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My Notebook

                 My Notebook
   My poetry notebook is yellow with flowers
 Kind of looks gay but it helps pass the hours
 As i write with my pencil the words do flow
 and this book was a gift from Mary you know.
 So no matter the look i carry it with pride
 I love all my gifts from my soon to be bride
 Besides, i'm no homophobe and at times i'll play gay
 to bug friggin Del and keep him away
 But i do love my notebook and my bride soon you'll see
 and i must thank heaven for letting our love be
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Neil Ashley More than 1 year ago
I wrote this as a pass time making fun of my poetry book my fiance gave me. and it turned out to be that plus thanking her, letting her know i love her and plus an unliked brother in-law was mentioned. lol all in all, it was for fun.
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Kem'Falla Katyonak Aoeden More than 1 year ago
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