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I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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fbi memo 2003 open this i reported my husband
his ties to ciro gargano he was being blackmailed
by ciro thee arsonist strippers p*rn drugs used cars
desperately fearing for my life Milwaukee fbi arrived
sending their best female agents naked wearing

thongs having sex with the dealers my ex instead
larry hayes ciro gargano peter gargano invested
a huge stash of drugs into p*rn in tampa florida
several attempts on my life awaiting fbi that's
when I was approached by peter gargano wondering

if I knew about the stash I was only a poet writing poems
no where to go I needed answers against all odds I reached out
death row and wrote larry hayes in a state of panic explaining
the strange behaviors break ins my poetry being extorted
larry hayes in prison 65 years after leaving gargano with their

stash to finally open the books to set up businesses in
fort myers palm beach blvd. ciro still on parole peter held
onto the stash until I arrived with Milwaukee fbi unfortunately
the fbi female agents enjoyed sex with my husband and
taunting me working to help launder the stash this resulted

in gargano family igniting a car bomb in my face I guess
it was a great heist they then embezzled a traumatic brain
injury claim in my name laundering hayes and gargano drug
p*rn operation from Madison Racine Kenosha Wisconsin
lake county north Chicago Waukegan Chicago Antioch

Danville Indiana Michigan Georgia Marietta Jacksonville
Tampa Fort Lauderdale Sarasota Fort Myers Miami Minnesota
Iowa Jamaica Mexico Canada Cleveland Ohio I thank god
I survived this ongoing 30yr. enterprise corruption drug operation
after wearing wires for the fbi pregnant I became mafia nut money

hayes exposed the operation in great detail garganos
his business partners resulting in my death thee exploding
my brains karma in time for peters and his son birthday
10-8-2003 reunion life is funny that way 10 yrs.they both
died horrid deaths long suffering 6 months of each other

... continued
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I try to remember not to take poetry.com
seriously it's last owner abandoned the sight
after lulu.com went into bankruptcy forfeiting
... continued
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what i'm most grateful for I would have to say my love
my heart filled with so much adoration and compassion
thee ability to love past present future to love as hard
... continued
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i'm not angry with you somehow I can only utter grief
deep sadness how you felt you had to lie scheme
instead of telling me how desperate you were I thought
we were more not physically or sexually I thought we

were friends you know what i mean more than a marriage
certificate more than an engagement ring I truly believed
in dire times of trouble i'd be there for you and you would
be there for me seeing you in this state so desperate that

you would bring harm to someone as compassionate as I
did you not know I was the only one who'd care that much
about your well being what is money but material gain
diamonds fast cars Russian time pieces none of these things

can get you into heaven I am rich in spite your heist upon me
I have the keys to the kingdom of god turn away from your
wickedness what a horrid thought to walk with me all the way
to heaven's gate just for god to say no not him this journey
is for you alone for all your good deeds he is not your friend

forever clover
... continued
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Funny after twenty arrest and twenty convictions out on probation such a waste of human flesh you still commiting crime after crime after crime posting your drug operation on facebook 15 dollar sacs leaving your number lolo popo worlds dumbest criminals trying to frame innocent people for your queen pin dealer dirty cops selling drugs you stink hilariously came across your infamous degrading sight holding back tears at the same time laughing at such an ignorant lady of the night

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Leroy oh how blessed i am after wearing wire pregnant investigating corruption drugs weapons dealers wow was it all really to cover up gargano family arson murders of nine trapping my abusive ex husband's both torching the buildings for ciro victim 9 over a car payment my desperate call help 2003 my husband is involved with gargano catrina bell car bomber they are trying to kill me please help silence on the other end I'm at peace even thou this resulted in a car bomb an ied igniting in my face finally extorting my traumatic brain injury claim funding laundering all the dealers killers and violent offenders from Milwaukee to fort Lauderdale god is so good isn't he you were right he blew up my skull burning my flesh

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Look closely through the windows in my head
Tell me what do you see do you recognize me

Do you see war destruction and fear grief sorrow
Or are you wearing rose colored glasses that

Only notices my smile my broken laughter torn
Into shreds balanced by torment human suffrage

