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I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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I am a revolutionary sounded inside my tiny ears
as I was abruptly removed from first grade class
it was very hazy day in Chicago officer friendly had
just visited our class room the topic drugs violent
I remember feeling overwhelmed with a calming fear
I was taken to a black sedan parked sirens roared
four armed me including the driver you're baby doll
we pulled up to a church honestly it felt like a funeral
give me your coat baby I was taken to a very long cellar
breakfast was being served the men were having

a speakeasy the topic was jay edgar hoovers government
plot to flood the African American community with
very cheap affordable narcotics drugs predicting
thee vast extinction of afro American targeting women
and children my tiny ears absorbing such devastation
right after martin was killed what was to follow by 1984
African Americans would be no more pamphets what
to do if you've been poisoned or if some one you love
was over dosing my little mind had great love earnest
love for the people meaning all people my family were

very excited my 1st grade class was invited to go to
Abrahams Lincolns home to sing Marian Andersons
hymns a non violent peaceful quiet calming protest
by presence and song I sang so loud for peace equality
perhaps it was right then I was being selected chosen
if you will to wear wires pregnant for the fbi bring down
giant drug dealers dirty cops selling drugs to pregnant
women unshakable fate the fbi told me I had no choice
otherwise my kids would be murdered by an arsonist a
very violent mass arson murderer torches Afro Americans

alive living in his slumming buildings doing odd jobs working
in his auto shops the Chicago fbi warned me my husband had been
hired to light the blaze for this arsonist of course I was afraid
all those things but in the back of my mind giving back
some how saving lives preventing the extinction of thee
afro American communities buy busting the dealers simply
going after the corruption corrupt officers in 1969 they were
called the pigs was I selected by the fbi in 1st grade was I
to be assassinated like Fred Hampton I wore the wires on
my pregnant body years past I contacted the fbi unaware

my identity was now exposed an assassin terrorist group
female violent offenders pointing glocks at my children
and I by gods grace the gun man was killed 8-14-2003
1211 saint royal place the numbers clear are Fred Hamptons
birthday signature assassins in America the fbi did arrive
special agent paula brand demanding I allow a violent
offenders corrupt officers nieces car bomber to impersonate
me truly exposing my mother to terrorist aiding these killers
in slowly becoming me in order to clone my identity to erase
the scars erase the damages done from fbi agents wiring

my womb this led to a car bomb exploding my skull fbi
aiding thee embezzlement of my personal injury claim
funding terror violence in America and abroad fate my
death was plotted in first grade personal threats on my life
by Paula Brand gang taskforce this is your last chance
shut up Catrina bell is you Jay Townsend Johnson is you
my favorite you're dead the Chicago fbi was trying to erase
me from that peaceful civil rights protest in song march 1969
by replacing me with my attackers who read parts of my hand
written autobiography which is why I contacted the fbi my life

threatened home invasions passports id's immunizations of my
children stolen my assassin was killed at my feet devastated yes
completely devastated persons of power could actually plot
to murder informants an their children I'm deeply saddened
by this severe act of conscious injustice i risked my life i was
injured i became very ill as a result of wearing wires on my womb
keeping this secret from family friends co workers holding this
horrid act against a fetus it shattered me hiding pain grief fear
self medicating until i finally emotionally mentally spiritually
snapped into however today I shall embrace love my love
for the people remembering Fred Hampton born 8-30-1948
shot 99 times 12-4-1969 by the fbi corrupt officers as he lay
sleep with his pregnant wife I was selected to die on that hazy
day by fbi agents taking bribes payoffs from an arson murderer
I am just me my eye's are on the sparrow I am somebody
I am a revolutionary

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I imagine my fate you've come a long way baby
Virginia slims cola a cola signs white only days

today we embrace a man entering the men's room
walking out a woman throwing the dice a lady enters

the ladies room standing up to take a wiz where are we
in America still fascinatingly afraid fearful of little brown me

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I shall lay here very still today not uttering a sound
as martin turns the other cheek just to have the other
cheek blown out why I shant fret kneeling at lincolns
... continued
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I will not die turning thee other cheek like Martin
just to have the other cheek blown off I will not
promise betterment beautiful people like Malcolm X
while my children watch my heart be blown from my

chest no I refuse to be slaughtered like Medger Evers
in his front yard simply because he loved all people
I will not die waving like Bobby and John Kennedy
nor wait on corrupt bullies slandering kicking in my

door pounding hundreds of bullet holes into my mattress
like Fred Hampton because my heart is greater than Spain
because my children were a litter of lab rats monitored
in a maze framed controlled brutalized I am a revolutionary

I am a mother sister daughter auntie friend fooled by
federal agents to wear wires on my unborn children
because I believed I was saving lives never knowing
I was just a pregnant lab rat forced to test powerful drugs

from all over the world pregnant or die to cover a mass
arsonist murder of 9 corrupt special agent Paula Brand
exposed me to be murdered by killers dealers who after
doing 20 years showed me more kindness than this

federal agent I wondered why she needed me aborted
I was her great sin the pregnant mother self medicating starving
homeless she wrapped wires around my womb she never
expected me to survive how the hell did she survive my faith

was sufficient enough I see the threats hear the hisses
I served I survived my remains will be returned to Chicago
not by the hands of crime corruption get your filthy hands
off me you stinking goat breach treasonist do not touch her

