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About Me and My Poetry

I =Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A= http://www.unhabitat.org/bestpractices/2004/mainview.asp?BPID=2847 , Pl I Got Nominate for, Dubai International Award 2004,2005 ,2006 = UN Award = www.unhabitat.org 2004,2005,2006 . http://www.bestpractices.org , I am Editor in International Journal of Peace and Development Studies=http://www.academicjournals.org/IJPDS/Editors.htm, I Nominate for Zayed future energy prize 2012 = http://www.zayedfutureenergyprize.com/AdminListEntryniJD2.php http://www.whoswhoregistry.org/wpbdm-directory/ruhel-chisty-mraci-cchem-a I am reviewer in Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution =www.academicjournals.org/JLCR ,ISSN 2006-9804, Pl ,I invented Ruhel sensor , Nobel - Ruhel -Far-Brain -Sensor, Ruhel word converter attach in scanner, Handy Ruhel -Micro -GC/MS, Ruhel New anti -chemical terror have 75% in Physics 1989 – BSc, four publications anti terror ,anti explosive at =www.iupac.org, www.iupac2003.org ,www.nrc.ca , ,SAM-2006 , www.dhs.gov , I got nominate for The William T. Pecora Award. 2006,2007 , Its for remote sensing Technology, http://remotesensing.usgs.gov/pecora.html ,=NASA Award ,Pl I am Indian minority Other backward class - scientist ! ,one of the reviewer J . Schizophrenia Research ( www. elsevier.com) from May 2007 . few against Hindutava terror groups ,which came from real life in India !? my paper=Abstract got selected in prime conference 2008 , =www.rsc.org/arf08 , Title: Ruhel New concept to anti -chemical terror by use of speed checker AND Chemical detective sensors to stop Al-Quaida attack at Saudi Aramco , SABIC Petrochemicals companies in Gulf ,whole world , Two publications Against Weapon of mass destruction. ( Please I got nominate for 2011, The Presidential Citizens Medal 2011=http://www.whitehouse.gov/citizensmedal , (Invited ) , Pl I am one of reviewer http://www.academicjournals.org/CRO/Email.htmI am getting (1) Complimentary NASA Tech Briefs = digital edition = NASA’s best new inventions , ,FROM comsol.com (2) Defense Tech Briefs . from past 2.5 years (3) Aerospace Manufacturing and Design electronic edition . gift from Melody Berendt Circulation Director ,it have inside technology of Airplane ,space craft (4) Nature Photonics ,digital edition . (5) getting two Journals on Intelligence and FOIA ,Note Pl ,I am facing continuous -forced unemployed ness+ high –torture, discrimination +forced virgin =no sex !! ,from Jan 2009 to till today = 2012 Jan =3.0 years , By Indian =Hindu =hindu terrorist =JIC ,IB,RAW, http://nia.gov.in = office@tharoor.in , Feb. 2003 to till 22 Jan 2008 ! =continuous 5 years in India and , I was kept forced unemployed 1999 to 2001 = continuous 3 =Total =11 =eleven Years forced unemployed ,torture ,discrimination , by Kidnapped My emails ,Mail ,Cell ,Mobile ,telephones ,Laptop by Hindu terrorists =JIC,RAW,IB,MI ,JIC ,CID Rajputana Prime minister office New Delhi manmohan@sansad.nic.in, soniagandhi@sansad.nic.in, office@tharoor.in , girijav@sansad.nic.in , hm@nic.in,, cmraj@rajasthan.gov.in!? b’se I am minority ,I am NOT Hindu. And Not Sikh =Hindu Minority !? even Indian was not given me UN jobs it self ? my UN JOBS , IDS=rchisty90 ,even got , recommendation from qianh@un.org, ngls@un.org to apply for UN Jobs , Victims still suffering from Justice Orissa 2008 Christen Genocide ,Looting ,rape gang rape ,Live burn , Karnataka 2008 Christen genocide , Chatisgarh 2007-2008 Christen genocide .Gujarat 2002 Genocide after 1 years 7 years pass out !? as they Not Hindu ,they Indian Christen ,Indian Muslims !? , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arun_Gawli , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Sdae8iJJcA&feature=related ,how many Indian have publications against Al-Quida and Taliban !? from IITs ,IISC ,IPS ,Indian foreign service !? while Indian government providing Z-Security ,to Hindu terror ,people = Ashok Singhal , Praveen Togadia, LK Advani , ++these all are from VHP for each of these Hindu terror ,Indian government is consuming 1.2 Million $ per annum !? all have proven record of provoke to murder ,kill ,riots , genocide ,gang rape with Nuns !? PMO Delhi having , schizophrenic policies for me also , Assam ,Kashmir , from past 30 years Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A ,Life from past 1991 to till now 2009 31st July 2009 !! That why Many innocent killed in Assam ,Kashmir , by Hindu army =MI,IB,RAW ! As these living people are Not Hindu ,but Indian Christen And Indian Muslims ! Kill Use of satellite technology ,internet TV Voice mode This PMO , Delhi ,CMO given , 60000 mental cases Assam Christen , 89000 mental cases Kashmir Muslims just in past 30 -20 years given by MI,IB,RAW ,CID, Hindu Terror .,2, 60 ,000 murder of Human Kashmir , , 2, 50 ,000 murder , Assam in past 30 years by Hindu Army !? 