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Downstairs the door opens suddenly
A letter on the table says all
skeletons don't R.I. P.

What we can't save we create:

I’m just a chameleon lying in wait
I’m just a nemesis that needs that cake
No dying fate pulling the weight
I don’t need you to appease my mind
I’m not the one for reason or rhymes
wicked will play with your kind
Maybe the dead will rise up
and lead the blind

With morality there's no straight lines
we deal with the cards we are given
The devil will creep with the living
These are the wages of sin

What a beautiful life to believe in

Come take this journey of exhale with me
What a beautiful beautiful life we breathe
The skeletons of past will mend
What a beautiful life to believe in
When happiness is around the bend

If I could pull riches from skies
We would not meet our demise:
We gotta keep on feeling those
hugging times with kin:

What a beautiful life to believe in:

Oh bitter sweet honesty
Are we too complacent
to see : the gift of life
should never end

What a beautiful life to believe in:

Reserved (c) 2017 1-20-17
Shirley Elane Matthews
"What A Beautiful Life "

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Gotta get up in the morning
pass the subway
tryna get that laid laid
just waiting for that
card to hit midnight

I can't wait for the skies
to change to first light
Molly Molly don't go go keep
on rollin that dough trap queens

Will ride it until it get to a rainbow wicked wicked
where the future goes nobody knows it's
essentially a part of divide/divide/ divide
to survive /survive survive the trap queen
is the new baptize

The dollar bill is my trust trust the wicked is my lust lust
When people I grow up with don't even know me
life is on a brain freeze when it's time to evict wicked wicked
can't predict when unconditional love gets a hit

' Time will tell the story don't f*ck with the fate
don't know why trap queens do the emasculate
people outta------
know wicked wicked
as become part of the escape

from New York New York to Chicago the wicked will
follow everywhere u go I'm just tryna to exist
wicked has become my addict when voices
of the mind wanna
talk talk when ammo equates to sorrow
that catches tomorrow two people trapped
in snow Molly Molly
dont go go wicked wicked is
part of the down low low

A night stroll won't stop buggin eyes
the wicked is always sleep deprived
The wicked will have u turnt up like
a falsetto always wondering with no place to go
once I go down below Im gonna make
it sew sew sew to keep it

tight right now wicked is feeling this plight
I can't wait for the skies to change to first light wicked will never
trade places with hell wicked will be around to tell the tales
of how it will never feel redeem wicked just wanna dream
dream negativity will be part of the weak all skeletons aren't R.I.P.

Have I been programmed from birth to expect the worst
I kept wondering when will the meek inherit the earth
Seeing all those dollars bills flash some folded cash would be nice
wicked thoughts are always sacrificed

Thoughts that can drift for miles
entertaining these thoughts for awhile

A flight to no where
Who said life was fair
Let’s share the wealth
We ain’t meant to be
Alone by self

A world that’s self taught
That’s what game is about
Brothers on the take
Skimming from the top
Trying to compensate
Everyone knows love
Don’t always conquer

This is not my idea of the American dream
This is the life that preys on human beings
A world of pipe dreams hearing screams
from human beings the wicked
never hear the angels sing:

The wicked never never dreams
It must be love for the change
being wicked is part of the game:
without love where will I be:
The wicked never never cease :

All Rights Reserved (c) 2017 12-17-17
Shirley Elane Matthews
Wicked Wicked'.......

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I want me a Yipee Ki Yah Down home Country fed Cowboy that get up
before the break of dawn My cowboy always lived by the drawn of the gun….

a good shot of redeye
to loosen up his draw
chugged it down to the
bottom of his craw.
his trigger finger was loose
and his nerves were steady
as he walked the 10 paces
armed and ready.
with the sun behind him
and six in the chamber
he eyed down his foe
in the face of danger.
a bullet has no enemies
nor any friends matter not
who’s left standin in the end

After a long hot day sweatin in the sun(coming home to me to have a lil fun)
I wanna wash him up in this big tub( scrub a dub) grab me a lil grub Suds floatin around galore in mid air I gotta put on my cowgirl boots and head down to the Country fair I’m gonna let my cowboy pour me a lil drink of rum keep on making love until the brink of dawn
We can laugh the night away Yipee Ki Yah look up at the stars above this is what we call love please don’t make me beg you to stayYipee Ki Yah my cowboy lives by the draw of the gun come on let’s have a lil fun I love Country and Country loves me oooowee baby I don’t want you to leave How many times do I have to beg you to stay Yipee Ki Yah’‘Com on Cowboy let’s laugh the night away Yipee Ki Yah

I’m just a country girl caught up in this craze Yipee Ki Yah
com on Cowboy let’s laugh this night away
I know you really wanna stay Yipee Ki Yah

All Right Reserved (c) 2016 12-16-16
Shirley Elane Matthews
:..Yipee :..Ki :..Yah :...

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Ah Baby there’s something you ought to know
How blow will marry souls everywhere we go
Blow why don’t you blow me to hell below
... continued
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Ah Baby there’s something you ought to know
How blow will marry souls everywhere we go
Blow why don’t you blow me to hell below
... continued
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... continued
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Haunted  3 ::

... continued
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... continued
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He came back  haunted  to retrieve the map of the world
his spirit is destined to spread haste what will be untenable fate
he's determined to feed demons that walk with the devil's champion
... continued
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Tombstones Of Terror :: 2
02-01-2015, 12:10 PM

... continued
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