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I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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when i'm loving you time stand still
my surroundings instantly succumb
to a magnificent image a single solo
... continued
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It wasn't long before the Russian mafia found out
just who I was my grandmother from mason Italy
her Italian anscestor built rome this sent Diane
Gargano Quistoff of Minnesota and Wisconsin
into rage a jealous rage after her husband Ciro
Gargano was sent to prison weapons drugs being
investigated for arson murder of 8 over property
insurance Diane about to lose her property marries
his business partner Gene Kalinowski even though
she was friends with his wife Donna it was business

plus Gene was a fire chief helping to cover up the arson
murders Diane got involved with Clifford jones huge drug
dealer I was hire to wear wires pregnant by the fbi to investigate
Clifford Jones ties to corrupt officer Walter Barnett also a known
drug dealer Diane didn't understand my relationship in all
this after all her husband hired my spouses to torch the buildings
for insurance monies Diane comes to my apartment accusing
me of having her husbands child high on coke weeping because
she pawned her Cadillac to cliff we consoled her my husband
went and found the car as I watched her to girls sadly Dianes
rage envy grew asking my husband and i to torch genes wife's

car her friend mind you five hundred dollars we would gain
we thought she was nuts she truly was eventually going
to Gottias John Gottis crew to have me kidnapped murdered
two am. sit downs with political leaders and dapper Don himself
I lived in Germany so I knew Diane connections to the Russian
mafia would result in terror trickling down years later enraged a
foto of my pop st. pope john xx111 and Mario Puzo she set out to
impersonate me with Catrina Bell lie to the pontiffs not knowing
I had a very personal relationship with arch bishop of Munich

Germany Ratzinger 1982 as we embraced our housing quarters
would be bombed the blast rerouted to Kuwait Diane teamed
up with Catrina Bell my attacker my stalker together they would
murder me along with John Gotti Jr. over a foto of my Puzo 1942
Rome hidden under my dads bronzed baby shoe I donated the foto
to the monks away from greed like gottias diane quistoff catrina bell
her daughter Jameila this resulted in the taking down the polish
parliament plane crashing over Russia quiet political pushes
overlapping truth and justice diane running all the properties
renting to Jamaican Mexican drug dealers running an inner city

drug cartel she gained employment at abbotts laboratories
where she administered the wrong shots in victims she and her
drug partner Catrina Bell Mckissick corrupt officer's niece this
resulted in a car bomb igniting my skull after Diane and her
husband along with my ex husband torched another one of their
buildings over property insurance memorial day victim9 tied to
thee unsolved murder of a Dirksen federal building security guard
John Pate his name clearly means John Godfather being murdered
his vehicle found torched on the Gargano property owned with
Victoria Gotti John Gotti Jr property where catrina bell and dirty cops
enterprise Mexican Jamaican drug cartel you see this ongoing vendetta

really reminds me of Paul Castallano being executed by Gotti's Russians
today Dianes daughters very corrupt Sicily Gargano Dina Gargano
altered falsified bar exams to allow female drug dealers from
Jamaica Canada Florida Wisconsin Catrina Bell Jameila Bell Jay
Townsend Johnson violent offenders to gain employment in order
to falsify witness files expose FBI informants to death i'm at peace
today in knowing this organized crime family exploded ignited a car
bomb nearly killing me they are all feasting on a traumatic brain injury
claim in my name that's how I became like Apollonia the Godfather

in thee event of my death
reference unsolved murder john pate
Dirksen federal building

memorial day weekend 1998 victim 9
homeless disabled veteran burned alive
Mack E Satterfield use to sweep up
cigarette butts around the buildings
owned by gotti and gargano
clutching a foto of Bob Satterfield
heavy weight boxer of Chicago
my uncles

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it's been since 1984 the gathering gargano torching
buildings to open his grand whore house catering to
the entire city of corrupt city officials he would expand
after the ashes of 9 elderly people were removed 2003
the contractors begin permits liquor licenses the judges
of *ss*s prostitutes gathered sandy dina sicily lisa nina

