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About Me and My Poetry

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

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About My Poem

the spook of fright,
on this scary night;
the left's agenda, the right's agenda,
the muslim cause, the christian cause,
pro life, pro choice,
this is my voice...

people are who they are,
different, each one a far away star...

opinions & assumptions,
... continued
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like a wave upon the ocean,
the top of the forest moves,
guided by a northern breeze; 
bringing the mountains its frigid freeze...

leaves falling like rain,
colored by their dying,
sharing the pain,
while the pines stand crying...

a new carpet laid by the old,
blanketing the unborn from the cold,
... continued
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I really think much doesnt matter anymore,
behind me;
so many closed doors.
in front of me;
everything Ive seen before,
the same tears on the floor...

I use to live not caring,
far above the stars always staring,
my heart always daring,
with none am I comparing...

... continued
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on the ground in disarray,
a fallen angel lays bleeding,
watered down with sweat,
exhausted under the sun's heat...

eyes closed with no sound,
tears falling; forming the ground,
filling a salty bottomless well,
from heaven his soul fell...

into the darkness of life,
beaten & whipped by its strife,
... continued
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abandoned by family,
sent out to sea,
far from their heart,
tearing mine apart...

a black sheep in time,
innocent of the crime,
charged with their past,
from love Ive been cast...

receiving their hate,
my life debate,
... continued
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Theres so many emotions & feelings that reach the heart,
many of which make us stop and begin a new strategic start.

Analyzing everything has always been a mind set,
asking questions while living on a gambled bet.

Never for money reasons,
its just the nature of traveled seasons. 
... continued
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Welcome my son's and daughter,
welcome to the world where Ive been,
welcome to the chaos unfolding live in time,
welcome to the inside of your dad's crazy mind.

Welcome to my well dug deep in the ground,
welcome to the hell that was given me,
welcome to the pain and suffering,
welcome to my forest of hope still blooming.

Welcome to my screams of silence, 
welcome to the product of my raising, 
welcome to the bottom of my cup, 
welcome to the other side of the fence. 

For so long I wish you all were here, 
more I pray you just hold your dad's heart near. 
This as time and space separates us, 
let your heart be filled with the love of Jesus. 

Now you can tell the difference between Heaven & Hell, 
now you've seen from where I fell, 
now you know the depths of my well, 
now you feel what I have to tell. 

Believe bigger and better than my mind, 
see beyond the horizon that holds a full moon, 
stand higher than any mountain I've crawled, 
listen deeper than any ear can hear. 

Welcome to the realm from which my inner self grew up in, 
knowing that every man and woman has a special thorn piercing sin, 
it resides deep down within, 
always questioning everything that is or that has ever been. 

Welcome to the ground holding my tombstone, 
welcome to the root that no one sees, 
welcome to the branch that's been grafted into the vine,  
welcome to the stumbling block resting on the corner stone. 

Welcome to my world... 
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the fall season;
the harvesting of your spring seed sown...
now you reap;
... continued
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a forest,
telling time,
with hidden away rings...

before my eye,
under the blue sky,
a seedling,
yet three feet tall...

a couple feet away,
one shading the day,
... continued
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sometimes it's the best thing you can share,
a simple smile : ) 
words can't write/express the returned feeling... 
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