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About Me and My Poetry

I am Geetha Jayakumar. Writing and sharing poems are my passion. All my poems are copyrighted. Thank you for visiting my page. ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY GEETHA JAYAKUMAR 2014 © 2014 by Geetha jayakumar

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I am not praising you,
With any unwanted words.
Whatever I come across,
... continued
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I am not praising you,
With any unwanted words.
Whatever I come across,
... continued
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I am not praising you,
With any unwanted words.
Whatever I come across,
... continued
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Suicidal thoughts often flashed across my mind.

... continued
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Like a lonely bird I stood along the sea shore
Not knowing how many
Tide and storms went washing by
Stood I still waiting for you! 

How many summers cool breeze blew
How many winters did shed painful rains
Fragile of ages went passing by
For I no longer remained the same beautiful maiden
Today wrinkles smiles on my lovely face
Bones too weak and feeble too
But my eyes are set on sea shore 
Stood I still waiting for you! 

A walking stick on my hand
Did give me a lending heart
With a heavy heart, when I left you on shore
My eyes were set on your sailing ship that bid me good bye
Stood I still waiting for you! 

My eyes can't see the sun setting horizon beyond.
My heart see you riding, in time of horse, that went galloping by, 
My eyes wanted to see you in the same way, my heart captured it.
Stood I still waiting for you! 

I know you will come one day.
Tides will bring you to my shore.
My eyes though old are struck, 
To have a glimpse of you. 

For I fear the death, if it comes to me before you. 
These shores will tell you the stories of my love for you. 
Do visit my shore, even if I am not alive.
Just to let you know, how much I loved you! 

© 2014 
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Dwelling in solace of sorrow for long
Strings of fear pulled me from touching 
The Glass of happiness
Don't know...
Which line will draw a cross on my line of happiness
And there by breaking into pieces! 

Which line did you cross 
That turned your love upside down
Isn't it, your fuming ego 
That diverted your line towards hatred! 

© 2014 
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I made it to bottom.
Like flying a kite! 

The control was in my hand.
Made me winner.
Made me looser.

When ever I wanted it.
What ever I wanted it.
I did it right! 

So no regrets for either of them! 
As both winning and loosing was part of my Life!
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Many painful memories, kept deep hidden down her heart,
Like a secret it lay, deep down since years.
Many colours of happiness she painted on top of it, to show it beautiful !
Each time she gave a layer of coating like a mask,
When ever it was trying  to show the base colour,
Which was hidden behind it.

With a mask of smile, she laughed enjoying singing merrily,
And danced with others,
Never let the world know of it,
But today her coating got faded, started disappearing.
And base colours hidden behind it became visible to all.
Any way one or the other day, truth hidden was to come out.
But she think....
It was too early it came out,
As she wanted the autumns to shed, leaves for few more years,
For a few  more could have left her old and grey,
It's still ok,
The time Wanted to tell the stories untold.
Better late than never, to be on positive side.
It would have been buried along  with her death so uncertain.
Then no one will recite the stories untold.

Today,she got some strength to speak the truth with a faded coatings.
She has to coat again, to make her look afresh.
Else many unpredictables will follow to make her life horrible.
She has to move on with same layer of coatings.
Life has tested her enough patience to all that she stood successful,
People are looking to be young,but
She is the one who would be happy when she is old and grey !
As then she can remove her coating and have a heart full laugh !
Just waiting for that shiny day !

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Can you know the depth of water, just looking at it ?
Can you tell the water is cold or hot, just looking at it ?
In the midst of sea, travelling, alone in a boat,
Suddenly a storm arises, and boat turned upside down,
Who is to be blamed ?
Depth of ocean, one can say geographically.
Can you measure the one who is just sitting next to you ?
Can you measure depth of ones heart ?
Can you measure what reaction is on its way to your action?

In a vase kept beautiful flowers.
Each one was asked to pick flowers and do some action with it.
One took rose and gave it to the lady standing nearby proposing her.
She accepted it.
Another one did same thing, she threw in no time.
One took flower and directly put it into bin.

No one has such an eyesight which can go beyond its sight.
No thing is so transparent as visible.
What's going to happen next to next is unknown.

Humans is to make errors.
Life is trial balance,
If one step wrong, take next step forward.
And balance the trial balance.

Change is sure,
It will come if we go on its way or it may come on our way
Time heals the wounds !

A lady died of heart attack with happiness.
She already had seven daughters,
Her desperate cries to have a son was heard,
The news lead to uncontrollable laughter and died due to happiness.

If life was so predictable,
then pain was nowhere to be found in our dictionary.
What happen next is so unpredictable.
We just make some calculations and move forward.
Life is always a challenging one !
Some surprises are so shocking which leaves one blank.
But when each day comes with a shocking surprises,
Life become so used to it that Surprise never remain a surprise,
As heart becomes heartless with full of such surprises !

This is life !

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I am a photographer.
Photography is my hobby.
I like to capture beautiful moments.
... continued
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