Stacey gargano catrina bell car bomber jameila jay
townsend Johnson toni henry townsend Tessa hicks
essence goldie ethal gold Jackson gray drug transporter
Talisa shaw bank of America fraud kim amber patricia
wells and fargo embezzler alicia Danielle drug transporter
asumanduz soltero incarcerated female violent offenders

pimps Vernon king Minnesota my ex husband from Milwaukee
was in hog heaven he was the stud he got to impregnate
the younger ones and an agent traveling from mexico Jamaica
to Canada stopping in tampa awaiting gotti's paid extended
acquittal for past and future murders while the fbi watched
the forplay through hidden cams inside smoke detectors

light fixtures and florescent lamps a few female agents
joined in the orgy they were suppose to be investigating
until big brother London peter gargano begin helping the
dealers to launder the whorehouse into tampa united states
building fraud foreclosure and the florida bar states attorney
mark obers office during a murder trial a murder meant for me

this is where jay townsend sat extorting my American poetry
for ciro gargano to gain royalties he actually sent these freaks
into my home to rip parts of my diary about the arson murders
about the dynamite during an election swept under a musty
rug for awhile hidden under Illinois lottery washing up on the
florida lottery panel where peter gargano laundered an entire

city of crime drugs weapons sale prostitution until garganos
arrest as I begin wear wires pregnant for the fbi turns out they
only needed me silenced gargano emerged regrouping crime
new project p*rn strippers tampa with john gotti jr. I reported
this stench reeking from my ex husbands that's when gargano
actually ignited an ied in my face nearly killing me feeding fbi

agents sex for lunch so I would have to vote nae again
commissioner on these filthy building permits up coming
properties condos and towers he's blown up the Sarasota
dea building to retrieve drugs cash now that he's invested
my ongoing traumatic brain injury claim millions paid into
towers court houses concealing his prostitution ring in court

houses fraudulent law degrees for p*rn stars strippers night
crawlers why how absurd housing the great whores of Babylon
in god we trust lady liberty in all honest I expect a court house
to blow in the very near future as delinquent property taxes in
Wisconsin continue to lapse because after jay townsend cashed
the last installed of 48 thousand dollars 46 thousand dollars 49

thousand dollars there at no more funds available to be extorted
from my insurance claim allstate airbag brain injury ford motor
company igou steven woody law firm Orlando viles and ellis
fort myers morgan Collins and gilbert law fort myers kennedy
law tampa Shumway law ciro gargano you are scum these
women are lint from the bottom of your skanky fruit of the looms

the lake of fire
don't ever threaten my life again with your bottom feeders sea
urchins of the bowels of lucifer in case of emergency break glass
don't use the elevators lay on your bellies and slide down the stairs
because there will be another blast inside one of his court houses
he owns continue downward using elbows knees do not open hall
way doors toxic fumes are placed under the doors trapping hot fire in

make no mistake i'm in good hands
because my hands belong to jesus christ
... continued
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starting with big brother ciro gargano paying my ex husbands to torch buildings over insurance monies so that he could open a grand whore house blue prints weapons pool tables slot machines illegal gambling sirene 9 people perished in the fire gargano's partner larry hayes arrested with gargano's drugs and guns 7 years he go meanwhile gargano finally arrested weapons drugs organized crime ties with gotti police corruption this resulted in the fbi hiring me to wear wires pregnant to save and protect my children from gargano buying drugs for dirty cops on gargano payroll the entire town corrupt years passed gargano emerge so did larry hayes the rat pack were back in business they begin smuggling from fort myers Georgia Indiana Antioch Chicago racine Milwaukee hayes gave ciro gargano a giant stash of money and a stash of Columbian coke shortly after hayes was arrested lake forest ill. ciro then gives the stash to his brother peter the owner or pioneer realty risking his business his family the garganos were afraid after I contacted the fbi fearing my safety knowing gargano was trying to kill me it was to late 2003 he ignited a car bomb exploding my face awaiting my death but by gods grace I lived I survived a Sicilian ied this crummy family mass murders American terrorist extorted my brain injury claim laundering Milwaukee's drug operation ran by larry hayes and gargano peter gargano dies before the laundering was complete now ciro gargano continues the extortion laundering impersonating his dead brother investing drug monies into properties torching them therefore sicily dina ciro nina sandy peter jr. deceased peter back off light another Winston for Julia looks like another arson in California creeps blackmail denied return to sender

