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About Me and My Poetry

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

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About My Poem

Hear my plea, hear my petition, hear my request and hear my prayer,
as I ask for clear guidance for all of your children. 
... continued
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Darkness has once again taken away another day,
behind closed eyes a view the same,
of a ocean bottom holding a ship in time,
silent screams unheard left behind for the hearing...

A understanding still learning to understand,
questions without answers hidden away,
walking a path unsure of its existence,
faith holding hope traveling towards serene love...

A conversation held in prayer,
be with those that read this note,
... continued
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A cold steel knife pierced into the american back,
the handle itself carved out of a narcissist government,
it doesn't matter your double edged belief side,
it's only the poor getting the raw deal ride...

It really doesn't affect my life at all,
my leader lived after being crucified on a Cross,
the language each side spews out of their pie hole,
is nothing more than the cold holding the south pole...

Politics I've followed for over 30yrs,
... continued
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A dreamer Ive always been,
always falling short of being someones friend.
All of my days are found living a rebelious way,
when I was told no it became the nature of my day.
For a moment in time I once thought Jesus was just a joke,
so tight was my binding hateful yoke.
It wasn't something I wanted to be,
but its what became of my soul & me.
I always wanted to be nothing but the best,
but first I was to live through every life test.
My shadow became my best friend,
my thoughts with me they wouldn't pretend.
... continued
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Rivers running,
leaves falling.
This I hear and see,
it sets my mind free.
No sounds of cars,
and no room for liars.
Far away in the woods I live,
its secret peace to you is what Ive got to give.
The wind whispers the silence of nature,
mending to a heart that needs to cure.
I know the nature of the rat race in town,
and I know what its like to be looked upon like a clown.
... continued
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Theres so many emotions & feelings that reach the heart,
many of which make us stop and begin a new strategic start.
Analyzing everything has been a mind set,
always asking questions while living on a gamble or bet.
Never for money reasons,
its just the nature of traveled seasons. 
Many of us have seen enough years,
dropped enough tears,
lived through our fears,
and drank plenty of beers...
Love is our destination,
and to understand creation.
... continued
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Love seems to be one breath away,
just out of reach,
yet its air is felt each day.

I stand one heart beat away,
... continued
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I use to fly with the angel of hell,
it was in my youth when I fell.
At 5yrs old I went on a trip,
from within my inner being my heart was ripped.
Within the darkness was found my happiness,
living well off other peoples worldly mess.
The depths of pain were a joy found,
as I listened to that inner narcissist sound.
Then one day I met my pride,
this explained the delusional ride.
Selfishness had become my way of living,
always taking and never giving.
... continued
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I use to be the one they pushed around in my youth,
I use to be the laugh of a joke told by a friend,
I use to be the one they hated to see coming...

I've always been the prodigal son,
I've always been the one that apologized first,
I've always been the one to share a feeling...

I use to be the one for a time that didn't care,
I use to be the one that lived life on the dark side,
I use to be the one that looked forward to the next incarceration...

... continued
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Waterfalls of childrens tears falling like leaves during the fall,
rivers of tears flow by an adult's feet like spring floods,
oceans filled with summer tears of the meek,
tear filled lakes scattered around the world like winter snowflakes...

Sorrow enough to fill a full moon,
suffering like a thunder & lighting stormy day,
enough pain to out number the stars in space,
struggles that make a mountain its greatness in size...

Hope that colors a rainbow,
... continued
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