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Deep fountain of the mind
Where we go to find life itself
Where the sacred river circulates
Rich upon that mountainous Arete

Only from within can enlightenment be found
The witch Abora floats near Eden's double-sworded gates
Her hair and body, as if in water ghost-like floats
Her essence unforgiving, unbreachable, unconfined 

O'er poets who died upon the greenery layered below
Sit like statues of bygone days, now buried and dethroned 
Swallowed up and turned in time, to darkened graining ash
Aboras deathly song's echo across the iced covered caverns 

From within  soul's of poets, now but relics of the past rest 
Escaping ears of holy men and sinners penultimate breaths
Insist those chosen few still seek to taste, Abora's bewitching traits
Gaze towards her ghostly throne, in resolute fear and trembling state

With pleasure  unmeasured and unholy staring ahead
Then be to none, but bone and wasteful sinew to give
Abora the slayer of the mortal soul and weak of heart
Devouring all in her way, without a single tear escaped

Stealing verse from sonnet and muse from every poet's almanac
Upon mountains of unscalable summits,  Abora pervades the next
All dare to come her way, be enchanted then torn to shreds, it seems?
Abora lyrically embalms lost soul's to travel through eternity again! 

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Abandoned Tapestry

Now so clearly identified and uninvited 
Love dreamed and failed in it's integrity
Jaded hope and weeping mournful sighs
Falling pride manifest in abandon oaths
Covering mistakes in unvalidated claims  
Avalanched in pain now fully perceived

Strangling thy breath and decimating thy spirit
Appear like fury coals, turning love into regrets
Changing perceptions and altering states of mind
Love close, yet in reality, many light years apart
Beckons and entices, but never sincerely shared
With no gratifications and pleasures be set fair

Solemnly paraded to witness such shallow traits
Let them float away across chilling wintry skies 
Fall like hail stones to never rekindle or reignite 
Never dare whisper forgiveness to thee tonight
For it be known, love that had once flourished
Unrequited now sits disdain, inept and lonely

A so called friend, who promised to never refrain
Gloats serendipitous voidless of remorse or shame
Oh sweet love that drops burning coals from heaven
All deception and lying expectations so clearly visual
Artifacts of history stand neither proud or contentful
Wildest dreams that disappear into an almighty abyss

Instrument of destruction, with no empathy inside
Passing ships lost in the storms upon gigantic waves
Denying the knowledge that new challenges be faced 
Flames of hell try in mightiness to engage or destroy
Seeking thou trust to reach far beyond expectations 
Defeating adversity from loves abandoned tapestry
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The Bluebell's Innocence

Close by the woods but further from the trail
... continued
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When Humanity And Nature Are One

... continued
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The Mystery Of Love

Oh to understand love and feel it's passions
... continued
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New Love Awaited

The undeniable truth revealed
... continued
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Brightness Of Life Had Been Found

Liliaceae you symbol of paradise on Earth
You bring forth hidden in your beautiful smile 
The beating of your lonely heart

For if  love truly exists, for a fool such as me ? 
It will be found within your loving lips
So shall it be when we share how first kiss

That one single minute pass without you close
Would surely break my spirit in half
Though for now fierce winds force us apart 

My tears fall like snowflakes in winters flurry
Yet time shall not steal the hunger buried deep inside me 
Nor darken the halo that shines brightly around you 

You are the bright star that came to my rescue
When the lights of others died and cruelly left   
Your light preventing dark clouds to form above me 

My eyes behold you in all of natures splendour
Prettiest of tulips that you surely are
Filling my every waking hour with beauty and colour

For I have heard the sweet words of my true love
Words spoken from her tender lips burn deep within me
Dripping like honey to dry and harden indelibly upon my soul

Her sweetness came woven like tapestry within her heart
Like echo's from the past, a love so eagerly shared
The calling card aimed like cupid's arrow directed to my heart

So shall my spirits be lifted to the heavens
Like paradise I pass the reddish of tulips upon her hand
Then take my love to the highest mountain I can find

Shouting with joy the brightness of life had been found
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A Melody Of The Heart

When a soul's desolate with sorrow
... continued
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For Eternity  

In visions of splendour, thou came sweet and carefree
... continued
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But None Know What We May Become

If music be the food of love
... continued
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