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About Me and My Poetry

I write poetry about things that affect me personally, whether physical occurrences in my life, or emotional ones. 100 percent of my poems are written with emotion, but less than 10 percent of them are based purely on imagination. That means that if you can ferret out and see through the metaphors, you can see directly into my life, and even more than that, into my soul. I find that thought scary sometimes. But I am not one to give in to fear! I use poetry as a way to sort and manage thoughts and feelings. That means that a lot of my poetry is based on inconvenient truths, things that are bothering me in my life. I feel everything to the full extent, all at once. I am not afraid to feel. I believe that the more you feel, the stronger you are; and the more you feel the sad things, the sooner you can feel better. I always say, give me 2 days and a heartfelt poem, and I will be fine again, guaranteed. Somehow once it is down on paper, it doesn't linger in my thoughts anymore. That means I sort through things very quickly. Through one obstacle and on to the next! (update: apparently it doesnt work for everything) Since my poetry is written while my feelings are still raw, I pour a lot of passion into them. However I am not just a poet, I am an artist, and think as such. That means I write however I feel; I don't follow any set rules. I have always been that way. So, enjoy!

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The graham crackers flout.
The marshmallow is lonely,
Cuz chocolate walked out.
... continued
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Black clouds, ominous;
Writhing and rolling,
A coiled snake.
... continued
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A bumblebee hum?
Flash of color, brilliant, past;
To windowsill, come.
... continued
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Life is a brown bagged
Packed lunch. What is it today?
Green peas, or fruit punch?
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Two Worlds (the night)
Surrounded by friends
... continued
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Treat others
As you would like
To be treated?
... continued
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I see You in everything. 
You made everything, 
From the tiniest flower, 
To the oceans, 
To the deer that run through the pine. 

In the sky I see Your vastness- 
I know that You are immense. 
From the most brilliant of sunsets 
I know that You are glorious. 
And in the sunrise, 
I see Your mercy, 
For You give us every day. 

In the changing of seasons 
I see Your patience, 
For all things are in their time. 
In the pounding of the ocean waves, 
In hurricanes and tempests, 
I see Your power. 

In the stars that shine down in the night 
I see that You are infinite. 
I close my eyes; 
You are omnipresent. 

The wind does not give way; 
For You are bold. 
The mountains reach into the clouds; 
You are majestic. 
In the detail of a snowflake, 
The numbered petals of a flower, 
I know that You are precise 

In the soaring of the eagle 
I know, You are awesome 
I see the doe as she nuzzles her fawn, 
I know that You are loving. 
I see Your pride- 
As the elk bull stands over his harem. 
In the balance of nature, 
I see that You are wise. 

Each creature has its place, 
Its purpose. 
And us- 
As guardians; 
For we hold the ultimate power. 
When we show respect, 
All creatures move aside for us. 

All things were lovingly given, 
From the spring rain 
To the strawberries that 
Ripen in the grass. 
I look out upon the earth 
With shame; 
For we take with greed 
And not gratitude. 
Who are You, God? 
Assigned so many names; 
The words of the people are many. 
Whose version am I to believe? 
From the mouths of the people, 
Deceiving tongues. 
Who are You? 
You are the Ultimate. 
I am lowly, a nobody. 
Yet You do not forsake me in prayer. 
You gave us the earth as our playground. 
I know You through what I can see.
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Never one for the cities, 
The towns. 
... continued
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I was set upon by a muskrat once,
He wasn’t very big.
It seemed comical, his ferocity.
... continued
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I should have known.
I chose this life
... continued
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