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About Me and My Poetry

Poetry is therapy

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About My Poem

Our future
Built and made in China
Our President
... continued
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Burning pictures
Breaking mirrors
Learning scriptures
Message clearer

Devils in suits
Pray for the youth
Salute to the troops
Blind to the truth

War for oil
Blood pays that fee
Not the spoiled
The rich agrees

My conscious mind
Is considered blasphemy
Preachers work for God
Collecting salaries

The rich pastors
Preach for a fee
My true Master
Said, love is free

Here's the first stanza of Venting 1.0
... continued
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God Bless America
Is such a selfish prayer

Didn't our Savior
Say, love your neighbor....

What about everyone else
Selfish, only thinks about self

I guess we're all not humans
Confusion, there's black and white Cubans....

Tell me what's the difference
Evilness causes indifference

Some go to the extreme
To make their race look supreme

When I look behind the scenes
There's many puppets on the strings

Hard to see an agenda that's hidden
Some will realize, knowledge is forbidden

When any man kills
I've heard it's free will

Here's a tougher pill
Some say, it's God's will

A reminder to all the rich folks
Your bible teaches you to be dead broke

The poor, God is ignoring
Some say, He's sleep, snoring

The rich is blessed
They see Heaven from birth

The poor is cursed
For them, it's hell on earth

***Bible Reference***

MATTHEW 19:19-22

19. Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 20. The young man saith unto him, All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet? 21. Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. 22. But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.

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Did you plan this
Or was it planted
On top where you're standing
... continued
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Here's some reasons I rhyme
To show I took the time
Not just sharing my mind
Making sense in each line

Could be jotting down lies
Behind a fake disguise
Some people live online
I'm immune to these guys

If it's the case, might be
Clouding one's shine
Hold on, Poemahontas,
Get back to the rhymes......

A poem that doesn't rhyme
It ought to be a crime
Can't flow without the rhyme
I always speak my mind

Everyone has something to say
About their life, about their day
Keep it poetry if you may
Why not in a poetic way

Words with no meaning
Are thoughts with no feelings
If your words have reasons
They ought to cause healing

When it's my time to rhyme
A glass of wine to unwind
Pulling grapes from the vine
My influence is divine

Metaphors and punch lines
Comes with my delivery
Just read between the lines
Uncover a mystery

Critics will criticize
And probably laugh at me
I get it, I realize
To them, it's blasphemy

Civilians, civilized
Can feel my poetry
As millions recognize
Their rights, to speak freely

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I told the cabbage
You're ahead of your class
As for you lettuce
You're all head and no *ss

Onions have gators crying
No, those are crocodile tears
And those grapes are still wining
Because Barack is not here

Hey Mr. Tomato,
I know that you're a fruit
You say Caitlyn Jenner
We all know that you're Bruce

Some will say a veggie,
But that I will dispute
There's a Bush named Reggie
We know Kim gave the boot

My back against the wall
I'm about to go walnuts
They say, one bad apple
Will ruin the whole bunch

Let the blessings trickle
On this newcomer
Now I'm in a pickle
Like the cucumber

A flower in the sun
Call me a sunflower
Not hidden from the sun
Like a cauliflower

I asked the corn
Can you not hear
Then what's the point
Of having ears......

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I've taken twelve steps
Exactly 3 days
I'm removing specs
And cleansing my ways

Tear down my temple
Rebuild it in 3
It might look simple
It's not plain to see

Awake from my sleep
Away from my dreams
I pray when I'm weak
A break from the scenes

Some might need a week
I just need the Lord
When I pray, I seek
We're now on one accord

My temple is clean
Just thorns on my head
My Savior took three
He rose from the dead

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An incision on my heart
Revealed a portion that is dark
My decision to restart
... continued
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A seed of hope
A seed of faith
To help me cope
... continued
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Another delay
Set in our way
153 years later
And we continue to wait

They said change was coming
Another slap on the face
Our Savior is coming
We still continue to pray

We continued with faith
Yet never got a break
Blood sacrifices we make
How much more can we take

40 acres and a mule
That promise wasn't true
A promise to keep us cool
Denied from public schools

Still white supremacy rules
The ones that write the rules
If you're Black, it's not for you
FreeDumb, they think we're fooled

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