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within the times of war

Silence of its terrors calling
... continued
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Prisoner of the Matrix loaded

Prisoner of the matrix loaded

Cattle within the herd
ial cages within the slaughter
Profiteers prey upon the wounded
Branded comodified beings consumed
In consumption
Led to the plunder of themselves
Within the plotted grids of bondaged earth

Still between the ranting cheers
On the verge of winters coming
Man made structures of our makings
Chemical worlds implode upon themselves
Shadowed light distorted
With the DNA rekindled
Of the place we are found today

Cameras follow in the distance
In the cold mechanical establishment
Within the ministry of fears
Passive apathy of its loathing
Within the banality of our times
We become our own police
And become the servants of its master
Do its masters bidding without its knowing
Loss of self within the crowd
Alone within its distractions
Censored from their thinking beings
To express what’s needed
Established laws to rule the herds
Silenced voices amidst the waving grass
Gate keepers limit access to
Those denied to speak

Like foot prints upon the open mind
Moving toward the light we seek

Elders of the red skies clouded
Still they dream of pastures plenty
Caretakers and protectors of the land
Spirit walkers of mother earth
Witness to age were under

Ubiquitous standardized markets
Manufactured all the same
Conveyer belted tasteless products
Mechanized world all but dead
In Orwellian times today
Categorized labeled and distracted
Controlled within the mind itself
Isolated alienation from the nature of ourselves

Institutions of their orders
That mold the way we are
Reinforce and established rules they use
With the power of its authority one day
Shall come to rest

Within the machinery between the shadows on the walls
With in the world we tread
Beyond the facades of constructed systems
Beyond the status quos
Which validates its own existence

Empires expanded till they fall
Jails so filled which become our homes
Lands so plundered
Till all but bare
In the guises of doing good
Endless wars where wealth is made
Where church and state are one
Randian worlds of the abyss
Compulsive obsessions within its greed
To plunder all that bleeds

Through the status quo’s of its normality
Obeying laws with hands held high
Where cold steel of bullets fly
Amidst the children in the streets

Walk with me oh my brother
Heads held high and knees not bent
For which the calls of freedoms coming
Within the everywhere of nowhere

With all things one and no divisions
Within the center of its core
in the seeds that become the trees
where reality is one
in the non-doing of its doings
transcends the emptiness within its fullness

cries from the abyss that no one hears
with all its lies distilled
fractured men in fractured lands

sleep of the machine
wakes to greet the urban sun
shinning cities from afar gloss over
what lies within
amidst the streets at shadows edge
homeless by the score
migrant slaves that do its bid

prisoners of the matrix loaded
six of one before its other
in the village of nowhere standing
stands a man upon its shores

outstretched arms within its reaching’s
tries to climb beyond its gates
and escape for freedoms sake
declares his mantra for its calling

a freeman not a number
he will make no deals
his life his own
not be pushed or be filed
stamped indexed or be numbered

numbered six he seeks the one
which he finds is he himself
the enemy deep within
conflict between the individual of
its collective
amidst the social constructs that we build

conformity within normality
its own instructions of mass destructions
within the mass extinctions of our day
standing still we feel alone
amidst the urban deserts of decay

authority of intimidations
Institutions of dehumanization's
within the inquisition of the mind

mass distraction rituals
of the daily grind
mass consumption of entertainment
fill our brains beyond the
rapture of its pain

beyond the myths of their creations
within the prisons
though pawns within their game
break the chains is destined
within the dignity of resistance

Socratic dreams of realization
critical minds extending
calls forth in its freedoms coming

within the matrix
waking from its sleeping dream
knowing what is true and real
to feel the pulse of living being

unplugged outside of its inside
between the knowing and its walking
where hearts and mind embrace as one

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Within its brilliance gleaming
... continued
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... continued
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footprints left behind
The soul of which
within its nature lends
... continued
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The night passes slowly
Into the morning of the day
Softly bodies turn to great the sun 
... continued
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Loaf of darkened bread
Bathed in soft vameer light
Behind trembling shadows
... continued
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In the wakeness of their times
... continued
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Message in a bottle

This poem is
... continued
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In the red desert of the rising sun
... continued
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