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Once there lived a beautiful angel. There she had a problem that she Always was in fond of everything and became thirsty for water each Time being asked To her.
There lived a servant Too who was deeply in love with the angel.
He Always try To provide her the Little water provided from the kingdom To him for his livelihood
... continued
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I want someone who will never get 
Bored from my smile 
I want someone who will not be there 
Only for a while  
I want someone whom 
I can trust more 
When I tell her my stories 
She never got bore 
I want someone who  
Never yell at this guy 
Who saw me trying not seeing 
And feels very shy 
I want someone who loves even my wrinkels 
When will not able to walk 
I want someone whom in my heart 
When I pass she does even talk 
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I want someone who will never get
Bored from my smile
I want someone who will not be there
... continued
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I want to forgot her 
But those moments again strive 
But suddenly I feel again 
... continued
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Why you came to my life 
And make that day very special 
My heart was beating for you only 
And I thought you are that angel 
I suppose that you will make my life 
Much more cheerful and fascinating 
That’s the reason why Even in my dreams 
 I start you dating 
I was at number one in that race 
Till I came to know that it was your poker face 
You are laughing at this guy very funnily 
I deserve that punishment 
So I went from your life very happily 
I know that there is god up in heaven 
Who is watching her mistake 
One day god will make her cry 
And will Give her all the sadness that 
She has to take 
Then she realize the pain of my 
And then she will get to know 
 The meaning of this WHY 
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It is very hard to describe about loneliness 
It is a situation where no want to go 
We hate others laugh and everything becomes slow 
We hate every moment and every second 
We became angry at each and everything 
We try to be good to others 
And ask them the reason 
Why they left you lonely 
And gave you a tension 
This life is very short I want to be happy 
And in my loneliness I try to spare my time 
Playing with my lappy(laptop) 
But it doesn’t feel good at all 
What is being done by my friends 
Now its become common for everybody 
To make people unhappy as this is a new trend 
One day you will found yourself at my place 
And then I will laugh at your face 
Then try to describe me this feeling of loneliness 
I will listen what you say and make your 
Pain a little bit less………………
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We all know from our heart when we commit a mistake 
We try to stop ourselves but it is like vehicle without a brake 
We start to think about its consequences after that 
So we try to cover our head under a hat 
To run away from there without making a noise 
We try to stop ourselves but we have no choice  
We feel relief when those punishments 
We do not have to take 
But we again commit a mistake 
By thinking that in future we will not commit any mistake 
 Chetan bagaria 
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Once when I was in a rush 
I just see her smile and I got mad 
And I feel like that she is my crush 
I was thinking about her all day long 
And in her thinking I was singing romantic song 
At that time I always go with soft mood 
No one in this world seems to be rude 
Those were the golden days of my life 
I want to write her name on my arm 
With the help of a knife 
When I purposed her she accepted that 
And she always said that you are mine Mr. perfect 
But in the last I found her to be a cheater 
And now in this world everything looks bitter 
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Why did someone sucide? 
What thing they have to hide? 

They give others more pain and sorrow 
That person from where they can borrow 

Those moments were still there found 
They miss the moments when you were around 

When you have gone from this world 
Why you left those happy days 
You just went above in some moments 
You are still there in our prays 
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You make me laugh 
You make me cry 
You make me fall 
You stood me up 
You was the one without whom I can't expect my life 
But after you cheated me 
You became the one whom I don’t want to expect 
in my life anymore……….. 
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