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Lay down at night with empty thoughts,
Gazing so hard your casting spots.
In and out of deep thought you go,
Looking around, there's nothing you know.
Off in a world full of mortal existence,
Taking the path with the least resistance.
Futher and further you fall into void,
Frozen in limbo, you try to avoid.
Thoughts of temptation sweep on past,
Relaxing indefinite off at long last.
Float outward and pass out of view,
Released into dreamland, dreaming of...

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Dreamland, by Thomas Corrow 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Ashaolu Solomon 3 days ago
wonderful poem
Sonja Carnes 1 days ago
Excellent work! Awesome, reading! 
Sweet Honey Dove 6 days ago
Taking the path with the least resistance

lovely rhymes
dear poet
Jasmine Romanov 5 days ago
Excitedly spitefull
Viviana Zoida 6 days ago
Dreaming of.... You!??? loved this BRAVO!!
ARUN MAZUMDER 6 days ago
well done
Donald Patton 4 days ago
Well done!
Gary Gallegos 6 days ago
A different way of describing dreams.
amber talwar 6 days ago

Thoughts of temptation go past...

released into dreamland.....

Renata Edler 6 days ago
Very inspiring,  keep it up!!
Vezo Rhakho 6 days ago
nice poem...love the flow of the words
darren de leon 20 hours ago
unknown feel 2 days ago
nice, keep it up
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