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Jihadist jay it's been 14 years since i reported you breaking in my home obsessed with my poetry my diary becoming me killing me i sympathize with your job trading sleezy favors to gargano in a parking lot stealing my daughter's passports altering my sons high school diploma even peter tried to help you as you duplicated his niece Sicily garganos law degree to gain employment earning you a fake badge an yet you still managed to wade in the waters of my life of my existence terror threats stalking exposing me to be murdered by your corruption resulting in a car bomb igniting my skull how you cackled cashing insurance checks in my name to fund your jihadist American ISIS abuse of power gathering hookers who slept with my ex husband what are you the leader of this twisted cult of women who slept with my husband fatal Jamaican mexican female drug dealers violent offenders my attackers to what slander me bully me for getting out of an abusive marriage actually donated him to your cause unholy fetish don't ever threaten me again you condescending c*nt this is America we live in a democracy this is not jamaica mexico or north Korea you need to know if any harm ever come to me you and your violent offenders female gang members gangster disciples followers will be destroyed just like your gunman rasta andrew hicks of fort Myers gunned down at me feet still waving his glock pointing at my face blood oozing from his back and side where his heart was blown out by three kings from Atlantis five in all awaiting your regime to strike my home very professional don't you think while you sat giving my ex a palm reading bob Marley wailing who is Mr Brown he is no where to be found

Wat di bumba rasclot
... continued
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I've conquered fate

lived every inch
... continued
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I truly wanted to write something serene and peaceful
calming and comforting when my mind is covered in
darkness deep depressive disorder stuck within the
dreadfulness of ptsd weeping fearful panting my heart
is aching with pain my eyes swollen as bright light

piercing an yet i'm back there wearing wires pregnant
adrenaline rush a 45 glock cocked in my mouth trembling
holding back tears a lump in my throat I hear my children
singing seated with an fbi agent schools out kids are
everywhere i'm forced to look through a scope on top

of an assault rifle pointed at special agent paula brand's
head driving a black cougar red interior the police department
in view protecting the drug dealers and their investment
loaning the dealers riot gear to go to war with the fbi killing
agents and informants I could see the mayors office I cringe

inside this hostage situation armed with nothing but my
fetus wires connected to my womb praying that the fetus
do not kick startling this killer my spouse in the bathroom
puking his guts out from testing the drugs he warned me
we would die unless I prove to them i'm not an informant

the dealer yells are you 5.0 are you with her meaning special
agent paula brand do you know her quickly I said of course
I know her she's my daughter's teacher holding my breath
for 20 years absorbing risky situations risky relationships
self medicating complete fear I was much to pretty to have

a war decease why it was more acceptable to fit in with risky
behaviors why it saved my life until I finally relaxed so calm
so peaceful in paradise when I exploded into pieces hearing
my fetus heart beat I could still feel special agent brand cold
hands installing the wires flashes of the gun cocked in my

mouth breaking the skin on my virgin lips my doctors tell me
i'm home the priest prays for me as I relive this every single
day for 32 years legal drugs are giving to help me sleep
to keep me awake anxiety panic attacks severe pain deep
sadness breathing on a good day i'm usually sedated in a

coma bad days rushed to the hospital injected with morphene
closed into a dark room nine injections in my head I am dead
truth being told I died inside that drug cartel long ago still
standing looking out that window through a police issued
assault rifle the back of special agent paula brands head

the resistance......sadly special agent paula brand after all these years defected breach seated with the killers dealers extorting a traumatic brain injury claim on my behalf funding this ongoing organized crime corruption operation money laundering with insurance claims in my name I could still smell her patton leather loafers her hair tonic I awaken to her cold sterile hand touching my bellying installing the wires chills down my spine a cold sweat

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veterans chatline my name is cpl denise

denise..hello are you there?

brown..yes i am brown

denise..how can i help you brown?

