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About Me and My Poetry

Sometimes... in my poems... they are very dark... 99% of the time... I am not feeling the way my poems portray... moreover, the dark... depressing and cheating ones... or killing... is not me. I love creative writing... putting myself in other's shoes... if this is really possible. My spouse and I, are in a nature based faith and residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you... for all of the responses... this teaches me something new about writing techniques and greatly appreciate your input. If you are personally attacking me over the poems ... get to know me first please... I am on Facebook. I Love using "..." the dots are for pausing ... I use this for easier reading. Thank you for taking your time out to review my poems... So mote it be and many blessings to you. Hugs .

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So many things are running through my head
I have been thinking of you every minute
since yesterday
when.. you were put to sleep
one week from yesterday... 
p*ss my birthday...
please... come by and say "hi"
we shared the warmth, love, security  
and a special bond 
that will never be broken
it seems so long ago
yet... this only happened yesterday 
we miss you so much
and your silly ways
the head butts and getting on the counters
we would say... "get down" 
you stood your ground and would meow 
we knew you were talking back 
finally you would jump down
you gave us happiness and love
you mean so much to each of us
you gave us twelve wonderful years 
of memories that will go unforgotten 
when I look at the night sky
or the red, yellow and blue hues in the rainbows
will always remind me of you...
you mister...
were our special tuxedo cat
you will be coming home soon
in a ceder box
you will only be away from home 
for two to three weeks
the longest you have been gone
since we began sharing our lives together
you will always hold a special place in our hearts 
right now... all there is...
p*ss a huge hole in each of our hearts.

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The day the white man
came into our lives,
we rejoiced 
... continued
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She was feeling thin...
She thought she lost her wind
she only tripped once before...
... continued
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Luna, I come before you... 

sky clad and all. 
... continued
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You know Speck, BTK, Ridgway and Manson,
Bundy, Dahmer and Gacy,
But do you recall 
... continued
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Sad to say goodbye today
to a long term friendship
I wave goodbye
... continued
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The cake rich  
does the cake need some pairs?  
batter fell on the floor   
pizza dough in mid air  
send in the chefs  
ins't there blintzes  
wouldn't you agree?  
one chef that keeps hyper  
the other stands still  
where are the chefs?  
send in the chefs  
just when I began to eat  
I could see them dancing   
when I saw them eating   
I knew they took yours  
making a cake again  
with customers banging on the door  
cooking is their life  
no one can compare  
don't be a hater  
they came to help me bake  
however my cake will always be   
better then yours  
but where are the chefs?  
quick send in the chefs  
they are making a surprise   
wait until you see  
I do not give a @&%#  
if they are talking badly about me  
why would they now   
only give a @&%#  
about me?  
they are still making their surprise   
what about me?  
this cake rich?  
the cake made by queers?  
opening the oven   
could make the middle fall down  
don't worry they're here.  
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The time I went in the victorian home
I saw a shadow 
I was not familiar with
the shadow figure was alien to me
I got closer to see
I could not believe my eyes
the figure had a body that was human like
and the head of a bunny
I stayed in the shadows 
and watched the creature move vicariously
the human animal turned toward my way
I held still ... he acted as though 
he was over looking me
I moved out of the shadow and into the light
Accidentally knocking over a plate
I stood quiet and still 
the creature came at me
and stabbed me in the gut
I stumbled weakly ...
falling on the bed 
bleeding the death.  
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Today was a very sad day for me 
I found myself... jumping in front of that train 
the train was going 55 miles an hour 
I did not survive 
in this afterlife  
all I can do is sit and reflect 
on my past life  
and what I can change in my next life 
I realise, now,  I was holding on to too much  
at one time... 
the day I took my life... 
I woke up and had my mind set 
I would jump in front of a train 
I leaped without a real single though 
I saw my life flash before me 
and before I knew it... I was gone 
one of life's lessons for me  
I could not change the past  
however, I could have change the future 
I should have given my life a chance  
what I have done... should be forgiven 
my life was dismal and  
the ray of light did not shine 
and there is no way back 
to undo what I have done. 
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It is hard to admit  
I was an ex junkie 
I did every drug known to mankind 
even invented a few of my own 
Now, I am an upstanding citizen 
some call me a pillar of society 
I join the force in 1996 
this month makes 13 years  
Some of the people I arrest now  
I used to hang with a few years back 
I have a new life 
friends, family and now myself 
some call me no good 
others think I am just too good  
I was on the wrong path 
I picked up the pieces 
and barely recovered 
I turned my life around 
I now help people  
talking to them 
and keeping them out of trouble 
and if need be  
I will  arrest them 
now, I am on the straight and narrow 
I uphold the law  
as I should have all along.  
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