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About Me and My Poetry

I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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this warm breeze is so fine settles
within me like a glass of red wine
arousing my pallet lifting my spirit
soaring across the wide open grandeur

I want more as my nose except this
vintage aroma tickling me sending chills
down my spine to the nape of my back
awakening my senses to young grapes

asian pears a hint of cedar a fine plum
lingers about my tongue adding a rather
calming smooth texture tampering with
my taste buds a playful tad of citrus holding

nothing back making me blush chocolate
gives this one a bold finish a fruity rush
my blonde hairs stand erect along my shoulders
reflecting the sun softly dancing between this
tangible subtle untimely crisp noon time breeze

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after becoming brain injured my husband
and his violent offender mistresses began
a severe form of domestic abuse he would
... continued
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As i awakened from a coma dazed i couldn't tie my shoe or hold a fork crying was laughing and vice verse the most cruelest intentions occured my husband gathered a group of mistresses taking funds from my account traumatic brain injury funds to care for a disabled wife i heard the women cackle with demands on the telly they were very vicious two were recently released repeat violent offenders he accommodated them as i lay bleeding i confronted him about it he threw a large stone barely hitting my head he hit my shoulder knocking me down he told my children it was accident my son said but you hit her in the back dad i was so afraid distraught i packed my entire townhome up and headed north believing i was getting away from these terrorist in skirts totally blackmailing him big mistake i landed right where these women were from Wisconsin female prison i thought I'd be safe since i wore wires pregnant for the fbi supervisor of Milwaukee after witnessing a murder meant for me i didn't realize how brain injury affects me i settled in new life when he began creeping out meeting these violent offenders females his Mexican offender began stalking me threatening calls my husbands with her i confronted him he flew enraged punching holes in the walls slams my daughter's head into a wooden door throwing large items busting walls children screaming as he rushes me i reach for the phone he takes my arm and began breaking it two sons holding my arm one way to prevent the actual crack he then punches my disabled brain injured son with his fist in the back of his head he falls to the floor my arm pop my daughter screams my son managed to call the police he was arrested released he moves in with this Mexican violent offender she was furious he wanted his family back i refused to ever return he finally stopped seeing her but she blamed me her violent rage threats towards my children and i continued my husband finally told her it was over to leave his family alone she began making false report about my honor student false reports to police my kids alone while i attended the murder trial they came startled the kids to find my 17 year old son honor student taking college classes since the 6th grade she then poured gasoline under my door mixed with syrup my catholic church family assisted me in getting safe i feared my safety and my children i never returned to the abuse to this day his violent offender was released again stalking searching for my children and i domestic violence from hell

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There will be stars
shining so brightly
warm breezes beneath
... continued
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the fascinating hills of rome
my great grandfather building

statues roads stone buildings
with his bare hands named after

Mason Italy through the valley down
the canals of Vicenza my great

grandmother named me Nona
which means grandmother

in Italian dazzling the floral gardens
that covered the stonery my heritage

the name Mason means stone builder
in Italian it also means stone worker

our heritage culture before arriving
America mi Nona She Knows

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Aroused by chemistry

Hints of us dazzling

about the mystical

beacons rays the sun

has left behind cradled

to the blunt offerings

of brilliant moon dusk

borrowed from tomorrow

crystalizing sandy shores

lifting the sea sinking

the tides revealing

Heaven on earth daily

a quiet calmness explored

why do we then crave

a future unseen unfelt

at risk of missing totally

out on the beauty of today


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this dramatic verse explains the Christmas eve curse
it was that Christmas eve I lay broken in chronic pain
todays missal St John Paul 11 final Christmas eve mass
my husband burst in the door after creeping with you

no sugar plums or turkey just a fist full of pain slamming
his daughters head right through a wooden door
punching my son in the back of the head down to the floor
he had a previous head injury already he was trying to stop his dad

from breaking my arm you see although your terror against me
was decades ago my husband confessed his sin only too late
you see I'd already taken Jesus Christ as my new and only mate
I wonder your rage envy anger slander vicious attacks toward me

why he has since moved on you loaded him with lust slander
and violence to attack his own family I forgave him long ago
after wondering what could make him turn so violent on his knees
he explained we were new in town I had no friends a disabled family

I couldn't take care of myself he vowed to honor sickness and health
I suffered severe traumatic brain injury blindness my husband shattered
into tears saying you were just released again from prison he'd been
meeting you late night he apologized after he was released from jail

he did moved right in with you I stayed within my faith never to return
to such a violent man living with his convicted violent mistress
I thank god for my catholic church domestic violence outreach
the brain injury foundation for helping me remain safe

