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Well Done

Picture?type=square by Coy Day
Well Done, time to accept .
Move on to the next step !
Been here way to long, time to
find a brand new home .
Well Done , won this fight, never fired
a shot, I say you are right .
I accept all the wrong, even thou I done
nothing you know !
Time to leave behind all, I believed, and
those I know .
Well Done, Remember Someone will come
alone , then you can deal with it on your on 1
You win, no more said, goodbye nothing else
to be said .
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Well Done, by Coy Day 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Andreas Simic 7 months ago
Move on to the next step! It seems like life a journey of many steps and this sounds like the next one will be one of those bigger ones. Nicely done.
Coy Day 7 months ago
thank you
Sonja Carnes 7 months ago
Coy Day 7 months ago
thank you
Kim Joseph Delani 7 months ago
When we do something, done it well.
Coy Day 7 months ago
thank you
Wynand de Beer 7 months ago
I feel this, this week.
Coy Day 7 months ago
thank you
Coy Day 7 months ago
for now
Hassen Gara 7 months ago
Good .Please review my Haiku http://poetry.com/poems/1756789-CREATIVITY.Thanks
Coy Day 7 months ago
thank you
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