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Ever Higher, Ever Better by Being Prompt, Truthful and Cheerful in Life

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I also planted a fine seedling
When all were doing the same
Took a snap and posted it well
Got a million likes for the same
But the roots never got sprouted
Nor did the seedling ever grow
None were also seen ever to stop
The wood slaughters going ahead
But all were crying to save the trees
Just like fake unscrupulous elements
None were seen to water the new –
Seedlings planted in no much time
Planted for snap shots and posts
When rechecked what happened
To the seedling and the planters
Planters were seen ordained well
With posh and cash type awards
But the seedlings were seen nowhere
Because the nature took it for a ride
To make it a manure just to self survive

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The world is on a rage to sell all it has now
Even the rivers, wnd, sunlight, rain and the soil
So eager even to sell even the nature’s sound
They are ready to sell anything to make money

They are beckoning all to come and see selling
They are beckoning to remote corners of the earth
They are beckoning to dig out the big mountains
They are beckoning to pluck out even big trees

They are so eager to sell the seasons and climate
They never forget to wrap all that can be sold well
They step in and out, in well ironed costly suits
They are ever ready to sell all they could well see

The world in utter silence and cries out within itself
Tear me to pieces and eat me up in the way you wish
Tired out seeing the greedy trend of the worst trace
The world stood still since it could not make changes

The greedy few were seen plundering the mass poor
They just dig too deep into the bones of the poverty
They sapped out the last drop of blood to sell it out
They just made this place called earth another hell.

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It’s presence in us veins
At times of test and tempts
Of the best and blessed
... continued
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Can see only blood stained walls
Can see just dummies all around
Seeing the lightning and hearing thunder
... continued
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Tides of high fortune is here on a ride
When some have to find ways to hide
Since their hides were seen gone aside
... continued
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Choosing serenity and to live with all dignity
Choose to be independent and with sanity
Choosing ways to obtain empathy and safety.
Choose to reach levels of a real fine entity.

Choosing to forget well about others approval
Choose to stop punishing self for such approvals
Choosing to stop being a fulcrum of all resistance
Choose to understand better ways for existence.

Choosing to understand who am I makes me to be
Choose better standards to reach level you have to be
Choosing to discard the obsolete acts that have to be
Choose the optimistic ways as adhered to and be seen.

Choosing ways to face all the problems that are seen
Choose also not to run away from such type scenes
Choosing to distance from the scenes for better seeing
Choose to solve them entering into the middle of the scene.

Choosing with a firm mind and in the middle of the scene
Choose to remove the pieces seen making the scenes
Choosing to reach the core and reason for such scenes
Choose ways to end the real problem making schemes.

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Rain Of Pain

Rain never dreams that it can bring a rainbow,
... continued
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Waiting for better things to happen
Never ends no matter what happens
Waiting for more better things happens
Never ends no matter whatever happens

Waiting for betterment always happens
Never to end at all in events till death
Waiting for the more betterment happens
Never to end no matter what may happen

Waiting for more and more better events
Never ends since the mind always haunts
Waiting for the best and all make more tests
Never to end no matter how hard we try

Waiting never ends for more peace and joy
Never ends even if we have want we need
Waiting for more pleasures and treasures
Never ends since our mind is barn that never fills

Waiting for becoming more riches and fortune
Never ends however rich one becomes to be
Waiting for and to find better pastures never ends
No matter how green the present pasture is rich

Waiting for getting more peace and ease continues
Never ending since mind never gets satisfied well
Waiting with a feel there are more things to find
No matter the path,attutude and morale that guides us.

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With nonstop cries came out a child from a dead corpse of a mother
Born as motherless as she had to go away along with the child’sbirth
With the help of the bystanders and mid wife it came out with cries
... continued
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Oh! My Dream beauty you came in one day
To the mattresses of my sweet loving dreams
Showering much on to me your fragrant flowers
... continued
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