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About Me and My Poetry

I was born Indistrict a small village called Elappully,at Palakkad in Kerala, India.After my studies in commerce, I took a job In a bank In United Arab Emirates. worked there for almost 27 years. poetry is my passion. I have not done any serious publication of my Poems in a book form, But I hope one day my poems shall come out in book from. During 1998 Poetry.com selected my poem Hymn Of Liberation as the editors choice poem. cheers.

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About My Poem

Time walked with him,
Made him a tempest,
In a cup of tea he sold,
... continued
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There is an incredible indescribable feeling.
 A comfort so subtly enveloped in your presence.
My words and intellect cannot conceive,
... continued
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From the remoteness of mind,
There comes bit of a thought.
Intellect analyzes it thoroughly.
Gives the verdict in camera to go ahead,
I move all around restlessly.
Aimlessly I roam in search of ideas.
I travel and observe people .
My feet trek deserts and mountains.
I see human cruelty, wars and vandalism.
Clans of terror, insane fanatics,
Many faces flicker in my retina.
Rich and poor peasants and workers,
Helpless women and children,
Pain and hunger, war and peace,
Sufferings of shattered lives,
Fear psychosis, diseases, epidemics.
Human bodies gets disfigured
Ebola, Aids all great killers!
What is safe in this world?
Nothing but the thoughts you give.
I remember all those great writers.
I dedicate my words to them.
With the pen in my hand I pray 
Oh lord give me a fine thought for the day.
If I could give a slogan for unification
It will be” Let us unite as one world one nation.
The United nations!
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From the other shore of separation,
You were staring into darkness.
Helplessness hangs a thick curtain,
Obstructing our passionate vision.
I can see your wide eyes staring.
Your thoughts flow across the river.
Your monologue captures my mind.
As silvery fishes splash up incessantly.
Holding a hook and line I wait on the banks,
To capture your subtle thoughts one by one.
Then we have a dialogue to exchange.
Your love filled murmur hugged me tight.
I held you to closest of my memories.
Visualizing a star shining on your cheeks,
I stole it sneaking secretly from your dimple.
Keeping it in my heart I burned it into a fire.
We shared the warmth near the bonfire,
Feeling your soft breath fall on my body.
your roseate lips talked to me expressively.
We found ourselves entangled with a silky sensual love.
Unable to move from our disposition,
We merged into our souls silently.
One day we found ourselves floating i
In the horizon of our mind searching each other.
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Gleamed thoughts
Twilight is slowly seeping in.
... continued
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A peacock feather was floating in the air
Two smiling blue eyes were looking at the world
... continued
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Her every action is a message.
Never is it a waste in futility.
There is approach of calmness.
... continued
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 Still terror and horror hovers over the world,
under each step there is a mine to blast off.
... continued
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In the temple of truth Her divinity meditates,
merges into one with the ultimate,
becomes effulgence of the effulgent.
... continued
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Ahead of my path,
stretches a long trail of footprints.
... continued
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