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If life's just a dream
With in a dream
And all that we see
... continued
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Another sleep without dreams.
Another shade of dead skies.
Another wet tear and red cheeks.
... continued
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You can think
Whatever you want of me
But there are these problems
... continued
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Locked away in solitude, within the shadows I remain,
Awash in a sea of phantoms, adrift in a storm of pain
Ghostly gasps around me, haunting voices in my head,
... continued
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 I tremble in darkness 
Afraid of the unseen 
Scared of what lurks in shadow. 
I yearn to be free 
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I stare into the river’s spew, 
It mirrors dumb despair, -
why worry what the world will do
... continued
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Once there was a little girl 
Who always wonder to herself 
If she was enough to love 
And be loved in return. 

She had a special mirror 
(some said that magical powers it held) 
In which she'll contemplate the beauty 
She thought was missinng 
A beauty made not for her. 

One day talked to the mirror 
Hoping it will answer back. 
She wasn't quite sure of what she was doing 
But she did it anyway. 

She said "Mirror mirror on the wall 
Who's the fairest of them all?" 
"well my dear" it replied "that's not you 
There are girls far more pretty than you" 

Something inside the little girl broke. 
Maybe it was her heart 
Maybe her illusion 
But since then she began to crack. 

A bit more hopeless she asked again 
"Mirror mirror on the wall 
Who's the skinniest of them all?" 
This time the mirror laughed 
"With all fat below the skin  
you still think you are the one?" 

Now the girl wanted to cry 
As the cracks began to open 
She was broken deep inside 
Her whole soul was torn apart. 

And at last she asked "Mirror mirror foul deceiver 
why was I the one to fall?" 
But instead of waiting for answer 
She hurl the mirror on the floor. 

Now both of them were broken.  
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... continued
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Hurt and pain. 
So much to learn. 
Love and peace 
More of the same. 
We smile and laugh 
Mostly pretend. 
We pine and cry 
We plead and try. 
Doubts and confusion 
Invade our thoughts. 
Laughter and joy 
Won't last that long. 
To be happy. 
To be sad. 
What's worth living by? 
Life's a lesson 
You should learn. 
And hard trials 
You should face. 
But remember 
Not everything's so bad. 
If you survive 
Maybe one day 
You can tell its tale.  
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A tear softly brushes the contour of my cheek. 
It burns my skin below. 
The grief that tear's carrying, 
It's way more that I can hold. 

In wearing black, 
So is the sky, 
So are they all, 
Since the moment you were gone, 
The colors faded away. 

I like to think, 
That now you're gone, 
To a better place your heading. 
Maybe a land of dreams and faith, 
Where you'll wait for me someday. 

But it's not only you, 
Who lays there in the ground, 
The minute you laid there, 
My heart sunk right to your side. 

No possible words can describe 
The way I feel inside, 
But if there's anything 
That could possibly fit the feeling 
It would be one petition. 

Wait for me, 
Someday I'll come, 
To see one more time, 
The brightness of your smile.  
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