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About Me and My Poetry

I am Filipino, working in Taiwan and my home country is Philippines. I can speak Tagalog, Hiligaynon,Cebuano, Taiwan Mandarin and English...but I always have problem with my grammar. People here in Taiwan ROC always mistook me as Thaiku Ren(from Thailand) or Inni Ren(from Indonesia) and also a half Japanese. Well, blame it on my eyes. I am a Caregiver for Elderly by profession...I am also a writer of any genre that pop out on my mind. But I am often wrote a poem...so you can call me a Poet, a Modern Poet. I am the eldest of the family. I'm a breadwinner and the peculiar among all of my siblings. I love music a lot...any kind and of any language. It depends on the sway of my moods. Now, I am listening to a reggae music, and also reggaeton dancehall mix. I am fond watching full length movies in YouTube. You can check my channel or history...I guaranteed that movies are all good and I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it.

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My heart was been linked,
To several chicks.
My wires, how many times it kinked,
It causes me heartaches.
And I tried to picked up the pieces,
I stand up and planned for what is best.
I need to raise my case,
To incarcerate love inside my chest.
I planned to take it slow,
But I feel so high not low.
Whenever I connect with you,
I can't deny I love everything that you do.
Thank you very much for stepping in my way,
I will love you as much as you love me.
I can love you long time my Lady,
You and I are simply meant to be

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I added friends in Facebook randomly,
I got three beautiful Femme instantly.
I chatted to them simultaneously,
... continued
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I was borned in Lanao Del Norte,
Where my father worked as a Military
My Papa was engaged already
... continued
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I fully understand what you feel,
We're the same, kinda martyr.
Our love story is like a film on a reel,
Our heartache's can't be filter.

I heard your voice over the phone,
You cried while you told me your problem.
My heart's aching absorbing your voice tone,
I think of my own situation and I'm overwhelmed.

I visualize your face wet in blood,
For many nights you cried so hard.
Someday...I will pray to God.
We found ourselves inlove.

I will catch your heart, next time.
When he break it again, you're mine.
I will let you reign inside,
I want to offer you love that will never subside.

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He thought that all the things you've been showing him is a lie,
He thought you're just pretending and he told you "nice try".
He thought that you're just craving to have a slice of it,
... continued
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There's someone whom I find annoying,
One who loves to see me annoyed.
And he's already so irritating,
... continued
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Love is like we plant a seed,
And give the things a plant needed.
You will see the out come,
... continued
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I'm lovingly looking at you,
Sitting in my side on the sofa.
Wanna kiss you but I'm a nervous Pooh,
... continued
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She kicked them out of the door,
And she wiped clean my heart's core.
She's so irreplaceable,
... continued
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Note: Lesbian/Gay Love poetry

We have a nice chat,
... continued
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