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in god we trust

it's been since 1984 the gathering gargano torching
buildings to open his grand whore house catering to
the entire city of corrupt city officials he would expand
after the ashes of 9 elderly people were removed 2003
the contractors begin permits liquor licenses the judges
of *ss*s prostitutes gathered sandy dina sicily lisa nina

Stacey gargano catrina bell car bomber jameila jay
townsend Johnson toni henry townsend Tessa hicks
essence goldie ethal gold Jackson gray drug transporter
Talisa shaw bank of America fraud kim amber patricia
wells and fargo embezzler alicia Danielle drug transporter
asumanduz soltero incarcerated female violent offenders

pimps Vernon king Minnesota my ex husband from Milwaukee
was in hog heaven he was the stud he got to impregnate
the younger ones and an agent traveling from mexico Jamaica
to Canada stopping in tampa awaiting gotti's paid extended
acquittal for past and future murders while the fbi watched
the forplay through hidden cams inside smoke detectors

light fixtures and florescent lamps a few female agents
joined in the orgy they were suppose to be investigating
until big brother London peter gargano begin helping the
dealers to launder the whorehouse into tampa united states
building fraud foreclosure and the florida bar states attorney
mark obers office during a murder trial a murder meant for me

this is where jay townsend sat extorting my American poetry
for ciro gargano to gain royalties he actually sent these freaks
into my home to rip parts of my diary about the arson murders
about the dynamite during an election swept under a musty
rug for awhile hidden under Illinois lottery washing up on the
florida lottery panel where peter gargano laundered an entire

city of crime drugs weapons sale prostitution until garganos
arrest as I begin wear wires pregnant for the fbi turns out they
only needed me silenced gargano emerged regrouping crime
new project p*rn strippers tampa with john gotti jr. I reported
this stench reeking from my ex husbands that's when gargano
actually ignited an ied in my face nearly killing me feeding fbi

agents sex for lunch so I would have to vote nae again
commissioner on these filthy building permits up coming
properties condos and towers he's blown up the Sarasota
dea building to retrieve drugs cash now that he's invested
my ongoing traumatic brain injury claim millions paid into
towers court houses concealing his prostitution ring in court

houses fraudulent law degrees for p*rn stars strippers night
crawlers why how absurd housing the great whores of Babylon
in god we trust lady liberty in all honest I expect a court house
to blow in the very near future as delinquent property taxes in
Wisconsin continue to lapse because after jay townsend cashed
the last installed of 48 thousand dollars 46 thousand dollars 49

thousand dollars there at no more funds available to be extorted
from my insurance claim allstate airbag brain injury ford motor
company igou steven woody law firm Orlando viles and ellis
fort myers morgan Collins and gilbert law fort myers kennedy
law tampa Shumway law ciro gargano you are scum these
women are lint from the bottom of your skanky fruit of the looms

the lake of fire
don't ever threaten my life again with your bottom feeders sea
urchins of the bowels of lucifer in case of emergency break glass
don't use the elevators lay on your bellies and slide down the stairs
because there will be another blast inside one of his court houses
he owns continue downward using elbows knees do not open hall
way doors toxic fumes are placed under the doors trapping hot fire in

make no mistake i'm in good hands
because my hands belong to jesus christ

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Iolanda Mason Italy 3 months ago
retched beast
in god we trust , by Iolanda Mason Italy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Nona Vicentino 3 months ago
excellent write
Iolanda Mason Italy 3 months ago
thank you
ingrid heimbach 3 months ago
Iolanda Mason Italy 30 days ago
Thank you
Iolanda Mason Italy 3 months ago
who continue perishing in garganos fires of hell
Iolanda Mason Italy 30 days ago
Sonja Carnes 3 months ago
Excellent write, intense reading, painful, but awareness is needed, reality is in the mix.

Iolanda Mason Italy 30 days ago
thank you
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