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I lost a battle
All prised possessions
Every precious bond of love
Chosen and cared for long
Searched new homes
I am all alone
With no destination
Pen that was my weapon to glory
Is now giving agony
Darkness which I never fret
Fills me with unseen threat
No inspiration run in veins
Life seems to drag and drain
One hollow haunted house
Stand beside 
I fear its my shadow
My pen must speak
My pen should rain
My pen should bleed
the colours of my pain
I must stand tall
to make my stances small
I must rise to shout
to shake this bit of doubt
I am all
I am tall
I shall not fall
I need no wall
My voice through pen must speak
My pain to become small
My freedom calls
My identity I must seek
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Give me a way
Give me a sight
To change 
where my faults lie
Time once gone 
never turn-yet
Give me a way 
to find 
Where I was lame

That moment 
where some of my
sense betrayed
conscience cheated

Give me another chance
Give me a life
with no aberrations
with few regrets
no remorse and 
Little guilt
With a sense of gain
That my birth was not vain.
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My heart needs 
a call
a caller
my fears
flying high
like as kite
reminding the moments
spend in the dark of night.

My soul needs
to talk
to roll
That is passionate
full of life
Holding that's gone
It's piercing through as a knife.

I am in pain
I am in misery
I am a change tune
I am same yet not bold
I am without help
I am a tear drop
I am a boat.
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A part of me 
left my blood
long ago
without a nod 
from me 

It sulked
It bleed
it was saved
it was cared for

That piece of mine
No where to shine
Was hidden 
in a basket 
full of nonsense
unwanted foul
Buried in blue
under a small shell
Just as a pearl

Who has reminded me?
Who has found that piece?
Who is here in blue?

When a bird
from an unknown land
perched on the roof 
My ground it landed
A surprise-it happened!
it brought a fresh feeling
a known but foreign

That land was mine
The feel was foreign
The pinch of pain
was never new
was never passive
It is true
It has been latent
TODAY while pondering
I have found 
A piece of my ground
left me 
to reside 
in a place secured 
by a basket 
in your per-view.
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... continued
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... continued
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In this encircling 
jungle of happenings
Every turn seems the end 
of the journey
The end of a terrible war

When you see the clearing
your heart just saddens 
to see a new trouble
demanding your attention
and time

You can not help
but search a road that
can take you out of this pattern.
A confusion that
neither allures nor borders
in any solution

Some trees offer shelter
While others guide
Few fulfil needs
While some pr*ck and
then shine in glory

No tree called trust
No branch friendly
come in this way
That sees sun and hay

This jungle 
This is a route called
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I saw -
a sea talking to me
Till now it meant
Gallons of water
without any mind and me
thrown in a deep valley

As I reside closer
now in a quarter
I got a reason to
search a cause of their
processing and receding

Water do a lot 
a bold talking
In a language 
clearly visible
Waves roll, wind voice
Flora thrive, creature survive

Moon is they say 
their sole master
Tide and ebb creator
obedient follower

These waves from water
Night and day
follow a path 
follow a pattern
like a monologue 
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It was dark
Very sad and gloomy
My inside burnt
... continued
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You are growing in me
Blinding me to the world
Spreading your memories
... continued
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