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Hungarian Born. As a child lived through the revolution and fortunate to find freedom in the West. Educated in Montreal Canada . Sir Georges Williams University. Moved to Florida and became an American Citizen. Enjoy all kind of sports. Try to stay healthy and in good shape. I love women who are smart and can take care of themselves. Somewhat a loner . Don't like parties or crowds. Like big cities to visit but not to live in. I should of been a farmer for I like hard work and enjoy building with my hands. Love all sorts of animals for they are honest. They either like you or hate you. I guess that is the way I am with people. Hot or cold. Not luke warm. I never stay in company of people that bore me. I guess I am weird that way. I took up writing as my dad was dying with cancer.I find it as a good release. Not really happy about commenting about other peoples poems. I enjoy reading them and always wonder what made them start writing. I don't want to be judgmental or the reason for why they stopped. We all could use each others encouragement. Thank you for visiting with me.

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Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects
From laughter you will never get a brain defect.
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Where does this path go?
Does anyone know?
A voice answered
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Have been there  
Where many man would have left. 
He would not have her 
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My father bought me a violin
I did not learn to play it 
Its a crying shame I let him down
Practicing near the window
By accident it flew out
It was just happenstance

My father bought me an accordion
He strapped it around my neck
Well heck
Had to learn to play it
Carry it all around
It was so heavy wearing it 
That it nearly popped my head

Well I survived 
A musician I became
I play the piano
Just by habit
I carry it around on my back

I dedicate each song to my dad
Telling this story 

He wanted his son to play
To serenade him now and then
I could still see him 
How that Gypsy made that violin cry 
Sweet melodies that brought
Tears to his eyes
He lifted his glass
Gypsy do you know this tune? 
He whistled it as he once knew
That's right you got it
Bravo, that's it
That was the first song
Has it been so long? 
We danced with your mom

Dad If you come back
I will surely learn
My heart for you 
Liike that violin yearns
Wish you give me another turn 
To make that violin cry
Would do anything just to see you
With your son
Srumming those strings
On that old patched up violin

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Love the color pink 
Makes him more in sync 
In touch with his feminine side 
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Dear Mommy,
Thanks for trying to be my best friend
... continued
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Love starts 
With a pair of 
Curious hearts
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Miss being loved
For it is hard to forget
That feeling called love
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She lay beneath my feet
Breathing as her body moved
With each breath she took
... continued
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