12 lacks forced unemployed christen Assam 20 lacks ,Kashmir 30 lacks Muslims business losses +15 lacks christens in Kashmir , Assam, past 30 years !? While BJP=RSS Given MP =Member of parliament ticket to , Manoj Pradhan , accused of 2008 Kandhmal anti christen riots those killed 60 Indian christen ,from G Udayagiri assembly ,India Now he member of parliament in India !? while in this Hindus nation , While India have , Arun Gawli = Member of Parliament ,from Mumbai criminal turned politician . while in my case I do not want to be property of Indian ! as I UN resolution 217(3) A human , while in this Hindu nation I did not get single Job from IIT’s ,IISC ,DRDO ,ISRO , Indian ministry , its civil servant ! while Indian defense ,Indian space top posts scientists + other are with Hindus only , the minorities are for only lowest posts, violation of U.N.G.A RES. 1904(xviii) racial discrimination , violation of U.N.G.A Res 55/89 =torture , violation of U.N.G.A Res .217a (Iii) =Human Rights , forced unemployed ness to continuous 5 years !?=Ruhel Con gene =1.40 b Indian are !!? Here I like to thanks respected , Adel Al H Sharidi =00966555818985 ,sharidiah@saudikayan.sabic.com, who select me for Saudi Kayan =SABIC ,Just after listen that I worked two years with www.mitsubishicorp.com,,project , phenol Project purity 99.999% And , I faced 5 years forced unemployed ness ,torture Feb. 2003 to 2008 November , Web’s =(1 www.wotget.com/ruhel.chisty ,I got recommendation ICSIDsecretariat@worldbank.org) , to apply www.worldbank.org, Jobs But I was not allowed IB,RAW !! I member of, psychologicalscience.org , getting free gift of Journals ,from alankraut@psychologicalscience.org I think to balance ESA there must be one permanent seat with veto ,for ME=Gulf =KAS,UAE UNSC !?not to India like nation !? I Nominated for Public Affairs Asia awards 2012 , its Jury , =wwwpublicaffairsasia.com/goldstandard , I will be happy if got EU,USA Citizenship offer, ! ? One year with www.sabic.com , Petrochemical company Lab-Specialist –Chemical analysis, All Plants of Saudi Kayan =(1) Phenolic (2) Amines (3) Poly Olefines (4) PP (5) Poly Carbonate, Two years =www.sumitomo-chem.co.jp Japan project , SABIC is global top 5 Petro companies , GC(-FID,ECD,PID),IR,UV/VIS ,IR(418.1),FTIR, Purge and trap (FID /PID) ,, LIMS excel sheets, SOP’s =ISO Methods, TLV/SLV data sheets, MSDS, two presentations, JQP, I found that these Hindu are those using satellite technology , to full support to christen genociders =killer =2008 Orissa christen genocides ,2000 Christen were killed , ,Looting ,rape gang rape ,Live burn by Hindu , and Karnataka 2008 Christen genocide , Chatisgarh 2007-2008 Christen genocide .Gujarat 2002 Genocide here also 6000 total christen and Muslim were killed by genociders , here also Indian Intelligences ,Local Hindu police , JIC ,IB ,MI , ,NIA did full support by satellite technology TV free voice mode cell mp6 , http://www.tehelka.com/story_main48.asp?filename=Ne010111The_unturned.asp ,southern sudan =new nation, UN , membership , , approved Sudan president given that Part of Sudan which was having 85% oil reserved , via Tunisia , Egypt , Irene coast , Southern Sudan , East Timor , !!?? See these nations are also UN member but they are no con , no cheap , No cruel , No fake , No fraud like INDIA ,,No,No ,No !!?? they are real UN member , real people nation !!?? But these Pundits Brahmin =JL Nehru, Atal Biharee Vajpayee , and jain are world most evil Most con most cheap , Most cruel then these mentions nation past rulers ,past powers !!?? these Hindu do not want to give rights of freedom to Kashmir Assam Manipur and RChisty MRACI CChem A, as these are con Corrupt Cruel Hindu =1.21 billion in population voters !!?? while Tunisia , Egypt, Libya , Bahrain USSR =New Name with new flag , new Map Russia , which provide 14 free nation via Gravaachob in 1990 ,now Putin is also facing heat , ++ Indonesia ( free