Catering to my tattered heart beaten bruised
Shallow waters an ocean of tears splashing

Against the solid structures tossing bone
Fragments about my face loosely exposing

Broken nerve endings connecting my brain
To my frontal lobes cracked skull releasing blood

Causing swelling an erosion trapped within thee
Honeycomb structure fibers confusing signals

To my limbs my arm uncontrollably bends
at the elbow tremors disturbing brain waves

Unseen on the outside of my swollen windows
I never saw the ied coming i just heard ticking

This voice sighs just cover your eye baby
The moment came 30 seconds to live or die

I covered my eye just as i was told silence
Tick tick boom my soul looking down at my

Broken body dazed i was briefly in a fetal position
Glanced in the mirror my eye hanging pink flesh

Splattered over the dash and windshield sun
Citrus burn my flesh cooking like raw meat

Sizzling like bacon in complete shock i begin
Fixing my face putting the flesh back under my

Eye inside my cheek paramedics turned away
One said her eye shot straight into her brain

No need to rush she won't make in time sudden
My body cold as my dead loved ones greeted me

My windows wide shut.

My mind wide open
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I do not fear you Jay Townsend Johnson climbing in my window having sex with my husband using your position under foreclosure fraud and florida bar to impersonate me gaining royalties from my American poetry my blood sweat and tears how twisted under attorney Anthony Woodard hiring drug dealers killers violent offenders to shoot in my home nearly killing my children and I finally your rasta king Andrew arrived waving his glock pointed at my children and I by gods grace 5 gunman opened firing killing him at my feet I testified under oath against you my husband Andrews drug operation polygraph given by mark ober detective losat jay pruner my god god my god my god how you raved in my death seated with an arsonist who hired my husband to torch a building memorials day 1998 killing a homeless man my pleas for help landed on corruptions lap Illinois governor sentenced 14 years selling senate seats fbi informant files releasing early for violent offenders exposing violent offenders to victims witnesses I thank god for Charlie crist for victims compensation to help with my disabled children after your car bomb exploded my skull you began fraud embezzlement extorting investing my traumatic brain injury claim into properties construction companies florida Wisconsin with john gotti jr and his enforcers jb builders I have donated my husband to your corruption fraud foreclosure drug dealing and the florida bar your terror stealing my passport my girls passports impersonating us igniting buses trucks cars in London jay Sloane i'm not surprise you spung from the organized crime and corruption I wore wires pregnant for the fbi 30 years ongoing hell on earth I am unashamed of how I survived terrorist posing as persons of power

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I see your threats logos
on trucks vans urded
you know i pity your angst
your severe malice i have
arrived at a certain solace

for peace a sullen virtue
wisdom from peter and paul
writing poetry the gospel
in stone with the fullest
confidence that you

lucifer shall slither away
sideways in my midst you
satan shall pout at my victory
over death you belzebub shall
drown in your on feces coughing

up the bowels of the great whore
of babylon as your corruption
be removed one by one
unseen terror covers your kind
as the lake of fire rises to greet you

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Mark Obers office I remember the dreaded sadness states attorneys office sending drug addict violent offenders to harass threaten intimidate Truedelle truly a sad place where a person of power sat extorting my American poetry in Mark obers office impersonating me sending an armed gunman to end my life ending his own death extortion fraud insurance fraud person of power cashing checks in my name depositing funds into ciro gargano's account aka Charles Odell I can't even breathe without having a panic attack this operation fled to Wisconsin investing my brain injury claim into properties after foreclosure fraud florida exposed this hideous attack upon innocent being extorting properties insurance claims very frightening being poisoned property managers installed cams in my home using pass keys to enter my home tainted orange juice passed out paralyzed as Attorney Anthony Wooddard Alicia Hilton Danelle Vensor aka Danita Delmont agent entered my home toyed with me was paralyzed briefly from the neck down watching as they stole medical records bank statements insurance info operation carbon monoxide pioneer realty peter gargano murder inc. fort myers extorted my traumatic brain injury clam to launder this scum corruption abuse of power brutality foreclosure fraud and the florida bar state level enterprise corruption to Wisconsin pay to play hell on earth you people are terrorist

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