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after registering my daughter and grand daughter
into the hospital I couldn't stay I felt they were safe
I had an 8 and a 10 year old child plus my 17 year
honor student who needed to take a flight back to
school in tampa his life was being threatened by gangs

because every half an hour his face appeared on say no
to guns and gangs with the local cable station one would
think it up lifting I assure it wasn't the video featured gun
violence in a positive note at the end r kelly's song played
I believe I could fly I truly believed I was giving back to

the community saving lives secretly working with the
gang taskforce reporting gang members threatening
my children forcing teenagers to commit crimes corruption
didn't want gangs to stop the violence they began exposing
us to the gangs led by special agent paula brand Chicago

field office gang task force she needed me dead aborted
because she installed wires to my unborn children while
I bought drugs from gang leaders peachy right I get a call
my daughter 17 gang members enters the hospital midnight
i'm at home with three kids apearently they were visiting

their newest member who just woke up from an initiated coma
giving him a higher position in the gangster disciples you see
I wouldn't be caught dead in a crowd of gang members knowing
dam well I was an informant for Chicago fbi gang task force
you know what Paula I believe I could fly you can't scare me

with the stinking mafia or gang leaders what I know is you are
personally responsible for the rise in children being slaughtered
by gang gun violence in Chicago because you use informants
when you're done you expose their children to gangs to be
murdered you are scum now be useful call Rahm wake him up
let him know to be expecting me i'm coming back home for
a very special write me in please for another sit down

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Save lives stop sending threats hate messages on license plates i do not care who you bed or wed your corruption persons of power housing your hookers jay Townsend asumandez soltero jameila bell catrina bell extorting my traumatic brain injury claim to pay for attacks in America pray for Virginia god bless America Nazi ciro the only power you have is to recharge my vibrator connected to your life support creep carry on continue tipping special agent paula brand aka installing wires on my unborn child from the Chicago field office exposing fbi informants to gang members violent offenders torturing disabled inmates inside the prison system early released to cause murder on the streets

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What I'm saying is I'm unafraid of Hitler's threats on license plates in America jihadist jay Townsend Johnson extorting my passports to Germany i am very disturbed at how man persons of power send out hate threats texts on license plates
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Yes i noticed your swastika yes heard the shot yes i felt the pain embraced the gases oh yes i remember your broad stand hand out reached blocking the sun the terror the horror all of it in the name of Adolf Hitler a man who hummed to his dying mother imagine a man of hatred pure hatred providing mercy and love to his dying mother perhaps every man should see his mothers eyes in every human being perhaps love could cure hatred after all

Love Mom
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I love the way you love me even
after given birth I believe 8 times
how you desired me kneading
my body I love the way you love me
like when breast cancer appeared
burning my skin taking patches
from my hair there you were with

flowers carrying me from the bed
to my favorite chair oh how we beat
cancers *ss didn't we you never folded
hair grew as I gained weight from taking
so many anti depressants nearly having
a heart attack you grabbed my hands looked

me square in the face and said you could lose
this weight honey you walked with me swam
with me danced with me changing both our
eating habits growing my own food you know
I couldn't believe I went from a size 14 to a
size four even though i'd rather be a size six

at any rate I feel good again wow you sweetness
you are amazing to me even if your hair is now
bald as an eagle whiskers that irritate the dickens
out of me your cuddly belly hanging a bit over
your levi's your age completes us being almost
twenty years my senior what is age I adore you
our love is new our love is still younger than spring

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I set out leaving my 11 o'clock mass suddenly being approached by a distinguished looking gentleman parked at the stop sign he glances at me from underneath his sun glasses he nodded hello i quickly turned my head pretending not to notice his 1938 model Ford he'd obvious cared for this vehicle more than any human as i headed north turning onto first street greeted by a very old mustang copper pipes dual exhaust making me quite dizzy i noticed his hazard lights were blinking he winks i wave turning on second street passing the book store lincoln town car puts on it's breaks right in front of me suicide kissing doors dazed i was as he kelp his left hand out the window exposing a rare pinkie ring in cased with at least 30 karats reflecting the sun rays he smiles i smiled back continuing through a court way building the breeze lifted my silk dress arousing the guy in line wearing a flawless black diamond sprinkled with chocolate diamond chips he orders two collezione and a black coffee from the french bakery i ordered one lemon blueberry skoan he clears his throat a very dry but chipper hi there emerged from his ruby lips no wedding ring though i turn admiring this grand mural he follows me through the pastel aroma filled tunnel into the gazebo diagonal from the Japanese restaurant i sit down ordering raspberry tea a veggi sushi loaf he scratches his head sending some sort of cue card to the unsuspecting man sitting reading the news paper he smiles stands fold his paper under his arm an admiral nod gesturing he's leaving my eye's follow him as he opens the left side of a classic white Cadillac sedan deville holding the door open for the Sunday driver he rushes away stopping at my table asking me for date today tomorrow soon we exhange numbers they drive off down Hendry street waving my number out of the window bellowing she's a classic she's priceless

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