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About Me and My Poetry

I have said all I care to say to the world with my last entry, Don't Be Gay, Be Happy, which see, and for which I got the wow I wanted besides; along with the hexalog, Aber Du, O Mein Papa [including my comment About My Poem], You Are What You Fuck, Ah ain't seen nothin' yet, ach!, so.....?, What My Father, the MC, Said, and Dance With Stag, there is my crowning piece, The Song of My Heart [including the comment and reply About My Poem]. which see, and which was published in 2006 by the owners of poetry.com, The National Library of Poetry, in their anthology, Best Poets and Poems 2005, as the very first poem in that book, under my former name, re-styled by them as Poet Siwang. Almost posthumously, practically speaking, there is, A Wild Man's Dreams, and most importantly, Mannkey's Happy Dream, which see. Jenseits, den Beiden. Free and easy now. So, now I let fly, and I don't care if I talk rubbish any more. My father, the MC, said about me: "He knows nothing!" My father, the MC, also said about me: "He talks all sorts of rots!" So, the caveat is on you. But, like as not, it's going to be the same old trite Mannkeydudledum; you have your Yankeedudledum, and Honkydudledum, even Flintstone says, "Yabbadabbadabbadu",!, so Mannkeydudledum should not be all that strange to you. Cheers!

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About My Poem

Proceeding apace, immer noch besser

The latest hits:
Non habemus papam?, terminem?
"Made to be broken"
-- [Magnum]
It ain't broke?, yet?
"Live free"
"Be On Time!"
On time
"Chinese tourists arrested for Nazi/Hitler salutes in Germany"
"a story in each moment, of course..."
"The story in this moment, -- Don't make me miss the moment, Du, Jenseits..."
So, wake up your call!

Mies on p"aiv"a"a
Ei vanhanainisesti
De wu ben zi
Anthropos Andros,?
Dhen ine, okhi !
Why no YY male?
No man in town!
Why no YY male?

was immer noch auch so

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Proceeding apace, heading for MMII,...

CII, and all
... continued
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Paint the town black

... continued
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And merry little England shall never know
Happiness the English end
[Mannkey bon mot]

I might allow myself to trust an Englishman
But, never a Brit!
What's British English?
What kind of a garbunkel is that!?
Pray tell...
The Celts up to it again, igen...?

Yet this William has German blood in him
And that William ere he not
Yet this William has German blood in him, mind you
William the Wimp

Secunda heisst deutsch

The Throne of Scone doch schon to Scotland returne'd, how's she going to do her business?

Honi soit qui mal y pense
Dieu et mon droit, aussi

Secunda, have you no tract with empirics, really?
The Japanese imperialty just marches on

Ulaan Baatart suusaar "on"o"od"or tawan d^zil bold^z baina,
TAWAN, Pfui!
Mongolian for
He has been living for five years in Ulan Bator
In Ulan Bator he lives today five years will be
Allegorically taken to mean:
People spend two years in kindergarten,
Five years, and he's still there!
Send grandfather to see what's wrong,
And if need be, burn the place down!
Brenn' an!, Valhaalla!
The Mongolians the grandfathers of the Universe
The younger brother, Dom, Grandfather Tide
Yours most untruly here, Grandfather Time
"Time and tide wait for no man, but Adrian and Dom"

Skal det bli en v"orn/oyelse f"or Dem til aa vise meg hva aa gj/ore naa i time, aa time?
Mennene er ferdig f"or v"orn/oyelse

Bryy Dem ikke om det, min venn
Jeg er kongen

"if you would have knowledge,
first study Man."
[Leonardo da Vinci?]
Arse bilong Gott i bilong olgeda samting
Arse bilong Mann i bilong mistri bilong Ol Life
PNG, Papua-New Guinea, pidgin, meaning
God is the fundament of the whole of all things
Man is the fundament of the mystery of All Life

, wie, komm, man, dann, auf, Mann, aus, Mannes, Zucht,?,

"What's there in the Royal Navy, but sun, sea...
and sodomy?"
[Winston Churchill]
Das heisst Manneszucht, was?

"Sachs, wo bist du?"
[Wagner, 'Die Meistersinger', 'The Mastersingers']

"Etwas stinkt in Daenemark" noch
"Something stinks in Denmark" still
[Shakespeare, 'Hamlet', ad lib.]

Why no YY male,
in Man,
in this world,
[Pertinency of the here and now]

Where, is, YY-chromosomal, Man?
C'raad dooinney?
, as dolphins ask in Manx

Get back to the hardtack reality out in this little world, no less!
Do be pertinent, won't you, little fellow, one and all?, --
Why no YY male?
No man in town!
Why no YY male?

Who knows what even better yet!?
It's all up to Jenseits, really
So, no matter
All in good order, all in good time
Can't miss!

To brighter shores and healthier climes
All THE way
Immer noch besser, den ganzen Weg
Can't miss

No use still?
Boh taichi boh taichi-eh baluk liao
No use still?
What can I do?
I do my little bit, that's all,
same as everybody, I suppose
Can't miss

I continue to enjoy my happy dream as long as I can,
given half a chance
My happy dream is my happy dream is happy
is my own private business remains private
Can't miss
Enjoying my happy dream, that's all...

I want KLAR
W e g
Mmpak k'~uah-tiok-eh liao
So komm, so komm
So komm nicht, so komm nicht
So komm, so komm
Can't miss

J e n s e i t s

Can't miss

Alles in zwoelf Sagen, Favorite Slogans and Utterings:
Delenda est Carthago
Manpower for manholes!
Viva homo!
Viva vires!
in conflagrante delicto!
Non e' !

ach, so

was immer noch auch so
... continued
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Do you want to know your genotype?
The Manx Inquisition might be interested in you
The Manx Inquisition, my pet project
... continued
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... continued
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Get back to the hardtack reality out in this little world, no less!
Do be pertinent, won't you, little fellow, one and all?, --
Why no YY male?
... continued
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Paint the town black
"Good guys wear black"
So, of course, that's a good idea
... continued
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African saying:
"The rock drops on the egg,
The egg breaks.
... continued
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I dreamt I dreamt in my dream
I was enjoying my nightmare
My holiday from my senses
... continued
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