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I just want to be a little boy,
Holding a wonder look in my eyes,
To see world unfold before me,
in every hue and shades.
I wish I could fly around,
in wings of excitements.
I have my wings designed,
in patterns of intricate shades.
Let me float in ecstasy,
sprinkling mist of my wonder.
Let me kiss the flowers,
invoking their colours on my wings.
Let me carry the aroma around.
 I wish I could kiss the butterflies,
Chat with them, fly by their side.
Mellow with angels in flight.
Let me swim in the azure sky.
Then flow in the current of milky -way
Flow and fall on matted hair of lord Shiva
Then stream down the Himalyas as Ganges.
Let me explore every bit of life.
Let me glow among twinkle of stars.
Fall as a flint of light on my love’s nose ring.
Swing on uncle moon.
Glide on a rainbow.
Kiss puffy white clouds.
Sway as floating seed in the winds.
Then fall on a distant land unaware.
Oh I love all these little things.
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Sio Mamoori More than 1 year ago
love the topic ,love to the structure of it! great topic!
Andy Lyle More than 1 year ago
enjoy it all
Jameselle Bond More than 1 year ago
pretty darn good poem with imagry...and this IS poetry!!
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