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I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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I could never fear threats from corrupt leaders horrid criminal practices helping mass arsonist cover up torching 9 elderly veterans alive instructing me my children lives were in danger finally connecting wires to my unborn child sitting in cars parked with earpieces with my four children in the back seat what's to fear you never really wanted justice you never wanted to bring these dealers to justice you only used me to cover it all up you used me in order to lead you to the dealers counting millions of dollars in fort myers Florida palm beach blvd. pioneer realty Peter Gargano to be laundered by the garganos gambino inc.protecting only pimps hookers dealers and killers not women and children not American families what a joke parked watching Gargano igniting a car bomb exploding my skull embezzling extorting racketeering the claim with your convenient untaxed uncirculated dollars you then sat by wearing ear pieces infiltrating my spouse with sex honey traps with corrupt female agents wearing filthy thongs blackmailing him with hideous threats of informing me of his infidelity in which i firmly reported his ties plans to kill me over this twisted 30 year operation you knew full well all the dealers busted convicted as a result of my wearing wires pregnant worked for ciro gargano thee arsonist mass murderer serial killer therefore you knew full well he would murder me in cold blood while your fbi corruption feast with my husband over sex and dirty drug monies in Milwaukee tell me special agent what make you any different than Robert Fitzpatrick lap dog for Whitey Bulger one would believe Gargano the pimp flesh peddler has landed the fbi as his grandest whore you a Milwaukee supervisor aiding his drug dealers launder filthy monies and drugs ironically by using imposters impersonating me cashing insurance checks in my name investing in properties Illinois Georgia Wisconsin Florida Cleveland how corruption trickles down pay to play corruption delinquent unpaid property taxes now tax payers are bached down paying the price for your injustice with paying higher property taxes lake shore drive is just peachy this time a year until hell freezes right over that is

Hospitality Book Keeper of Alfonso Capone
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I am so grateful for the central intelligence agents stationed at mcgraw kaserne munich germany how important a mission teaching assignments how to survive being captured by terrorist how to survive being poisoned i never dreamed i'd need this training not in America not until after wearing wires pregnant for the fbi buying weapons and drugs from corrupt officers not until i was given only two options allow dirty cops plant a gym bag full of drugs tainted with rat poison in my home or take the bait and die i was now forced lured to leave my home and allow corrupt officers to administer poison into my body how i answered the call a violent offender asumandez soltero sleeping with my ex under catrina bell ciro gargano regime to murder me an informant the perfect death for a rat i befriended this violent offender allowing her to believe i was this under cover junkie the only way to face my killers as i lay paralyze asumandez stole pages to return to trina and gargano obsessed with my poetry titles my little black dress the sunday driver the dawn several others dedicated to Reggie white confidential letters from nasa radiology extremists embezzling my brain injury claim to pay off fund ongoing police corruption i cannot say I'm sorry nor do i regret how filthy of a job this really was going deep under cover to save my children and finally face me killers corrupt officers nieces extorting my lively hood

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Let me love you let me hold you
beneath the weeping willow tree
allow me to comfort you care for you
shower you with joyful timings let me
address all your needs while you
capture my inner most peace
removing my garments wrapping
me in fine silks of teal fabrics
harbouring sensual naught remove
tainted bliss let me inside let me
tour your body guide me across
every secret passage way leading
to your heart open my soul enter
into my domain revealing our frontier
exposing our magnificent glow
brighten my day dancing your way
you light up my life is all i will say

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late night is where the time is so right
as it is late night for there's no fright
only shadows that caress you a soft bite
... continued
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what is the difference between
panic disorder verse just a panic attack
well anyone could have a panic attack
being surprised with sad news a death
however with panic disorder this persons
actually has multiple severe panic attacks
a day many triggers being exposed to or
just reminded of traumatic events with panic
disorder it damages the muscles surrounding
your heart causing irregular heartbeats bruising
the muscles and actual rib cage very painful
depressive disorder is the worse nothing
snaps you out of crying episodes all day
nothing except being sedated sleeping
through the depressive disorder
PTSD which could be different for everyone
different personalities many triggers as well
a taste or a smell loud sound a familiar face
a dream night terrors or day terrors with day
terrors it could be on a bus a crowded place
grocery store most people fear they will have an
attack in public they hardly leave the house it take
years of therapy medications a network of loyal care
givers some may never get to this point first it is
embarrassing a vague look on your face like you
are about to explode or see an explosion hands
sweating heart racing pulse rapid it resembled
a heart attack panting occurs your chest in tight
you cannot breathe only it's not just a panic attack
confusion feeling of fainting delusion unfamiliar
surroundings even if you've been there before breathe
friends becomes strangers as you isolate yourself
within your own mind where you are safe again

