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About Me and My Poetry

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

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About My Poem

More precious than the diamond,
is a womans heart filled with love,
more spectacular is the look in her eyes,
... continued
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If I really cared what people 'really' think of me,
then I just wouldn't be me...!
Be you,
... continued
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Poetry unwritten are thoughts in partnership with its heart,
always trying to write to those that have been torn apart.
Having compassion, understanding, sympathy & empathy,
as its own heart feels like it lives without serenity.
We all have a Poem in us to touch others,
and we all want peace among our sisters and brothers.
But we live in a world where satan is the prince,
this is the division that makes lifes dividing fence.
Life seems to be busy pointing out fault,
let me share how I was Holy Spirit taught.
... continued
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I dont mind feeling the pain,
it keeps me from going totally insane.
And I dont mind feeling the hurt,
it reminds me what good comes from the dirt.
I dont mind all of the crying,
when my eyes are closed Im always flying.
And I dont mind the evil coming against me,
its just for others to see.
I dont mind the thoughts I endure,
now that I know theres a cure.
And I dont mind all of the hate,
with others I have no debate.
... continued
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A dreamer Ive always been,
always falling short of being someones friend.
All of my days are found living a rebelious way,
when I was told no it became the nature of my day.
For a moment in time I once thought Jesus was  joke,
so tight was the binding hateful yoke.
It wasn't something I wanted to be,
but its what became of my soul & me.
I always wanted to see nothing but the best,
but first I was to live through every life test.
My shadow became my best friend,
my thoughts became my only close friend.
... continued
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Its a different kind of day when nothing seems real anymore,
this I can feel when I sit alone on a moon lit sea shore.
Staring out past the oceans horizon in the far distance,
upon where I disappear into my inner resistance.
Lifes temptations were the only things I couldnt resist,
many of them made me cry and raise a clench fist.
Somewhere in the depth of the sea was hidden the explanation,
so far down I had to go to understand the above creation.
I found that none could be trusted,
as I looked at a bucket on the well used and rusted.
... continued
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what I need, I don't need,
what I dont need, I need...
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ive heard everything to be said,
everyone has made their own bed...

ive read everything written,
its all the same under the sun...

theres nothing new,
the sky's still blue...

same suffering, sorrow & pain,
wet is still the rain...

... continued
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turn me loose... 
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the black and white of the Book of James;
... continued
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