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Some longer poems in order of publication: (89539) Close Call (89624) J F K (90434) Phil the Ninja Turtle (93281) Praise the Lord Jesus (94298) Little Occult Man (99986) About Time (103950) IHOF (123590) The Sparrow on the Dunghill (149441) The Unmasking (149464) Dreams? (152468) Granny Nanny (165318) A Man I Knew (180153) Beverages (181182) Home-schooling (181994) An Annihilatory Missal (182010) Turbo Bean Counters (182083) Some Boats (182106) Who Knew? (182155) Pirates of Purveyance (182190) For My Love (192970) A Visit from Mother (197569) The Dilemma (203063) Song Bird (237968) Ode to Virginia (Creeper) (254884) Dear Poet (266149) The Saddest Song (295571) A Playful Day Full ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aside from my dreams, life runs far short of wonders for tempting me, but there's a crocodile in my wood pile, pretending to be just a log. (Crocodile Dreams) Some of my other favorite poems: (Tycoons' Balloons) (Timeless) (Dreamscripts) (Fearless Youth) (When Poetry Dies) (Wrinkled Mind) (Seaglass Heart) (Word Hermits) (Standing True) (All I Needed...) (Prairie Schooners) (Captivated) (Sun Down) (My Friendly Caprines) (On The Train) (Can You Hear Me?) (Yellow Galaxies) (Oh My Heart!) (Flowing Like Honey) (A Message Scent) (Old Factory Dog) (Turtle Dove) (Subtle Moves) (The Shaving Glass) (To Die A Butterfly) (Birdsong) (What's Wrong With Love?) (Miracles Even) (Rain Maker) (Implications) (My Obituary) (Only Maybe?) (Her Love) (Made In U.S.A.) (Chimneys And Spires) (Getting To Work) (Flood Waters) (Close To Home) (Dear Kate) (A Mother's Love) (Loving Without Questions) (The Kissing Contest) (The Cop Ascetic) (All That Remains) (Chasing Zebras) (An Ancient Sport) (A Final Place) (Cupped Hands) (Without You) I used to share my poems only with you, but now I must share them only with the world, and sob. (Haiku) A poem stretching like a cat in the lap of endless luxury.

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About My Poem

I hear melodies in the winds 
and drumbeats in rain 
I need no other music 
... continued
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What is the rainbow?
A friendly message from God?
An angel's halo?
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I like your wording 
but there's a word here that's not really a word 
and in fact what I'm reading isn't even a poem 
so I think I'll just get up and go now, 
walk back over to my garden 
and hoem. 
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full of uniforms
and the bodies filling them
serial rank name
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Trumpets triumphant
The Son returns glorified
Cloaked in light's splendor
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I'm not big enough to love you 
so my comments sound uncouth 
I'm not old enough to know you 
please forgive my callow youth 

I'm not tall enough to see you 
above this hedge of trees 
I'm not small enough to help you 
find the answers on your knees 

I'm not wise enough to guide you 
on your travels down the road 
nor bold enough to hide you 
from the terrors fear has sowed 

But I know a simple carpenter 
who is everything I'm not 
and he can open doors for you 
the ones you've long forgot 
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dancing for my life
in a palace of dream air
history is dust
... continued
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on the gibbous moon
a woman good at crying
waters days with tears
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flies in the ointment
without freedom lies only
fancy slavery 
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enemies of truth
fighting on the losing side
believe they're winning
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