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About Me and My Poetry

An amateur philosopher with a thirst for knowledge and creativity. Hoping to find new ideas and find a way to express my own, I'm like a vessel that can never be fully fulfilled. Flowing with tao as much as I can, not just existing but living in the mome Wrote a book on 'The Sage and His Ways', half of it is free on smashwords if anyone has good feedback I'll send them the full E-book for free. It's on createspace too which is free to (like me) For me it was just an accomplishment as i've always found english difficult that i wanted a book to give to close family and to have one for myself as a trophy i guess. :D https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/548030 I'm also trying to become a life coach, a new path in life that I'm really looking forward to. :) After many college classes even though I don't have a degree I've found I can listen and help motivate people I think like I do myself, helping my clients like any 'coach' just one that helps with life and life goals. Hopefully it goes well. :D

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About My Poem

This is concerning our black oppression.
A tale of American history.
Because we all need more education,
... continued
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It's about black oppression.
talking first about detection,
We need education.
Without confession.
The court is in session.
Silencing the depression,
there will be no progression.
Jailing blacks for possession.
Jailed with brutal aggression.
Jailed for any indiscretion.
Now this is my expression.
Maybe an obsession.
Here is a lesson.
Here is my question.
When will we end discrimination?

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A sleepless sheep counts men as he falls asleep.
Finally imagery of a green field come into view.
Dreams of a skinnier, prettier ewe than his mate,
... continued
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Dear Mr Negative Toho,
PLEASE heed my pleas if you will listen,
... continued
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With today’s world things appear despairing.
Consciousness divided by tribalism,
among particular groups not caring.
No wonder we are viewed with barbarism.

We undergo nationwide as we look.
What can we practice to civilize us?
Of course answers won't be found in a book.
Solutions we must address and discuss.

Under the law of united Nations,
let us build humanity as seen fit.
Let us find in future generations,
whats deemed distinguished in merit and wit.

Struggling for what united nations writes,
we are fighting for equal civil rights.

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Falling into a raging river,
I, an aged Taoist look to my inner-self.
As a Buddhist monk observing me with anxiety.
... continued
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The unexpected day she told me I was to be a father,
I was in a wild bliss trying to think what to do next.
All I wanted was a healthy baby.
... continued
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Why did you leave me that warm afternoon?
and thought things between us were so great.
You left sobbing, I knew it was too soon.
we might be together, but it's too late.

Our life wasn't perfect, struggling every day,
working two jobs and taking care our kid,
but we could have been somebody, some way
I thought of you two, that's what I did.

I know my life is hectic, often poor.
I was job searching also found a few.
Right away you were running out the door.
just arm candy until he will renew

know our world wasn't grand, but how could you leave
now I'm all alone, can't stop, only grieve.

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I was happily married by the sea,
please take my sweaty but forthcoming hand.
I'm truly yours eternally to be,
... continued
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Tribute to Shakespeare
A sonnet of Shakespeare's poetry
bard of Avon as he was widely called
... continued
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