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About Me and My Poetry

Ever Higher, Ever Better by Being Prompt, Truthful and Cheerful in Life

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Rain Of Pain

Rain never dreams that it can bring a rainbow,
... continued
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Waiting for better things to happen
Never ends no matter what happens
Waiting for more better things happens
Never ends no matter whatever happens

Waiting for betterment always happens
Never to end at all in events till death
Waiting for the more betterment happens
Never to end no matter what may happen

Waiting for more and more better events
Never ends since the mind always haunts
Waiting for the best and all make more tests
Never to end no matter how hard we try

Waiting never ends for more peace and joy
Never ends even if we have want we need
Waiting for more pleasures and treasures
Never ends since our mind is barn that never fills

Waiting for becoming more riches and fortune
Never ends however rich one becomes to be
Waiting for and to find better pastures never ends
No matter how green the present pasture is rich

Waiting for getting more peace and ease continues
Never ending since mind never gets satisfied well
Waiting with a feel there are more things to find
No matter the path,attutude and morale that guides us.

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With nonstop cries came out a child from a dead corpse of a mother
Born as motherless as she had to go away along with the child’sbirth
With the help of the bystanders and mid wife it came out with cries
... continued
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Oh! My Dream beauty you came in one day
To the mattresses of my sweet loving dreams
Showering much on to me your fragrant flowers
... continued
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Taking off the show off robe that the nature has worn
Before measuring its beauty for the sake of comparison
If you send eyes up to the sky you see no God or Satan there
... continued
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Get back on the road and ply ahead
Your journey must never ever end
... continued
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Waking up with a wreathing pain
Piercing so deep within the soul
Reasons were unknown to find
... continued
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Without Screaming In Life

Cherishing the visions and having own dreams and missions
... continued
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Without Any Pains

The fuel to light up tomorrow was just made up today
The night had to pass and also the might have to remain
The sight of the ones who were seen around whispered
The right way to survive will be to move up and derive
The new ways that will and might help to keep us alive
While we ply wild having no clear vision about our lives..

The life lives in possibilities and dwells with probabilities
The way we choose might either end or will make a bend
When hope sees only the hopeless and faith the faithless
When at times love itself betrays the self and to survive
Making life with beliefs so dismal and help never arrives
To search reasons and causes why the rights were denied.

While walking each day on same path makes the way clear
Which only makes us to be there never to seek another way
Fearing the change and the range of outcome it shall pay
Swaying in fear and living a scared life finding no other way
Loosing happiness and ending on a life without peace of mind
Making no change for a change to overcome fear made by self.

While getting scared to fail and loosing chances also to gain
Make self end up in pain and the sense to fly high also fails
Loosing also the vigor and the power to convince and attempt
To real ways to find true fulfillment and happiness in one’s life
Making the mind play a tug o war whether to loose or to gain
Ending up losing creativity and making the mind go too static.

The mind might deny to get nurtured due to the fears to face
When realities seen to face where nothing shall never work
Since the heroism and law were seen executed only by thugs
Backed with the support and help from the law and its makers
Making human spirits resile to isles made by their own fears
While unscrupulous continues their reign without any pains.

Joyce © 7/02/2017 3:14 AM

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With The Winds Of Hope

While thinking I started to talk with my soul by myself
... continued
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