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About Me and My Poetry

Most of my poems were originally submitted to the poetry.com database between 2004-2007. I am working on reviewing the originals and have decided to get back into writing more often. I believe that I should since there is a wider social media base today than there was in 2004-2005. My life since writing has done a few 180 turns and somehow I find the strength to keep moving forward. I have lost many over the years including my father. I am grateful that I have the pleasure of raising my two children, as not many fathers have the opportunities that I have received.

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What if you wake up one day and not find,
A single trace of your life, not any kind.
Your life is different in every which way,
Everything you do to everything you say.
Your life has changed from that moment on,
Everything before that has up and gone.
Do you know where you need to stand?
This brand new day on a foreign land.
Which turn do you take on a new open road?
Given that you have a new life bestowed.
With this new branch don't bend it or break,
You might have been given this life by mistake.

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Cramped up inside a space,
Small holding hiding place.
Thats where I sit thinking,
My eyes still not blinking.
Where should I go today,
What words should I say.
Nowhere to go right now,
Noplace that I would allow.
I put myself away inside,
Far too long I have tried.
To get away from this place,
Cramped up inside a space.

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Some things you wish you didn't say
Some things you thought you may
They either go from bad to good
Go from good to bad as should
Depending on what's said at will
Determines what is said to kill
Whatever there is to be had
Turns what you said, sad
Never knowing where to move
Never anything you need to prove
Just take it as you need to take
And take it day by day for sake
You don't know where you will be
Happy or sad, you will see
But bring forth the best you have inside
Bring forth the good and do not hide
Always be truth and honest to the
And you will always have them to be
The best part of your life at hand
Nothing that you ever planned

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Lay down at night with empty thoughts,
Gazing so hard your casting spots.
In and out of deep thought you go,
Looking around, there's nothing you know.
Off in a world full of mortal existence,
Taking the path with the least resistance.
Futher and further you fall into void,
Frozen in limbo, you try to avoid.
Thoughts of temptation sweep on past,
Relaxing indefinite off at long last.
Float outward and pass out of view,
Released into dreamland, dreaming of...

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