that I can find
... continued
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There will come a time or, so I am told
That memories will flood this tired old soul.
And all of the bitter things I have known
... continued
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True love is such a beautiful thing
Unequaled in our human emotions
Eons ahead of hate and mistrust
... continued
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The soldier boy was sitting calmly underneath that tree.
As I approached it, I could see him beckoning to me.
The battle had been long and hard and lasted through the night
... continued
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I searched among the card displays,
To see if I could find,
A little something that would say
... continued
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