anxiety disorder one would think okay let's get real
nervous about a new job new baby walking to the
subway on a dark night well unfortunately with
anxiety disorder several times during the day or
night this overwhelming feeling of doom the elevator
is going to get stuck the car is going to crash or maybe
you will be hit crossing the street accidental drowning
in the bath tub the baby is not breathing this can be very
exhausting very painful again immediate sedation rushed
to the hospital dark room where no harm could enter

traumatic brain injury I find it more difficult because
no matter how old you are you are now emotionally childlike no one
takes you seriously primary colors become important pieces
of your recovery as you relearn to walk crawl even pee holding
a fork or even to breathe as your brain forgets just how to tell
your lungs to take a breath sleep apnea wow narcolepsy
uncontrollable falling a sleep in the day time between 8 to 10
minute naps all throughout the day so when night fall you
actually dream awake talking in your sleep walking in your sleep
having long conversations in your sleep as if you were hypnotized
many times being asked questions but not being able to answer
for 3 to 4 weeks later puzzling for others but a reality for TBI
finally stumbling when you walk you feel awkward people
stare like you're drunk vertigo severe dizziness this could be very
dangerous when climbing stairs of just waking up in the morning
this resulted in my falling down the stairs fracturing my hip and pelvis
also waking up standing up too fast bang hitting my head against
a wall and floor it is important to keep a journal for yourself or for care givers
remembering everything is brand new it's okay adjust to your
changing brain breathe countless hours in a dark room away from sound
away from light sedated severe chronic blinding headaches nothing could
stop it not even the strongest narcotic which usually causes
an allergic reaction traumatic brain injury there is no cure searching
ways to comfort me 9 injection into the head optic nerve numbing pain

... continued
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I cannot say to you my life as an informant was joyous
I will not say to you there aren't any scars thee invisible
damage why I don't believe you could ever conceive
... continued
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I am awakened with night terrors still hearing
my unborn child heart beating reliving wearing
wires pregnant for the FBI buying weapons drugs
... continued
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I Inhabited scornful pleas for my life desperation as you
taunted teased stalked me after i entered Montel Williams
poetry contest sponsoring ms. survivors you became rather
... continued
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perhaps I had profoundly a certain melancholy
manner about myself craving a stern need to be
rescued when I reported this dreaded wretchedness

to the federal bureau of investigations awaiting patiently
death by my husband his dealings with the arsonist thee
mere drug transporters on thee island stealing my identity

altering mein passports several attempts on my life my
children scattered as thee dirty bomb ignited my skull
something out of Kuwait anniversary of the munich

massacre as I lay broken macerated flesh hanging from
from my face my eyeball on my melted cheek I was murdered
by all the dealers convicted as a result of my wearing wires

pregnant for the fbi corrupt agents infiltrating my spouse
over sex smoking pot a rush of fire the smell of burning
flesh 9 bodies in all crackling like pork skin sizzling as with

bacon a faint aroma awakening my senses like hinchen
burnt wood and chicken being served to corrupt political
leaders covering mass murder my husband guilty as sin

gloating about being gargano's new boss at this closing
agents cackling the boss of this criminal empire of murder
that needed my death terror began embezzling extorting

treason espionage intimidation terrorist threats taunting
tainted trust infidelity domestic terrorist domestic abuse
bullying threatening stalking investing racketeering death

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the reason for the treason
perhaps a lessor god more profound
move within the halls of the Milwaukee
federal bureau of investigations corrupt
female agents caught on film having sex
with my husband the mafia delivering me

the tape of the goring details blackmailing
him over twins conceived while serving brats
to agents in a yellow thongs vacationing in fl.
the ramada inn across from bank of America
awaiting me to deposit 24 thousand dollars

demand payout from my injuries while her feet
moved swiftly deposits a 49 thousand dollars voided
check into ciro garganos alias account charles odell
fascinating withdrawing the check depositing into mine
only 5 minutes withdrawing in Georgia 10 minutes to

wire fraud the same check into a wells and fargo bank
in Minnesota 5 more minutes transferring the funds
opening a chase account in Milwaukee fbi paying off
drug transporters then flea to Canada 4 days while
the check clears flight to austraila stirring up strife

threats of carbon monoxide poisoning finally cashing
out embezzling my traumatic brain injury claim laundering
a 30 year drug operation from a few pieces of the ledger
of ciro gargano and larry hayes reunited over drugs
p*rn on an island stashing salems lot a Wisconsin wiccan
plot the lion purs at my feet the bear fondles me to sleep

Talisa Shaw bank of America tampa
ciro gargano aka Charles odell
blackmailing my husband
bank of America fort myers
jay townsend Johnson
toni townsend gargano used car insurance co.

Vernon king Georgia
Patricia Patterson Appleton Minnesota Wells of Fargo
trina bell jameila bell
... continued
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