nation =East Timor , Sudan (free nation = Southern Sudan ) these all were Muslims nation =Islam real ,Not Hindu Gene , Hindu DNA !!?? hence they provide freedom of free nation , free rights , human rights !!?? but only one nation in world -India of 1.21 billion Hindu nation doing kill , riots genocides of christen and Muslim under gun point of three color flag =India flag by use of Hindu army =Indian army =Sikh army !!? its all done by high level con corrupt cheap way from Delhi by use of Fake , corrupt Internet system , fake democracy worst then Afghanistan democracy !!?? in my view Afghanistan democracy is more honest at least the India !!?? at least they honest in all things open also with honesty !!?? =80 billions –100 billions barrel , now that part is free nation =a christen nations called as Southern Sudan , while Sudan is Muslims nation =Arabic Muslims , Sudan is Muslims nation ,Not Hindu nation ,not secular Hindu nation !!?? Orissa 2008 Christen Genocide ,Looting ,rape gang rape ,Live burn of 2000 Indian christen , Karnataka 2008 Christen genocide =of 1990 Indian christen , Chatisgarh 2007-2008 Christen genocide of 1800 Indian christen .Gujarat 2002 Genocide of 2000 Indian Muslims =Total kill 8000 Human , from India =Hindu nation 98% H1 B Visa , Citizenships , B1 Visa , L Visa ,J Visa , Diplomatic Visas of USA ,Europe nation is with Hindu only !!? only 2% are with Indian christen and Muslims !!?? India all top posts of army , Police , Civil servants =Powerful , top politician ++ all top power jobs , top jobs are with Hindu only !!?? its not from now but from past 20-30 years !!?? cmraj@rajasthan.gov.in, cm-rj@nic.in, , http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-killing-of-kashmir/, http://www.tehelka.com/story_main48.asp?filename=Ne010111The_unturned.asp http://www.tehelka.com/story_main48.asp?filename=Ne150111Coverstory.asp http://tehelka.com/story_main50.asp?filename=Ws130911Maharashtra.asp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arun_Gawli http://www.tehelka.com/story_main35.asp?filename=Ne031107gujrat_sec.asp http://www.yogiadityanath.in http://www.yogiadityanath.in/hindu-rashtra-nepal-book.html http://www.yogiadityanath.in/achivements_rajnitik.html http://www.yogiadityanath.in/gallery.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arun_Gawli Webs to Show the fact of saffron Indian Muslims at all level all ways , of act http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/diary-detailing-love-affair-jealousy-holds-clues-to-shehla-masoods-murder-181997 http://www.indianexpress.com/news/zahida-couldnt-bear-shehlas-proximity-to-legislator-says-cbi/919420/0 Resume Ruhel Chisty ( MRACI-C.Chem A) . 23 AA Kishan pole Udaipur –Raj , 313001 INDIA , Mobile =,0091-9649006678 ( Black Berry ) ,0091-9636919708 (Airtel- HQ Ahmadabad ) 0091-9649724096(Vodaphone2),, (0091-7737343192(Tata) , 0091-9587125446 (Vodaphone1), Tel: +91-294-2488521 (Home ), Fax :,+91294-2411992 ( attn Ruhel Chisty) Emails: rchisty2012@gmail.com,rchisty20112@gmail.com ,rchisty20102@gmail.com, ,rchisty84@gmail.com,rchisty20081@gmail.com, ,rchisty20114@yahoo.com Passport Number:-E-6884179 Validity date =28/09/2013 Web’s =(1 www.wotget.com/ruhel.chisty ,,,http://www.wotget.com/?p=1716 ,,,),2 http://www.zayedfutureenergyprize.com/AdminListEntryniJD2.php , http://www.unhabitat.org/bestpractices/2004/mainview.asp?BPID=2847 ,3 http://www.academicjournals.org/IJPDS/Editors.htm, , http://www.wotget.com/?p=319,,, http://www.whoswhoregistry.org/wpbdm-directory/ruhel-chisty-mraci-cchem-a India =1.29 Billions pure Hindu Voters , nation 98% H1 B Visa , Citizenships , B1 Visa , L Visa ,J Visa , Diplomatic Visas of USA ,Europe nation is with Hindu only !!? India all top posts 99% of army , Police , Civil servants =Powerful , top politician ++ all top , are with Hindu only , power jobs 99% , top jobs 99% are with Hindu only !!?? its not from now but from past 20-30-35 years !!?? ,India 97% pure money , share ,Stock , Accessets , property ,gold , , Rights ,Industries , big and small all , are with pure Hindu only !! those are 1.22 billions in population and are voters also !!??, India is Tailor (Hindu ) made democracy , MI,IB, Hindu controlled democracy, ISRO=www.isro.gov.in, Remote sensing satellite controlled democracy , a special Hindu army =MI,IB ,JIC =Delhi =www.pmindia.nic.in controlled democracy!!??

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