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About Me and My Poetry

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan lives in Abbottabad Pakistan.His pen name is Mehr which means Love and Sun in Urdu and Persian. He did his F.Sc and B.A from Government Post Graduate College Abbottabad afterwards he did his Masters in English Language and Literature, LLB, Masters in Educational Administration from University of the Punjab Lahore, he also did Masters in TEFL (Applied Linguistics) and Diploma in TEIL (Teaching English as an International Language)under the auspices of British Council and American Centre, he started his career as lawyer and then got commission in PAKISTAN ARMY as an English Instructor. He is a poet and writer. As an editor his appreciable work is Pakistan Army Journal, Pakistan Defence Review, Army Green Book and The Rising Crescent...,His Seven books are already published namely Pa be-Gill (Urdu Poetry), Anap Shanap (Urdu Humorous Poetry), Feelings (English Poetry), Gulab Rehnay Day (Urdu Poetry), Chains of Life (English Poetry), Raflian (Hindko Poetry) and Khaki Lafafa (Urdu Prose).His two latest books one in English Poetry Golden Glow and the other in Pushto Poetry Da Menay Dastak have been published recently.His two books of Urdu Poetry Aks Dar Aks and Ant Shant are under publication. An e book Poems of Col Muhammad Khalid Khan with 1786 poems is published by Poemhunter.com.

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If you close all wine houses it will not affect me
Because I drink from her eyes soft pure wine
This is what is available in every season on plea;
... continued
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Intimate Relation
Husband and wife are in a sensitive relation
Most of the time they are surrounded by doubts
... continued
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In The Mirror
Image of beloved can be seen in a lover
My love just see your image in the mirror
... continued
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World is a transit camp for temporary stay
Where our actions are counted day by day
It is a test to refine all the ares of life so gray
... continued
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Love is essence of trust don't play with it
My love you are too innocent to just know
With blunt weapons of prime just don't hit
... continued
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Dying Candle
I am like a dying candle whose energy is being lost
My duties and responsibilities took me on the way
... continued
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Let take you to my heart and keep you under cover
So that no one will ever be to see you just hidden
I assure you I will never ever allow any one to discover
You will be mine as a secret and a treasure forbidden

I will love you and will try to make a flower evergreen
For the solace of my heart I will need wonderful smile
I do appreciate you are too young and hesitant as teen
But I love you for ever it is not for a minute for a while

Please do not think I have chained you as bird in cage
Rather declaring you my love I have given you freedom
We promise to live just on one page from stage to stage
I will survive and die for you as eternal love martyrdom

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

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To Show Power
Let me be back on the track to show my power
I will make you understand my foe what is right
... continued
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To Depart
My love you have offered your hand to take
I could have just easily deceived,cheated you
... continued
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Kia babasi uchali hay tajar kay hath par
Mazdoor ka lahoo kisi ajar kay hath par
Jas ko na tha koi be mohabat se wasta
Such likh raha tha wo kisi fajar kay hath par
Sub but kadoon ko toor do haq ashnai ho
Jo kufr hay rehay sada azar kay hath par
Sub dil jalay sameet kay rakhtay hain dillaggi
Kiyun sabr ki faseel ho jabar kay hath par
Thukra dia hay mehr nay her khubroo ka hath
Wo shukh hath rakh gia kafir kay hath par

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan Mehr
Copyright 2017 Hath Par

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