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Mirror hanging on the wall.
open up and do tell all,
you can’t be that blind,
... continued
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Morning after caught a fever,
fever I was after,
I’m going insane,
... continued
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You and I can’t be wrong,
a little strange I know,
not past it is, outlast future will be,
... continued
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From up the hill,
stands what ‘s this dream,
from down the hill,
rolls what’s a dream,
up the hill, down the stream,
what s happened last,
please understand,
includes you in this dream,
entails hill by the sea,
where this dream leaves,
everyone want to be in,
this dream it would seems,
is all that it means,
so much between you and me,
you can drink form wishing well,
I’ll wish you well,
to keep this dream alive,
no more goodbye or hello,
what’s meant for us both,
then again no one is invited,
no one is invited to this dream,
world is in state of war,
yet again no need for a world,
in this dream that’s yours and mine,
as tail of this goes and on,
warm feeling returns,
from down the hill,
no need for any signs,
you know this well,
this dream happened last

©2017 Alex”Malenky”Breytman

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Is it possible?
Near and dear can breathe,
breathe the same air,
as if divine power struck,
struck twice in one moment,
you turned around and said I love you too,
I figured I won’t let go,
rule of the thumb when two in luck,
cannot believe our luck,
so much in between, how far and how long?
I cannot imagine,
love you any less,
tried and true from last romance,
tried to run but stuck,
stuck at place time placed me at,
at drop of the dime,
you have got me, singing this song to you,
I have the power in my hands, to make a mine,
I have the power granted by the Divine, to make you a Queen,
I have the power to grant any wish, you just happened to wish for,
I could live for a thousand years, and never love you any less,
I can travel a millions miles, and never find another you,
can you imagine, two fools in love,
power granted by the Divine, so much time, so little of you,
for troubled mind, to follow through ,
at drop power is divine,
Divine granted Queen a sit, by her King
, however and whatever,
together we will have much,
we have the guts to pay the cost,
for much fun run yet
©2017 Alex”Malenky”Breytman

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One more day, one more place I know,
one more rewind, I don’t want to know,
I wish to forget,
... continued
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The fallen time,
has befallen this time,
when crying is undone,
... continued
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Close your eyes my dear,
instantly I cross any obstacles,
to be with you, in the middle of sweet,
... continued
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Surreal is real,
hear me oh beauty,
prophet of doom is wrong,
rare but as it happens,
I reach for you,
for you and for you,
I feel only for you,
distant kiss heaven sent,
I pray and pray I will rain,
close shiver I like,
like it meant that I like,
sage left runes,
of long ago vows,
with open arms spell is cast,
in an instant distance is past,
crossing forest and the streams,
over the mountains and the seas,
beauty attempt it is not,
rests in my kingdom,
for you and only for you,
endless night never ends,
endless night of beautiful,
in memory it will wait,
only for you and for you,
to breath your air again and again,
I believe this vows,
only for you kingdom made,
stay awake is our fate,
prophet of doom fades away
, speed is on its way,
leaving no reality untouched,
fantasy of you and only of you,
your dreams are my reality,
do haste please, please, I can’t wait

©2017 Alex”Malenky”Breytman

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Can’t imagine a world without you,
scary thought crossed my mind,
time would stop at stop,
... continued
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