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Petal tracks
To chocolate white
To hearts
Of roses

To life.....for....

Here i am with gentle
Thoughts of Thee

Like sunshine lights my darkened heart

Let me be guided by the petals track
To the scent of beauty that lay before me

With this
I must remember love

For roses bring a special touch so soft

Forever loving you..

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I wear my heart on my chest for you
Yet you never noticed

I dance in golden rays of paint for you
Yet all you do is smile

The rose in my hair
The colour of red....the strokes

As i step on the canvas with grace

This is all for you

And now with a second look
All you do is ask the price....the cost

But i am not for sale....you see

I am a museum piece

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I remember clearly the light
Then and again...flashing...flashes

The soft winded touch upon my head
It lasted in beats of my heart

In a rhythm of life

Then she appeared
Frozen...still....real in her silence

My tears fell upon her like hail to embrace
She glittered in Angelic tones of crystals

Never heard or seen before

I felt the soft winded touch upon my head again and again gently

Shivers of hope....on me...in thoughts
In time....will tell
But only to my silence...i waited

I exhaled alone in mist

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Is there another way
I can look at you my darling

For your love has spread upon my sadden heart tonight

So needed now as i felt you....near a calm
For your eyes shines a gleam

That blends a charm so deep

While your Aura always seems to touch my senses clean

You must be a gift flavours of God and roses.....love

So often i can't look at you
For your love is strong and you can see my wrong

NoW....what am i to do

Is there another way i can look at you in LoVe

For the love for me....

I feel it every day in you ....my darling LoVe.

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In My dreams and immigination
My stories of love

I have seen love so often written with pain and hurt
Why is this ....you call Love?

Is not love supposed to be...happiness .....joyous
Pleasures of many passionate moments of wondrous seconds

So full of contentment felt in laughter...silence..hugging kissing....touching

From the heart....no death this love but life
To live and respect...full of integrity and humbleness

With the grace of God ..

Love in kindness gently with your mind your tongue
Good words spoken

Greatest among all trust in God

Following the Laws of God
Living it not for reward....because of good behavior
But be real from within the Soul....without expectations

Love love lovingly

To be continued..... Not done yet.

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Oh God sheet a veil upon my head
From the evil thief who tried to judge my soul

Through the storms of dream and many writes
I have worked in this tarry mud of minds

In sweat and tears of pages and thoughts


I have heard my father's shouts
To keep my mind aware....of Them

For they will plan to take my Pen

But When?

Ask Brutus my friend

"et tu Brute".....smile

For they believe in Old and Ruled

So God cover me with thy wings

Of blessings

To save my Soul from the thieves of
Old and ruled

And I will pray for them to be at peace.......and not

The Thieves of Old and Ruled

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Watching you in sadness in your kneeling

Embraced by your canine friend

My heart compassionately felt your pain

I remembered our soft moonlight nights
Of your passion in hiding

The hours of our play in learning

Now this....
A time of mourning

Your lover killed in action

Took me back to my time spent in service
I have seen many ....deaths.... next to me

You got to be strong.....
Like my neverending love for you

To look at you today...,.i cry for you

Like it was our child hood play

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This is for love in the depth of my breath
In the soul of temptation

Without thoughts

You are like moonlight and ocean breeze

Gently upon me

Beyond the normal......you are with me
Touches with expectations..... Always

Energy enhancing of many kind
To our existence

Flowers....fine wine....on love flowing glowing

Emotions fulfilled in my songs

My given love

Nothing left I am here......Amore....beyond simple understanding
No need to be excited or question

I give you love

Nothing less we will become
But LoVe

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Your flower cast a spell upon my lips last night
No words left for my heart

I am weary now in thoughts
A moment of my silence

To search for my wondering soul

My mind is in a distance of you
But my love is felt to a point of weakened Desires

Paralyzing to all my limbs and fantasies

I plead to my heart to feel this
I ask of you to think of the moment of loving

Let your emotions tell our stories of love

Time is up ...to unbreak the spell
So our love can bloom a new scent of life

To you from me ....I will always love you

No spell can keep us apart.

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What do you see

Can you get to my soul
To me

Where do you face when you pray
Can you look inside

Looking in
I'm not like you

.....you not......but you
This we know openly

Each of us
Look closely...

Looking in ...looking out
Dust will come

What you say

Looking in
Looking out.?

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