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Of our hearts and lips of loving
Dancing in the warmth scent
A freedom of a summer night
In moon light stories upon us

My jazz play closer to loving you

When the stars light my eyes on you
A story of wanting you

While you breathe upon my sanity
A wanting of time on time

As we dance
While embracing moments of seconds

Of ours on hours

To be remembered
Caressing time

Like time after time I listen

Her jazz played on me
Experience to my senses
And my discipline to love

Let me love

If time would be forever
Will be now
While we dance

Into you I will remember
In my pleasure

And will remind me of days as I old

My love played in this time of my
While loving you.

For only you I have
Within my life of loving you
DIANE today I remembered the 16 th of August.

The happiest day of my life
I married you

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In the end of thoughts
In the end of Now

I drifted into light
Only to find Dust

I realised that i am back
To the beginning

My Soul have survived
What i have been promised

Only you would question
Yet...i ask...
Does it really matter?

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I am to you as Life's wills
Face to face
Like heart to heart

I love ....loving you.
Your every mornings to nights
In our silent moments
On caresses on time to time to feel

My Love,to you is a pleasant understand
I do for us ....just you and i in this

For you..i smile in heart and live a tenderness within ours

Question by many...who never felt.

Yet you and i know of our loving life
For us it's a neverending life of tries
Of finding happy ties

Like a light from up above shines
Always alive on us
In love

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Having your pain
While i wash you face
And warm your feet

No more love song to grace...with you
In love
To sing
To dream a touch within your time of life and more

Its late now
Its late...togetherness

You and i must part
But not like this

We havent dance on the white beaches of light
Or gone to our Puccini's Tosca
While i cover you with ...kisses
And fallen rose petals to your lips

Or jump up to Carnival like Trini does.
So much we havent ...love within and more

Your fragile body now in pain
This is not you my love
Yet in my heart keep you....while i weep

Compassionately i will care with my Love and tears within
I must be stronger than this.....i must
I am.not done yet..i am not

I dont want to loose you

God i need more time to love her
God i will wait...for this.is Love
God you know she is my Love

She is my Heart
I need more time

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If she smile on morning rain drops
Without a word but love

On days of memories she cries
Of time you tell of times

In gentleness of heart....of touch
A woman with....no Goss....no useless chatta or glamour

With peace ...in prayer together....in contentment....with each other
I love.

Just her...with me in simpleness
Of a solitude in star light night
Tenderly enjoying our amora of all loves
In every light....in life

I need a woman to love

I need a woman to respect...
to embrace ..

in all her qualities of life....
a real woman

of life 's disciplines ...of God
we cherish...forever praises

A woman of peace within all ....grace

A woman To Love.

In need

yet she is so much more.

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If my hands were tied over my head
And i were hanging over death

You would be there

While i am looking up at you trying to save my heart

If my legs were tied and i were hanging over you

You would be there

While looking up at me smiling and loving in your eyes

If i were on a tight role in clouds above juggling my thoughts of life

I would be thinking of only you and loving you.

Like this was heaven
In a dream of real and now

If you were always there...in my thoughts
In my life...in my heart and in my Soul
Then my Love must be only You.

In love i am...beauifully ...in love to our LoVe
I am.

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Like wind to her wings
her way

A song to her ballet stance
She dances...she flew

To her life ...in Swan
In the Lake like a mist

In flight to a light in heart

To her love in its colours....Black

She will dance in the grace of her elegance
To you
Like the Swan of an Angel light

The ballerina's words of love in her dance
From her Soul
The music now her life

She dances.....to you

One of a kind....she is.....Misty

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My last ..ten and many poems are under review
Well thank you

Someone out there love it

Or hate it

I really wish you well in your Soul

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How does beauty exist
Is it from your eyes put before your eyes
In grace i wonder

As you move your brush in trust
To the paint so gently
On the canvases of life
Like a birth of a newborn first breath

How does beauty exist
Looking at a misty
Serene morning light
A dawn of sounds
Of an imam call to pray
To worship....God

The scent of the forming dew upon a Lotus flower
Or an ice cap mountain top
That never been touch

Is it from your heart
That beauty lives
To a face of kindness

A veil of silk upon your face
An hijab,a glympse of mother's eyes
Or the way your Lover smile

How is beauty ...that you see
When it comes from within your Soul
To let it flow like a summer stream
Or a beam of life...a light

To believe in God...in faith
That life of all living things
To cherish to protect.

Yet its all in the hands of God and only
And only God can answere
How does beauty exist or comes to you

I see everything as is....beautifully created
For some reason...a bee....like honey
With a rose it blooms

I just Love.
Even wet branches

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Though we think of living life

Living love seems to be missed by many

Only giving time to hate
to envy
to think of having more...and war.


Now.... asking for another breath.

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