brown..that dark place has returned

denise...the dark place?

brown..yes i invision myself deceased

denise..tell me do you want to harm yourself?

brown...that's why i called you thee explosion crushed my face

denise...okay i understand this is stressful are you alone?

brown...no i mean yes crowded voices speaking in Russia German

denise...okay are you taking any meds?

brown...they don't quiet the loud heart beats the terror
wires on my unborn child i cover my ears.

denise...that's why we're here brown

brown..i feel safe peaceful seeing myself deceased
no more pain no more fear.

denise..do these voices tell you to do things?

brown...sometimes just get it over with it would
be better for everyone .

denise...do you have a quiet place calm place ?

brown..in my mind therapy taught me how to find my calm place.

denise...well that's good brown very good.

brown...it doesn't quiet the heartbeats i can't stop reading
license plates looking for codes numbers.


brown..yes codes right before the bomb exploded i read witness on a plate.

denise...i see that must be very stressful ?

brown...it is i can't control it so i rarely leave my dark room unable
to be in a crowded place or around a crowd of people.

denise...does your meds. calm this impulsiveness?

brown...nothing does i record over 75 plates just going to the doctors.

denise,,,have you shared with your doctors?

brown...yes i have most times he just increase my dose's as i never sleep.

denise...this could be very draining ?

brown...well it is every night i awaken 3 am reliving traumatic
events panic attacks in my sleep.

denise...you have a tough schedule i need to help you get away from the dark place.

brown...okay but it's deep very dark filled with weeping depressive
disorder my kids call it the crying decease.

denise..it's good you have a support system.

brown..i guess so but i feel awful my children taking care of me i'm the mom relearning how to pee how to tie my shoe this horrid illness i hate it i hate me.

denise...ptsd tbi are very serious illnesses but we're here 24/7 to help you stay safe.

brown ...that's just it i'm never safe a car bomb ignited my skull very dreadful leaving my home.

denise...you just stay focused on getting better do you have any hobbies?

brown...yes I've been journaling for 20 years writing poetry gardening
singing in the catholic church and volunteering .

denise...well see you have a few outlets a network keeping you from sadness.

brown..i guess so until i go to bed then i remember the fbi work
the installing wires on my womb imminent danger.

denise...you had to be afraid?

brown....i was but i couldn't show fear my kids were sitting with the agents parked in a car.

denise...what did you do for the fbi?

brown...i wore wires on my unborn child went into hostage situations
buying weapons and drugs.

denise....it is perfectly normal for you to be affected by this dangerous
situation your brain recorded this.

brown...it keeps me awake reliving it every night every single night
i really need it silenced no more screams .

denise....i understand you needing this to go away you need to
stay focused on your calm place you said screams.

brown....yes screams fbi investigating nine people burned in a fire
i can't breathe my chest hurts my heart skips beats
i blacked out hitting my head narcolepsy.


brown...severe daytime sleep apnea traumatic brain injury
offset day and night meds keep me awake in the
daytime rem sleep dreaming awake.

denise...i see does this help you sleep at night?

brown...some until the recording begin again reliving traumatic
events over and over sweating panting the smell
soot of smoke fumes fills my room i can't breathe!!!!!

denise...brown are you still with me?

brown...panting weeping i can't breathe lump in my throat!

denise...brown i need you to find your calm place think of your
children they are grown up now no longer in danger.



denise...are you in your safe place?

brown...yes thank you very much [sigh]

denise...no brown thank you for your service
remember we are always here 24/7 .

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i imagine my fate only too late
i gather my suffering started
long before you like leaving law
school after studies i completed
and joining the army with a political
refugee from hell or staying in an
abusive marraige to keep up an unholy
front or perhaps me running off with
the cheese headless horseman allowing
myself to be dragged for you dear sir
are apart of my goodness why sure stones
hurt i have the scars but so do jesus
it's hard to tell with people you know
however when i was two my grandfather held
my hands he prayed with me at a very
early age he share beautiful stories
about protecting st john paul at that young you
don't listen but he was amazed that i
told him his stories on his death bed
at ninety seven he said i had eyes of jesus

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