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stop threatening me honey I gave you my husband Christmas eve

that Christmas eve I lay broken and blungeoned his rage exploded

after he returned home from creeping with you he smelled of pico degio booze

spit and slob it was Christmas eve i'm so glad this day has passed as I lay ill reading the

todays missal st john paul 11 final Christmas eve mass my husband

storms in a fist full of painful gifts for his family pushing his daughter head first in door

breaking my arm punching my brain damaged son head first to the floor

throwing large items busting the walls controlled answering the devils calls

a bewitching lustful spell to kill his own family something worse than amittyville

horror or hell I was new in town I had no friends the police arrived hauled him away

oh and honey you can have him back to your bed is where he'd stay

your anger with me slander stalking home invasions after all this abuse after all this madness

you loaded him to attack his own family he still left your sticking bed for a man in a dress

move on dear that was nearly two decades ago I can't believe your rage envy hatred still thrives for my ex husband is transgendered now I forgave him long ago I was brain injured blind I'm at peace you are truly dangerous very vicious and very violent offender
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You know gargano you are indeed hilarious although i don't know which is more funnier than you hiring my ex husbands to torch building watching nine people perish in your fires of hell me living in fear being abused beaten for mentioning words like barbecue smoke or flames the broken bones or the blood stains i left in the fbi cars after they connected wires to my unborn child to keep investigating your corruptions tear jerker keep you on your seat box office entertainment organized crime or the real divine comedy Dantes inferno your providing them with hookers booze and drugs it wouldn't be a great show if i left out the car bomb you exploded in my face leaving me brain damaged in a coma forgetting how to pee or tie my shoe I was the quote unquote retard must have ran out for popcorn when i was awarded demand payout traumatic brain injury you and my husband feeding strippers chicken fingers from my healthcare remember that but nothing could amaze me more since wise guys pimps don't get pension stay focused on governor Blagojevich pay to play you hire corrupt bullies to grant early release for your violent offenders and hooker to threaten me while feeding you jello and changing your bed pan leaving you in your geriatric degenerate state you are still a freak of nature a flesh peddling murderer i don't care who you bed or wed from A to Z my only concern is your extorting my lively hood my traumatic brain injury claim to fund your retirement for you and a fleet of non profit hookers under a tax exempt code for a brain injury disabled woman outside Disney shame on you don't you ever threaten me again by the way who loves me baby

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Jihadist jane johnson i will never forget your eyes of hatred of me 2003 your assignment was to extort my American poetry from a desk at the state building you and my killer what could be more perfect union in order to harm a disabled writer a poet your terror amazes me you began climbing in my window for gargano a second class supremist with issues with setting african American elderly disabled beings on fire for sport over property insurance but mostly a inherited pent up need to end human lives of quite thee darker notion of mankind the FBI pampered him for a while due to all the corrupt leaders on his payroll he replaced burning crosses with corrupt judges traded in lynching hanging ropes with corrupt prosecutors discontinued whips for dirty cops and prison guards a hidden persecution modern day slavery acted out within our beautiful justice system this criminal master mind organized lynching dragging innocent prey to be taunted stalked framed intimidated slandered falsely accused false imprisonment executed for crimes he and his radicals were commiting quite frankly unless they refused to throw out his weapons drugs and murders cases he would throw tantrums like a three year old forcing the judges with hand gestures like 2 years instead of 10 or 7 years instead of 25 to life orchestrating justice with trickery a carnival he would then send his supreme radicals to hit federal judges the one's unwilling to take bribes he hires you at the state building to impersonate me and gain royalties from my poetry complete terror sheer panic emotional mental cruelty dramatically intensed the leader of the civic organization of better government the news paper read with ties to mafia perhaps he felt he could grab any brown thing at anytime to end my life and gain royalties from my death the difference between night a day is that night shall aways crawl back under day exposing domestic idiotic propaganda used to dismantle the constitution of the United States of America
he has taken his domestic acts of terror abroad as well what would become of a monster allowed to commit mass arson murders acceptance tolerance resistance of this sheer malice perhaps somewhere in the back of your hamster mind dwells flares of accountable arrogance which should allow even the most unadaptable human being to feel some sense of compassion for other human lives common remorse moreover show some sign of morality in these dreadful situation where righteous over reasoning abound the moral fabric of what it means to be American serving helping giving caring by simply protecting Liberty from all terrorist foreign and domestic back off R 76094 68 maul meade dirty bomber

... continued
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