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About Me and My Poetry

I started poetry at the age of 14 And I still do poetry Treat me in that situation again I express my feelings and give them a sense of poetry My purpose of life is to reach people their feelings I also have a love

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You don't care about me
You don't see my tears
You recognize me crazy
... continued
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In the black cloak of night
Stitches the shining white stars
But night has forged some mysterious atmosphere
Some fear
Some mysteries
Some Secrets
Some wishes
Some incomplete desires grief
Some moan of wounded hearts
Some of the sadness of losing love
Some anguish of unfinished dreams
Some of sinners sin
Some shadows of memories
Some complain of broken hearts
Everything is hidden in the black veil of night
Everything is integrated within the night
In the darkness of night, everything changes in black ink
The secret is to be buried in the darkness of night
Bring a sense fear of night
And night enhance of darkness
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Locate desires
Came out of the darkness in the woods
And the way everlasting forest
Full of obstacles and thorns
Not easy to get the desires
And get will have to dragging themselves on thorns
Every obstacle will be crossed
Ahhhhh !
Beginning painful process
But the quest for prove ourselves
Every pain
Each obstacle
Will have to face all the thorns
After enduring every distress every obstacle every thorns
The road ahead will be clear
The light storm who will illuminate the way to move forward
Because to achieve desires
face all difficulties
And have to deal
To gain something
Something has to lose
parce que c'est la vie
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Lost in the magic of your voice 
I want to forget the sorrows of this world
This is your magic 
... continued
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Is the pain in your eyes
Why is that ?            
When you smile, your smile not flashing in eyes 
Why your smile wrapped me in pain
What are you sad
If ever you meet me
So i want to ask you
Your sorrow
Your pain
Your painful tears
I want ask about them all
You seem to be alone in the Warcraft
You'll dwell alone
I feel your pain myself
My desire is that to remove your suffering
I hold your and want to take off your all distress in my own 
I want to winding your tears to my eyelashes 
I want to change your sad smile in happiness
I hold your hand i'll visit you the world of the lights and brights 
Where you'll forget the darkness of sorrow
I just wanted
You always happy in all circumstances
You to be happy every second, every minute, every time
Doesn't pass any sorrow to touch you
I am praying to God
God bless you every joy of your life
And fill your heart with joy
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Hey dorian grey
God made you to be beautiful sculpture
The magic of music at your fingers
When you are playing the piano
SO paino keys are lost in your magic 
And paino keys are dances indicator of your fingers
You are not less than beautiful masterpiece of the artist
When the artist sees you
It seems useless to create its own back paintings
The artist made hundreds pictures of yours
You are the heartbeat of beautifuls women and girls
When all women and beautiful girls seeing you that hold their heart
Magnetic attraction in your black eyes
Fireflies of night flicker in your eyes 
The criticalness of your beautiful lips that distinguishes you from others
You are separated from others
Today I made you adorn my own poetry
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I do wish that
You love me more than more
When i close to you
... continued
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My British boy
This silence has settled over your existence
I do not like
I want to break the status quo stays on your lips
I want that
Your lips speak to me
Prevailing gloom in your blue eyes
I want that 
Your eyes will sink into my eyes
You seem to be alone in a crowd of people
When you are getting drenched in the rain
So I'll feel the tears that flow from your eyes
My british boy
You're not alone 
I'm with you like your shadow
I will not leave you alone
My love will always keep your eyes bright lamp
My love will always keep a smile on your lips
My existence will always shield your existence
This is my promise to you
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You're my reality 
You're are my life 
Do you know 
How important you are for me 
When you touch me with love 
I feel that   
I am traveling to the clouds 
It is very rare for me 
Your one lovely smile blossom flowers in my heart 
When you're sad  
And then you cry and take your head on my shoulder
So your tears pouring like drizzle on my heart  
If i write hundred book for you 
So it is less 
My love for you is unbreakable 
I love you more than my life 
My life will be over  
But your love will be with me till my last breath 
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Your eyes
The color of blue
Thousand secrets is hidden in your eyes
Flow sea of tears in your eyes
Very deep sea
Bright fireflies shines in your eyes 
Live always innocence in your eyes 
When you are smile 
So your eyes seems to shiny
When you are cry 
So your eyes is fall off tears like true pearls 
The beautiful eyelashes to guard on your eyes 
When i look at your eyes 
The world around me is matured into the blue sea
I feel my self floating in your eyes blue sea 
You just settled me in your eyes
I would to spend my whole life in your eyes
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