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It Hurt's to Love

Picture?type=square by Coy Day
It Hurt's to Love so I don't !
Judge not and I want .
Live each day do my will work
to fill my need this is my pill !
It Hurt's To Love Don't ask me Why ?
No Answer then I would have to lie !
So Let me be, then life goes on this is
not right or is it wrong .
It Hurt's To Love So I don't !
do Not force it not what I want .
Understand just let it be you are you let
me be me !
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It Hurt's to Love, by Coy Day 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Coy Day 5 months ago
Lux Daniels 5 months ago
heart wrenching poem; definitely will make you feel. last 2 lines reminds me of the James Bay song 'Let It Go'
Coy Day 5 months ago
thank you
Jimmy Lojewski 5 months ago
Very spiritual with your lifes insight
Coy Day 5 months ago
thank you
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