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About Me and My Poetry

Born 1935 in a half dug out near the " Packsaddle Bridge," within five miles of the small town of Camargo,Oklahoma, growing up during the Dust Bowl days and amid the early days of the Texas Panhandle Oil Fields, observing WW 11 as a child, graduating from Borger,Texas High School and marrying in the early fifties, raising two children Tonya and Brenton through the sixties and seventies and taking care of her parents and parent-in-laws through the nineteen nineties has given Omajean Lewis a unique perspective on life. When not traveling and enjoying her family with her husband Dalton of 63 years, Oma is active as an artist, photographer,poet and writer. In 2012 she was chosen, "Pampa Fine Arts Association, Artist of The Year." In the year 2015 Omajean had a Poetry Book published Titled,"Beyond the Packsaddle Bridge."

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I wonder what keep's life going,
With so many stumbling blocks in our way,
We encounter them day to day,
Better be sure footed, or pray.

I wonder why the sky is the darkest,
When sunshine covers the morning bright,
Maybe because I need to go to work,
The morning bus just drove out of sight.

Now that just two little stumbling blocks,
They get bigger as the week goes on,
My boss says, "Where were you yesterday?"
I give him the same old song.

I guess I should stop complaining,
Look life square in the eye,
Take those stumbling blocks for granite,
Just for once start to try.

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Fall is here in all of it's glory,
Each year it tells the same story,
Hot, sultry days are gone,
Out comes sweaters, no more thongs.

There is a feeling about fall,
Like no other season of the year,
It is an ending and beginning,
Most green life seems to disappear.

First comes the turkey and dressing,
Kin folk from far and near,
Wonderful blessings for all,
Mom in the kitchen six feet tall.

The days of fall are to short,
Winter seems to come in the back door,
Winter is here in all of it's glory,
Each year it tells the same story.

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Wicked, wicked ways,
That follow you each day,
What is your reason for living,
... continued
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Bless this child,
Bless this baby boy,
A gift from heaven,
Given from God.

To love and protect,
To guide in the right direction,
Your's forever and evermore,
God's holy perfection.

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We knew nothing of our eldest sister,
I had a sister one year older,
The two of us were like twins,
And like me no one told her.

Years later when I discovered there were three,
Mom said, "Your older baby sister died at birth,"
These words were daring to say the least,
Our mom had at last found some peace.

All those years of this big secret,
She bore this sweet baby girl alone,
Dad had moved to Kansas to work,
His folks advised him to leave home.

Mom had small pox and was very ill,
A lot of people died during the small pox epidemic ,
Mom lived and lost her first baby girl,
No celebration, no laughter, no banner's unfurled.

The baby was delivered at mom's parent's home,
A mid wife came to help our grandmother,
The baby took one breath and died,
Baby gone, the father gone, mom was dying inside.

The baby girl was wrapped in blankets,
Lying on our grand mother's sewing machine,
There were young ones coming in from school,
There was laughter and teasing, no rules.

Grandmother spoke, "Children you must be quite,"
'A baby has died here today,"
There has been many tears shed,
Tears of the heart, that can't recede away.

Dad, mom, and we girls had many years of happiness,
My sister and I didn't know about a beautiful black haired doll,
Eighty six years later we placed a stone on her grave,
We gave her the name of, "Jane Elizabeth."

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My family used to visit my uncle's ranch,
Never a dull moment that's for sure,
All the daily happenings,
One was lucky to endure.

My uncle once tossed me up on a calf,
It was standing calmly in the barn yard,
The calf gave one hard buck,
It threw me in to my uncle's arms ,"That's luck."

Our aunt told us they had a new shower,
It was a large galvanized stock tank,
Setting up on boards to keep it steady,
A shower head with nice cool water and always ready.

My sister and I decided it was time for a bath,
Towels,soap and clean clothes were carried up the hill,
There wasn't room for one person, much less two,
We both stepped in, not expecting a double thrill.

We had just got soaped up,
The freezing water didn't help,
Wasp and more wasp came flying from everywhere,
Clearing the shower to wide open spaces, we didn't care.

My aunt asked, if I wanted to feed a baby calf,
What child wouldn't like to do that,
I took the bottle, and did as my aunt said,
My hand to my elbow felt like it was chewed on by rats.

She forgot to tell me what rough tongues they have,
That little fellow just kept swallowing away,
I thought I had lost me hand and arm,
I still fret and worry about that experience today.

I know my aunt and uncle meant well,
There were just a lot country lessons to learn,
I can learn lessons in the city,
Lessons on my own terms.


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One of the animals outside of the herd,
One who no longer can produce,
Driven toward the strong fence,
... continued
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From the time I married my husband,
My mother-in-law said, "You are blessed,'
God has blessed you sweetly,
To build your little family nest."

Just three years later,
Our sweet daughter was born,
Blessed again I would say,
Blessed in every single way,

Jobs came along for my husband,
Enough to have a wonderful living,
Enough to say ,"Thank you God'"
Thank you God for all you have given.

Two years after our daughter was born
Our baby black haired son arrived,
With all of God's love,
Every day he lived and thrived.

So many wonderful years,
Children grown and out of the home,
Graduates from college,
Now out on their own.

God's blessing from the first day,
My mother-in law was right,
She placed her eyes upon us,
And said," You're in God's sight."

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I met a big yellow duck,
Along the road one day,
I asked her where she was going,
"Quack, quack," was all she could say.

I asked her if she had a family,
She looked up at me very strange,
"Quack,",she said I,took that for yes,
Yes from a duck is better than a guess.

Not long after still on the road,
Came six little yellow ducklings,
I asked, " Where did you come from?"
Six duckling looked up, as if I were dumb.

Now I had Mother duckling walking beside,
Six little duckling keeping up with my stride,
I asked each ducking,"Where are you going?"
Each answering,"Quack, quack,quack, quack, quack, home."

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If I were a child again,
I wonder if I would do all I did then,
Or would I skip certain things,
... continued
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