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About Me and My Poetry

I'm a wife, mother of 5 girls, grandmother of 9 g grandma of 5

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You where a good man, so sweet to all of us. Your wife was your delight, your 3 children where your Joy, then came us in laws and Grandchild you loved so dearly this we call could see.

Lost to soon, we loved you to the moon, one day one by one we will join you again in Heaven to be one large family.
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Lee can't you see, even in Heaven we send you a sweet Happy 70 Th Birthday.

Dear Lee Can't you see your Daughters and Grandchildren miss you, Lee can you see your Brothers

and yes even Me miss you being Here on Earth with all of us.

Lee Can't you see what your life meant to us we cared and And shared so much , life, Children,

Grandchildren, after your death 5 g grandchild came to be.

From Heaven I PRAY you can see our large Family.

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A return missary,this is what my sweet grandson Tyler is. He heard his loving mom needed surgery,bam He moves home to California to take care of his mom, my oldest daughter. This is so sweet so tender to the heart it is hard to be apart but it is for a good reason. My grandson Tyler is only 21 but he is wise and caring as a man in his 60s . What can be done for this loving son but to give him a sweet home with his mom and his sister and his three nephews as well such no such caring plus the ones who care.
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It was Christmas of this last year 2016, the whole family from Tennessee ,Utah ,California ,all gathered in California to be together.
There was about 27 of us all together 10 of them being children from age 10 and under. Oh how this heart of mine was so full and everyone was so kind and loving to one another or how I thought that I would never See a day like this.
That all of us could show one another so much love ,so much kindness, be all together in one home, and organized completely.
... continued
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Second marriage, a sweet, kind, caring husband, 35 years ago today I married this sweet man.

Hand and hand hear for our girls, our twins my older three. One daughter years gone almost 21 years ago but
... continued
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as young ones we where close.

Then time went on I married a mother to be 1969 you Went to our Wonderful Navy.

/then a few years past, You Left The Navy ,by then I was a Mother of 3.

You Had some law problems ended up in

Jail for Many years.

now both in our lives in Different States we are

in our 60es , you and I Bobby are finally Close again in Heart and soul, as we started our life

many years ago. I love you My Sweet Brother always shall.

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Husband needs insulation, we can not afford.

Day by day I watch him wast away. And yet my friend he is a vet served our country,
... continued
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Daily life and all the strife of daily life, could or would put you down, till your under ground.

I'm blessed daily.
... continued
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Two years ago we said good bye, for your mission was to start.

This truly touched my heart, would I or grandpa still be alive?

will we are still here,my dear grandson, looking forward to see the man you become.

Your mission of two years is done July 12, 2016. Then in your behalf,

27 family members will join together for your first Christmas in two years with family.

Tyler do you see how much you mean to all of us, from Tennessee, Utah California

We all will be togather in a large rented home in California to share time with thee.

Tyler can you feel the love we each have for you, yes 99 percent of us poor.

That did not make us shout the door for spending money to be a whole, family in one place for

a few days puts me at a daze to think about all of us gathering togather. I'm proud of all of you, I'm proud of all my children,

grandchildren g grand babies. See you soon my grandson what is your next mission I can't

wait to see.

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35 years ago you where 29 and so health. Now you take meds from doctors blood presser,cholesterol , diabetes.

My heart goes out to you, I can not take away your pain,Now you need insulin, that we can not afford. Your knees are gone can hardly walk or stand, Laying in bed hurts, all these quarks make your life hard, Brakes my heart.
... continued
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