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About Me and My Poetry

I am from Calcutta ,India. I did Masters and Ph.D. in Physics from Calutta University. I then worked as a research scientist and a teaching professor, as well. I retired in 2005 from the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health at Calcutta when a senior professor. i started writing poems in my mother tongue[ BENGALI]SINCE MY BOYHOOD ABOUT 13. THE STATE OF WEST BENGAL IN INDIA is famous for RABINDRA NATH TAGORE, A NOBEL LAUREATE IN LITERATURE,SIR C V RAMAN, A NOBEL WINNER IN PHYSICS ,GREAT MOTHER TERESA , NOBEL WINNER FOR PEACE. AMARTA SEN, NOBEL WINNER ON ECONOMICS AND SO ON. I HAVE TWO CHIDREN ONE DAUGHER AND ONE SON BOTH ARE IN US , SON-IN-LAW ALSO IN US AND THE SWEETEST GRAND DAUGHTER OUT Of MY DAUGHTER, A US CITIZEN BY BIRTH .MY WIFE, NANDITA, IS ALSO MASTERS IN ENLISH LITERATURE,WAS A SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHER. i have my root in a village. i am profoundly influenced by tagore,teresa and two bose physicists [jagadidish and satyen bose]. i am a central govt. pensoner. my pastime is poetry and flower garden .i have read the great epic of the hindu ,MAHABHARATA AND MY MANY POETIC CHARACTERS ARE FROM THIS TREATISE. TO EDUCATED INDIANS ENGLISH IS THE FIRST LANGUAGE TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH. WE LOVE TO SPEAK,WRITE AND DREAM IN ENGLISH, BESIDES THE MOTHER TONGUE. my poems are on nature, man and society

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About My Poem

young men think,
''why should the old occupy any longer
it is enough and enough
they should now discard
and leave for the young in millions''

the old persons discards the idea
of leaving without drinking to the last drop
of life's ambrosia
they think,
we are now rightly ripe
to choose
to select and reject
between reality and utopia
this is the age which we reach after a great struggle
why should we submt hurriedly
to a debacle.

both are right
but are more right the old
they are therefore more bold
to say we can't be out sold
to te vagaries of time
let time sit idle
at our door with a lulling rhyme.

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Are you so evasive in context and meaning
that though I am ever pining for a kiss
... continued
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Often I feel I am nearing my last destination.
Life is so complex as a journey,
The road traversed is so meandering
... continued
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I sit waiting for one.
I know not who is she / he.
Clouds passed by;
I asked ''do you know
who is coming for meeting' !
The wind replied ; ' I too don't know''.
The sunshine is also dark.
I am taken aback:
A small bird sitting on my pen

told.'' it is rain and rain'
Leaves demand them
Soil too, Rivers want them, Loves them the sea
I asked ,'is it so dear
that all far and near
would clamor
' come soon
come earlier!'

We can't wait any longer'.

One who moists your soul and heart
is love rain .
birds twitter for love , the fountain giggles for love , if so required the mountain would fly to capture i can't beg to differ
... continued
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What ever I have given thee
Or, thou hast given me
No body knows except she

who stands and waits till
the dawn fulfills our cup of glee.
She was our spirit and soul,
she was our absolute whole,
she was our inner being.
With out her our living
had no bearing,
had no meaning.
Our love did long for a companion
to witness our hug and kisses,
as if, with out witnesses
our yearnng for each other
had no premises.

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I don't know why
as I advance more and more
towards closing the chapter
... continued
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after a punishing long drawn unkind summer
made an advent the clouds in the sky
people all around in the towns and villages
in tiling lands and machine roaring factories
in offices , schools and hospitals too
. in political party offices welcomed
not scaring a all that there could be deluge
to wash out office working hours.
but madu and anil two young lovers
who have just started dating braving summer
prayed,'let there be welcoming drizzling rain
overcast cloud canopy to to soothe them
while they would walk hand in hand
along the riverside track
recently named 'sweet heart track' .
the clouds hard and granted the prayer.
drizzzling started and stayed
at this farmers got hghly disappointed

the river beds having been dry at most places
people had scarcity of water in villages.
their they began worship of rain giving god
to por down hugely and hard
to makeup summer inflicted dryness.
the clouds were in dilemma
one evening they stopped madhu and anil
and asked sweetly
,' yes madhu , what to do '
madhu said , you do one thing
in our roaming area only ,you don't pour
at other places rain down galore.
the clouds the ever pleasing angels of sweet hearts
did rain smart
like wise. the next morning when anil was asked
to receive a relative at the air port
he culd not come back
as the airport area was hugely flooded
madhu got upset
and again asked the clouds explanations
the clouds said , to solve your problem
there is one and only one solution
.'' do not stay you two separated any more
stay together bu wedding union. ''
madhu at this got extremely angered
so long she was so much pampered. she said
you the old , bogus clouds
how would you know the charm of dating days ,
'' never mind then'', said the clouds,
'' enjoy the love in drenched clothes
you learn the trick from your grand parents
who met in summer, winter and rains always,''

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clouds roam about
though it is not the season
these clouds now-a-days do not leave the sky
what is the reason
some say., it is the brain function
covered by cloud lets
ihat put a veil but do not shed rains.
light is debarred to come free
warmth is denied
as f i am unworthy
some say , close the eyes
the second sky would open
and there is little problem.
in fact i woukld have liked rains to drop
i would have liked wind to mop
but these agents do now flop.

in fact to an old person
any desire and ambition
is mere a vice
to his almost immobile living
the sun is ever set
he shuns to rise.

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Have you ever smelt
the fragrance of summer dry soil
that received a lot of first rains.
this smell in BENGALI , we call SONDA.
every body with a rural root
remains in wait eagerly to welcome this smell.
this lovely smell is no more
when rain after rain wash the soil.
the virgin soil by the time
has prepared to become pregnant

that too is a different beauty
a beauty that a newly wedded girl presents.
dust clothes gone
green apparel worn
the soil girl smiles a different smile.

i wait for this status .
i know the sow time is close to our doors.
heartened are the farmers poor
expectant appears their look.

i do not know
how many more summers and rains
i would be spared.
but i can tell you despite the fact
that i passed seventy summer
each ensuing summer is very new to me
very new and refreshing the smell of the dry soil
as if it is taking life juice from her lover
this is love axis
i have been watching so long
between the rains and summer.
none is inferior
each one is
superior in the role, no wonder.

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the known for long often turn out absolutely unknown
when i find he has no ears to hear
my innocent selfless prayers
... continued
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