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About Me and My Poetry

This is a hobby I started very recently.If you come across my poems I would request you to give me honest reviews about the message which I am trying to convey through my poems.I do not believe that we need to follow set rules or guidelines while writing poems.Its completely upto the poet to decide what one should and how one should convey the ideas

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About My Poem

Away away while you go away
Hopes and dreams are washed away
My life is rife with pains and stains
... continued
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It was pure 
The day you touched my heart, 
The day I was truly born 
The long walks with you beside, 
The whole world unknown 
It was real 
The way you made me smile, 
With no words or charm 
The days we stayed in peace, 
Feeling forever warm
It was true 
How I wanted the time to still 
When you were aside 
How I wished you were back 
When you took your ride 
Those moments are my assets 
Making this a worthy life 
Those days are my dreams 
That fuels me every mile  
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There is none so sure, the nature and her ways
For he has seen it all, her smiles and jibes
The perils of the snow, the despair in the deserts
... continued
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You may think at times it’s all over 
Close your eyes, the moment would pass 
Sometimes you see only a wall ahead 
Just look around, there is a new door 
Dream big, that is your wish 
But stay on ground, it feels truly big 
Live your life real king size, but know, 
The greatest king has the largest heart 
Fall in love, it feels so good 
But stay in love, it’s much better 
Live for yourself, it is your right 
But care for others, they need you 
Take a break, work never ends 
But your life clock, it’s always ticking 
Happiness, it is what really counts 
But never at the expense of the others’ 
The life we dream is just an illusion 
Everything is not to be taken too seriously 
You are not here to change the world 
If you do, you are no longer required! 
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I will never take you for granted, but always respect and try to understand you, your emotions and your needs. I do not wish to dominate you or try to prove myself better than you through any word or deed of mine for I do not consider you as someone or something different from’self’.My life would be dedicated in the pursuit of your happiness since there only lies mine. You are the only hope and reason for my existence and I strongly believe my love for you is the only thing making my life worthwhile and meaningful in this world. If I ever hurt you unknowingly, I would request you to forgive me for my stupidity and immaturity since I would rather erase myself from the face of the earth than deliberately cause you pain or betray your trust. These I do not consider as mere flow of words, these are truths embedded in every cell of my body, every bit of thought originating in my mind and depict my soul urge. I love you.
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Happiness, its pursuit is what life is about
An evasive friend it stays for us throughout
Pleasure and pain may swing to and fro
... continued
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A cool caressing breeze is sweeping away
Bringing a smile all along its way
The hum of a bird is heard at a distance
... continued
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Destroying the balance 
Consuming the resources 
Multiplying every second 
The human virus spreads 

The nature's in agony 
Big boulders erected 
Her waters littered 
And the air poisoned 

The birds and animals 
Their habitat is lost 
Preserved in cages and 
Tortured in laboratories 

God made us in his form 
So says our own faith 
Was this the purpose, 
To bring forth the End?

Cant we just do better?
... continued
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He has his own vision
He sees what others choose not to
He knows he has to act
... continued
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Oh dear tree , 
You may not move from where you root 
But you always spread and seek the light 
I may go and seek any route 
My thoughts still are groping in the dark 
You feed us with little what you got 
I won’t share though I am a Duke 
You shade us when it gets all hot 
I scorch the world with smoke and nuke 
You shed your leaves when it is right 
But come what may I hold to my greed 
You clean the air so that I stay bright 
While I pollute it for my day to day need 
Oh my tree, you are a living being 
Oh dear self, you were supposed to be one 
Oh dear tree you may say nothing 
But I just want to say thanks a ton! 
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