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About Me and My Poetry

I am an engineer working in "Silicon valley", California. I am also an artist who enjoys painting and poetry. Sometimes but not often enough I might create a painting to reflect the theme of a particular poem. I also have a collection of art I created using a scanning electron microscope and some cross sections of micro circuits. I would say that most of my art has been created in the last 6 years. I needed an outlet for the anxiety I was feeling when I discovered I had been ripped off a tremendous amount of money from my so called friends. You will encounter my despair within some of my poems. .

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Has time sped up
Or is it my imagination
It seems like only yesterday
... continued
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Twinkle in Sam's eye
New generation deployed
WWIII is born
... continued
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The calm finally dispensed
After last night’s turbulence
Holding a firm stance
Not as the weak Subservient

It’s clearly transparent
This daily event
A pointed finger with ugly lies
A convenient way to vent

A time out is called
Not a moment too soon
Same old song
Sung with a different tune

The script never changes
Even the triggers are the same
Like a bad investment
Resulting in no gain

Tempers are quick
0 to 60 in 4
Insults dispatched with
The slamming of doors

As swift as it started
It ends just the same
No matter how innocent
I am to blame

Is it a game
To trip me up
Who is this fool
A tool to disrupt

There is no way out
As far as I can see
I’m stuck for the moment
How I long to be free

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I need my pain
It defines who I am
It doesn’t keep me from what I want
It helps me achieve what I can

It teaches me right from wrong
Not to repeat my mistakes
We learn from an early age
Passed down as a family trait

With all the tears that are shed
Comes an awakening through it all
That I should arise with wisdom
Preventing the next fall

With these trials and tribulations
We pass it along and share
To help our fellow man as needed
Showing that someone does care

In order to keep it
We must give it away
That one should survive tomorrow
And make it through today

So understand what holds you back
Learn and let it go
Don’t let anyone keep you down
There is no such word as no

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Evil has no boundaries
It comes in various faces
Once a victim, it’s too late
... continued
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Of all the places
I hate to be
By far the worst
... continued
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Inheritance is something
Our birth right awaits
The benefits of our family
... continued
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Sacred book of life
People dying to get in
Holy ghost writer
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History books depict for us
... continued
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