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About Me and My Poetry

Born 1935 in a half dug out near the " Packsaddle Bridge," within five miles of the small town of Camargo,Oklahoma, growing up during the Dust Bowl days and amid the early days of the Texas Panhandle Oil Fields, observing WW 11 as a child, graduating from Borger,Texas High School and marrying in the early fifties, raising two children Tonya and Brenton through the sixties and seventies and taking care of her parents and parent-in-laws through the nineteen nineties has given Omajean Lewis a unique perspective on life. When not traveling and enjoying her family with her husband Dalton of 62 years, Oma is active as an artist, photographer,poet and writer. In 2012 she was chosen, "Pampa Fine Arts Association, Artist of The Year." In the year 2015 Omajean had a Poetry Book published Titled,"Beyond the Packsaddle Bridge."

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My Mamma came from a poor family,
Living in the far eastern part of the state,
Her Papa worked for others on the halves,
... continued
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My Auntie had a handsome beau,
Who she soon planned to marry,
Her beau was to spend the day,
... continued
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My Papa owned a fine buggy,
With two fine steeds
When Mama and Papa went to town,
We ten kids were in a wagon, knee deep.

I can always remember jumping off the wagon,
Headed down the town's dirt streets,
Looking for a back room of a grocery store,
We would eat bologna on bread and ask for more. .

Papa was across the street,
Where beer and steaks were served ,
Not the best atmosphere you could find,
There was gambling,drinking,most of the time,

Papa shopped for used shoes in the grocery,
They were much cheaper and still brown,
That's where part of Papa's yearly wages went,
We kids chopped and picked cotton year round.

Time to start home, for several hours ride,
We were counted with, "All aboard."
Papa and Mama were in their fine buggy,
We were snuggled in the wagon, sleeping on the floor.

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Be still my heart,
That I might listen,
To those words I long for,
... continued
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We must have allegiance,
With both eyes open wide,
So many hate us,
... continued
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When I was in my eighties,
Some days I would feel ten,
Then maybe in my fifties,
... continued
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The deed was done,
The song was sung,
Two teen age girls,
... continued
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That time of the year again,
I need to call up and tell my friends,
Vacation, time in the mountains,
... continued
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Times are changing,
Changing every day,
Here and there,
Different in every way.

We must hold our loved ones close,
For we know not how long they stay,
Be it in a faraway land,
Or just a few blocks away.

This is all we really have,
Children we have given life,
Grandchildren who have babies,
On it goes in life as we strive.

The miles will never separate,
Although time changes everything,
Those we love are in our hearts,
To our memories we will cling.

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I was out on my porch ,
Porch light shinning bright,
When I happened to see,
... continued
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